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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gov Ajimobi must be a fool !

The Governor of Oyo State , Senator Abiola Ajomobi is a fool , a compound one for that matter . I don't know who is he to you and your perception about him ? . But to me , he is nothing but a stark fool . I am very angry with him and I have no apology for my chosen words no matter how dirty they are and how irresponsible you may think that I am . But that is me and that is the difference between you and I I don't mind your opinion about me . And you should know that i don't give a hoot about your feelings towards me . That he is a Governor today makes him more vulnerable to comments no matter how ridiculous they are and the high intensity of insults from reasonable people and useless elements like us . Though I love him for concentrating on urban renewal at the expense of internal road networks in the state which one of his media goons confirmed that that he cannot do all projects in a day . I love him for keeping eyes off the contractor handling the Apete Bridge which is cultivating hatred against him from the multitude voters living in that areas . But that is even not my business . I am angry with this foolish Governor for striving hard to re frame and retouche the long held axiom of "teachers reward is in heaven " This foolish middle aged Governor thinks that deserving Oyo teachers must reap their rewards on Earth . Imagine him this foolish Governor Ajimobi ensuring that hard working teachers in the Oyo state were not only promoted but had their promotion entitlements paid promptly? . Imagine this foolish Governor Ajimobi pampering these supposedly tattered teachers honourably the way they should have been treated ab initio ? Is it not an act of foolishness for Gov Ajimobi not to owe the teachers just because they have been promoted ? But you must agree with me that it is an act of foolishness for Governor Ajimobi to put smiles on the faces of teachers some who were on 38 thousand naira when he assumed office to be earning almost 100k now ? Just a foolish act of stupidity ? Governor Ajimobi you have not done well I mean you are foolish !