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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ondo builds first hill resort in 90 days

Ondo builds first hill resort in 90 days
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Ondo State government has taken a giant leap in its tourism revolution as it has constructed the first world class hills resort. With this latest effort, the governor of the state, Olusegun Mimiko, has demonstrated his unalloyed commitment to development and promotion of tourism in the state.
The newly built hills resort is built in the ancient town of Idanre, which is known for its rich historical attraction as sign post by the magical Idanre hills, which presents an alluring and enchanting picturesque conference of undulating rocky ranges and mountains.
It once served as the settlement of the people of the town who were said to have lived atop the rocky and mountain plains for centuries until they settled at the bottom of the hills.
This latest move by the government is according to the state tourism authority, part of the effort at transforming the spot into a tourism haven with a lot of development carried out in preserving the natural appeal of the hills and transforming it into a tourist destination for the pleasure of tourists.
Construction wise, the project, to the amazement of the people was under taken in a record time of 90 days. This is said to be a great feat as nowhere else in the world a project of such magnitude had been completed in record time.
This feat is said to be a demonstration of the government’s determination to fast track the ground design to open the tourism underbelly of the town to the world.
Named Idanre Hills Resort, it is built at the foot of the hills and it is a very attractive and inviting structure. The site where the resort is located was once used as dump site until the state government took over the location, cleared the dump and now a gorgeous and aesthetically appealing resort stands in its place. For the people, this is a clear case of ‘transforming bush to a destination.’
Spreading across five kilometres, the hills resort is well apportioned and fitted with a blend of sophisticated and traditional African motifs. It is the first of such hills resort to be located anywhere in Nigeria. The resort compels attention with its most impressive and imposing outlook.
Amongst its facilities are tree houses, houses on the rock (Ile oriota), all fully serviced apartments (Three bedrooms and two bedrooms, en-suites); featuring tastefully fitted amenities for the pleasure of the guests, all creatively crafted and exuding a blend of African and continental motifs.
Other facilities at the resort are swimming pool, dining/bar, lounge, spa and treatment area for massage, game arcade and a walk way. Guests are guaranteed 24 hours services with each apartment enjoying the presence of beautifully attired female butler.
Besides, the resort has a reception, where guests are first received and given a treat of the resort’s traditional welcome (Ekaabo) treat and the reception consist of sit out area, mini theatre with stage, game facilities such as table tennis, snooker boards and a number of traditional games.
Other facilities of the resort include a restaurant, swimming pool, finger bar, outdoor stage and a VIP stage, children’s playground fitted with a number of facilities, sports facilities, sit out area atop the rocky ranges, kiosks for traditional cuisines and snacks, office complex and Wadii (meaning come and plait your hair).
The complex also lends itself to ecotourism scenery as it boasts a naturally enticing and breezy environment, which allows for exploration of the outdoor elements and aesthetics of the resort.
With this resort, which boasts world class rated facilities visitors to the town are now guaranteed a choice option of overnight stay where they would be treated to the best of contemporary and African entertainment packages as part of the services on offer.
The hills resort has since opened for business as it hosted a number of guests during last year’s MARE Festival, a festival, which is devoted to promoting Idanre Hills as part of the festival’s activities is mountain climbing.
It has continued to attract patronage from the town’s residents and visitors, particularly tourists to the hills.
The state government has commenced a move to enlist Idanre Hills Resort in the Guinness Book of Record as the only hills resort to be completed in 90 days. This is expected to further boost the hills resort and attract global attention to it.