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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Is Chief Alex Akinyele alive ? By Wale Ojo lanre

I am not wishing him dead . Never . I love him like my father .
Chief Alex Akinyele is one of the finest Communicators Nigeria ever produced .
Everything about Sir Alex Akinyele communicates . His gait , his look, his speech , his manners , his demeanour .He has a robust sense of sartorial quintessence which has been rare to equalled .
His frame fits perfectly in any costumes.
A cosmopolitan fellow who cannot be be beaten by any of his egin kinsman when it comes to traditional Ondo culture .  Chief Akinyele has held several posts in Nigeria .
He has wealth , influence and women .
But he seems to be out of tune with the society now
What is wrong with him ?
What is happening to  is this  charming , handsome , lovable and brilliant Ondo High Chief ?
Hope he is still alive and kicking
If so ,
Wa daigbo bami !