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Friday, 4 April 2014

Boy beheads his father !

Boy beheads his father ! 
This is a very disturbing story. One Chukwudi Nwode from Egwudinagu, Ishi eke, Anambra State was said to have come back from Lagos on Monday only to behead his father without any provocation. He was apprehended and paraded as seen here before he was whisked away by the police.

Wicked Road Safety official in Lagos ; Detained 10 -day old child and mother in Mowe , Lagos State ?

Wicked Road Safety official in Lagos ; Detained 10 -day old child and mother in Mowe , Lagos State ? 
Where is Chidoka , that young an who is doing Nigerians good in terms of road safety ?
where is kayode Olagunju one of the finest public officer nigeria is having ?
Where are the sensible and responsible men of FRSC ?
Some unscrupulous agent of this Commission is given it a sorrowful bad name .
Some mischievous and overzealous officers of this commission has detained a mother with 10 day old baby in Mowe.
The poor mother of a 10 day old baby was going to the clinic in Ikeja Lagos when officers of this Commission accosted the woman whose vehicle was according to the judgement of the officers lacked an item .
All pleadings from this first time offender to allow her visit the clinic and come back felt on deaf ears .
No one is condoning or abetting offence but the law are made for human
Wee should not allow over zealousness to destroy this great Commission which has saved Nigerian from inestimable loss of lives and capacity .

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How I Supply AK47 Rifles To Robbers —Suspec

How I Supply AK47 Rifles To Robbers —Suspect  

•Amao, the firearms supplier at police command

A suspected cross-border gun runner, Abdulazeez Amao, 47, has allegedly confessed to the police how he supplies guns and ammunition to armed robbers.
Amao was arrested in his house at Ayegun Adasun in Ibadan, Oyo State, western Nigeria, after he was implicated by a suspected armed robber, Olatunbosun Olatunji, 48, who alleged that Amao supplies him guns for operations.

Items recovered in Amao’s house include 10 AK47 rifles and 19 magazines all loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition.
The two suspects were paraded on Tuesday by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Umar Manko at the command headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos.
While making his confession, Amao denied that he was involved in armed robbery, admitting that he was only a businessman that deals in arms which he buys from his customer known as Zakari Watara in Burkina Faso.
He revealed that their network cuts across three countries- Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger Republic, while Nigeria is the destination for the weapons.
Amao revealed that he smuggles the weapons into the country by packing them inside milk cartons and transporting them to Paraku town in Benin Republic.
He said he repackages the rifles in Benin Republic and hides them inside sacks containing yam flour (Elubo) and then transports them to Ibadan, Oyo State capital, through Kabo border.
Amao said he has many clients but his biggest customers are robbers who make him good offers, disclosing that most of his customers are from Onitsha in Anambra State, eastern Nigeria.

He admitted that he had supplied various guns such as AK47 rifles, and English made pistols and bullets to his clients.
Amao revealed that he also services the weapons when they develop fault if the owners return them for such purposes.
He, however, noted that none of his customers have ever introduced themselves as robbers to him but he knew some were criminals.
•Olatunji, led the police to arrest Amao
“They cannot come to me and tell me I am a robber and I will sell gun to them. But as an adult, such demand for arms might be for robbery or to cause violence in the society.”
While parading the suspects, Manko explained that Amao was arrested by  the men of the State Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, following the arrest Olatunji at Suberu area of Ikorodu, Lagos.
According to him, Olatunji confessed that Amao supplies gun to his gang and sells them for N320,000 each.
Manko said following the confession, SARS decoy team was deployed to Ibadan and after eight  days of intensive investigation, Amao was arrested in his house where some arms were  recovered.
The police  said the suspects will be charged to court after investigation.

See the man who cut his father's head with the head !

This young man was arrested in Lagos with his father's head in a sack from Ebonyi state! Meaning he has a ready market in Lagos! This is a gory sight. Kudos to the Nigerian Police for this arrest. Nigerian Police officers are somewhat efficient and eagle-eyed these days if motivated and encouraged.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Man Bags 51-year Jail Term For Stealing N14m

Man Bags 51-year Jail Term For Stealing N14m



The governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Orji has commended President Goodluck Jonathan for appointing Mrs Sally Mbanefo as the Director-General, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation NTDC describing the act as “a patriotic fetching  of an appropriate person to excavate and exhibit a goldmine for the benefit of the nation.”
Governor Orji commended President Jonathan  last week when he received Mrs Mbanefo in his office in Umuahia, Abia State.
Mrs. Mbanefo, who took her domestic  tourism campaign train to Abia State was accorded  a rousing  welcome at  the airport,  where she was received by the deputy governors of Abia and Imo States, Chief Emeka Ananaba  and Prince Eze Mbadumere  respectively. The deputy governors   handed Mrs Mbanefo over to Chief Uche Sunday Aja,  the chairman of Ukwa East Local Government Area  who brought some of his people to welcome the visiting NTDC boss to his area.
After the exciting reception at the airport, by the two deputy governors and  Chief Aja led the NTDC to Oganihu Women  Hall, where the community had gathered in large numbers for a rousing reception for Mrs Mbanefo.
Mrs Mbanefo was not only impressed by the large numbers of the people of the community; she was also elated by the distinguished personalities who  were at the hall to listen to her campaign about domestic tourism.
The Master of Ceremony had earlier informed the guests and people present of the wonderful and impressive work of the DG, “we are expecting in our midst  a lady of immense intelligent , a humble achiever, a goal getter, a woman who is showing to all that Nigerian women are not pushover, a reasonable and responsible representative of President Jonathan . A woman who has within seven months as the DG  toured over 14 states which none of her predecessors in office ever did. A woman of great aura who is coming to Abia to help us market and promote our tourism sites so that we the people will make money and enjoy from the blessing which God Almighty has blessed us with in the state.”
The chairman of the local government, Chief Aja who spoke briefly to welcome the DG formally at the presence of the people and commended her for her seriousness of purpose which prompted her in coming to Abia State in general and his local government  area in particular.
The people of the community were so pleased with Mrs Mbanefo “for not staying in her plush office in Abuja and talking grammar of domestic tourism without venturing to see the places herself.   This has distinguished and set  her apart from the crowd of armchair DGs. We are happy to see you. We are seeing the seriousness of purpose in you . We pray that God almighty will see you through,” the local government chairman said.
To show how pleased they were with her visit and noble conduct, the community commissioned the mother of the present Nigeria Ambassador to South Africa, Ambassador Okey Emuchay to pray for her.
In an  elderly soulful and spirit-laden tone Madam Emuchay  said, ‘‘For you honouring this community, the Lord will honour you. For you coming down all the way from Abuja to this tourism and historical town, the Lord will visit you, bless you with wisdom and win your wars for you. The Lord will guide you and fight those who plan evil against you . My daughter, fear not, for the Lord and the spirit of good people in Nigeria is behind you “
The ceremony was sandwiched with cultural performance by groups from the community which did not only perform brilliantly well but effectively showcased the cultural unity of the community to the excellent of all present.
The wife of the chairman of the Local government, Mrs Sunday Aja presented a locally weaved  traditional cloth of the community to Mrs. Mbanefo as “our show of gratitude and appreciation for your intention and good act towards our community.”
“This is wonderful,” Mrs. Mbanefo said opening her response for the wonderful and unexpected reception held for her.
“I am also short of words. This reception and your kind words  are not only appreciative pills but rejuvenating tonic to do more. I promise you to do all within my capacity at promoting the tourism potentialities of this great country and  this wonderful community.”
After the grand reception, the DG in company of Dr Greg Ibe , Proprietor  Gregory University, Uturu, Chief Aja, chairman, Ukwa–East Local Government, Hon Felix Wabara, headed for the Azumini Blue River which they sailed with three boats.
Mrs Mbanefo was not only excited seeing the river being blue and clear but was impressed by the attempt made in the past to attract visitors.
“We are going to collaborate with the state government, members of the private sector and  foreign investors to turn this great lake into a world and global tourism sites,” she said.
After having a wonderful exploration of the Azumini Blue River, the DG and her team  also visited the War Museum and had a nice time at the Ojukwu Bunker.
Elated, the DG said: “Though these are reminiscences of our past which might not be too palatable they are efforts at preserving for  the generation yet unborn our strides and struggle during the  process of becoming a nation. Also, it showcases to the world the innate ingenuity of the vibrant people called Nigerians. We at NTDC will not shy in our charter at ensuring the effective marketing and promotion of these sites.”
By the time the DG team had an audience with the state governor,  Chief Orji who had been intimated on how the people of Ukwa East Local Government had thrown a red carpet for her, learnt about her  agrarian commitment to the spread of domestic tourism, her  responses  to issues, aims,  goals  and robust sense of duty, all these endeared her to the governor.
“I have to thank you for not only identifying the tourism potentialities of Abia State but also commend  you for coming personally with your team to visit the bastion of tourism in the South–East. I have been monitoring your activities since your appointment and I can boldly say you are an asset to the tourism sector. You have raised the stake in that sector. We shall support without looking back.”
Governor Orji assured the DG of immeasurable support for the DG and NTDC, saying “we are going to reinforce your efforts which are geared towards the mobilization of the hidden tourism wealth of the nation. You have displayed within the little time your sincerity of purpose and comitment to the mission of the Federal Government. We are not going to let you down. Thank”s for coming to Abia State we appreciate you.”

Horrific: A man allowed a hyena to eat his genitals after being told it would help him to become rich

Man lets hyena eat his GENITALS after being told it would make him rich

Chamangeni Zulu also lost three toes after being mauled by the animal in the African bush
Lusaka Voice
Horrific: A man allowed a hyena to attack him and eat his genitals after being told it would help him to become rich
A man allowed a hyena to attack him and eat his genitals after being told it wouldhelp him to become rich.
Chamangeni Zulu said he was mauled by the animal in the African bush.
As well as eating his genitals, Zulu also said it ate three of his toes .
It happened after he arrived in Chipata where he says he met a witchdoctor who told him that sacrificing body parts was the  best way to become rich .
Speaking to the Times of Zambia, Zulu, who is aged between 20 and 24, said: “I came from Malawi and when I arrived in Chipata I met some business persons who told me that the best way to become rich was to sacrifice parts of my body.
RexHyena appears to be laughing
The hyena also ate three of his toes. This is a file picture
".....I went to a bush where I was instructed to be naked and a hyena came to me and started eating my toes and eventually my manhood was eaten."
After being attacked he crawled to a road and was taken to hospital by passing police officers.
He is now being treated at Chipata General Hospital, who confirmed he had lost his genitals following the incident on March 24.