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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Going to London ? Chiloe Concierge launches a website for African clients

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Going to London? Chiloe Concierge launches a website for African clients
One of the world’s foremost travel and tour burden bearing outfits based in the UK, ChiloĆ© Concierge, has launched an interactive website- for visitors, travellers and business-minded Africans who want tasks to be performed and accomplished in the UK without heaping the stress on self.
“ It is a website which enables you a vista into how we can help you to maximize your time, enjoy the luxury of lifestyle, arrange your meeting, get you whatever your desire is with a touch of luxury, perfection, precision and befitting “ , Miss Amada Ushedo, revealed
Miss Amada Ushedo, CEO, Chiloe Concierge, during the public presentation of the website revealed that “ ‘‘We are launching our website: into the portal of global reference for the benefits of all and particularly for the use of Africans who have many specific and must achieve tasks to accomplish in the UK within a certain time frame. It is a very interactive website where we in the UK can interact personally with any African, no matter the country. It is a platform where details of assignment to be carried out can be offered and smoothly monitored and assessed.’’
She said, “The website is to offer a platform of seamless engagement and point of commencing a personalised relationship between Africans who have a lot to do in the UK and who need an executive assistant to effectively and promptly achieve all without wearing himself or herself out.’’
Amada revealed, “The website holds a lot in stock for you. It, in sequential order, exposes the benefits which top officials, the executive class, VIPs and top government delegations visiting the UK can derive from Chiloe Concierge.’’
She pointed out: “chiloĆ© takes care of the things that you have to do so that you can spend your precious time doing the things that you WANT to do. For a luxury, reliable, discreet and customised service. Our business is to ensure you make use of time appropriately by helping you to ensure equitable and rewarding deals in lifestyle maintenance, exciting travel experience by finding you premium deals for all types of travel needs from luxury Caribbean Island packages, to executive business trips, not forgetting hotel bookings, local transportation and more, including corporate handling of your seminar in the UK, placing your wards in reputable schools and we also enjoy running the errands for you. All we do and how we can help you crystallize your desires and dreams of visiting the UK are found by clicking

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Mamora escaped death on Lagos waterways

Mamora escaped death on Lagos waterways

November 4, 2018, 
THE Managing Director of the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Sen Olorunibe Mamora, last Tuesday escaped death on Lagos inland waterways by whiskers when a floating log of wood hit the boat carrying him and his entourage when he came to inspect the Lagos
facilities of the agency.
According to a staff of the agency who begged not to have his name in print, “It was a close shave with death as the log of wood, which was floating underwater, hit our boat which the MD was also on board.
“The incident occurred shortly, after inspecting the NIWA CMS office facility, Apapa, Ijora, Oyingbo jetties and the boat was heading towards Osborne foreshore to also inspect Texas connection ferries.
“By the time we got to Texas jetty, water was already tricking in into the boat. I was already praying inside because I am still taking my swimming lessons.
After inspecting Texas connection ferry terminal, the NIWA team then called for a change of boat to continue with the facility tour of other jetties across the State, as water inside the boat was already disturbing,” Our source revealed.
Confirming the near mishap, the Technical Adviser to the NIWA MD, Engr. Emmanuel Ilori said the wreck was an underwater wreck that was under the water.
He said that the present management of the authority is seriously concerned about safety and security in the nation’s inland waterways.
In the words of Ilori: “Safety and security of inland waterways is the priority of the present management of NIWA. it is not the only issue of wrecks removal, but causes of the wreck, and that is what we will be looking at fundamentally. So, to prevent boat mishap on the inland waterways and to be sure that when wrecks are removed they are not dumped into another place where it will become another hazard.”
Ilori who is also the Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Shipowners Association (NISA) said the authority would also survey under the water and place danger signs on the area where there are wrecks.
“What we are looking at is to survey the wrecks. It is not only wrecks that we see on the surface alone because we also have wrecks under the water and these are underwater issues. That is why we say when people remove wrecks,  we want to understand how they will dispose off the wrecks so it won’t cause another hazard elsewhere.
“Don’t forget that the boat the MD was inside going over the wreck, thereby unsettling the boat. The primary thing is to survey the water and identify whatever it is so that we ask boat operators to avoid the area. Wrecks removal is not the immediate solution but to identify where the wrecks are and begin to remove them and know how to dispose.  Also,  identify where the wrecks are and mark them so that people are aware of where the danger lies and avoid it.”
On the entourage of the MD were the Area Manager, Lagos office of NIWA, Muazu Sambo, the one-time acting Managing Director, NIWA, Barr Danladi Ibrahim, Journalists, and several others who joined the MD in the tour of facilities of the authority.
Recall that over the years, there have been calls for the removal of wrecks on the inland waterways which contributes to mishaps on the waterways.
In August 2018, a boat travelling from CMS to Ikorodu had capsized, claiming five lives.
The August event came two months after a May 25 incident in which 24 passengers escaped death when two boats collided and capsized in the Ojo area of the state. The accident occurred at 7:45 pm close to the Ojo Terminal.
Twelve passengers were not as lucky on August 20, 2017. They all died in another boat accident in the Ilashe area of
the state. It was gathered that the boat capsized shortly after leaving an unauthorised jetty.
Similarly, a police sergeant, Mary Adesoba, attached to the Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos, lost her life on October 10, 2017, after a boat capsized on the Third Mainland Bridge waterways.
The boat was en route to Ebute-Ero from Ikorodu when the mishap happened around 10 am when it hit a submerged object.
The boat that claimed Adesoba, was conveying 21 passengers. Other passengers were rescued by the Marine Police.
Also, on May 25, 2016, a woman died after a commercial boat en route to Victoria Island, Lagos, from Ikorodu ran into a log of wood and capsized. Twenty-seven other passengers on board the speedboat escaped death with varying degrees of injuries.- Nigerian Tribune

Thursday, 1 November 2018

See Little girl, 2, carrying her own severed head at Halloween

See Little girl, 2,  carrying her own severed head at Halloween

Two-year-old Maya Hwang wore the epic costume which was designed by her mother, Krystel

A toddler has won the year's best Halloween costume - with the creepiest costume ever.
Two-year-old Maya Hwang wore the epic costume which was designed by her mother, Krystel.
The stay-at-home mum spent two days making the costume, which makes it look like the child is carrying her own severed head.
The floral dress has an opening in the chest which allows Maya's head to poke through.
An extension on the back of the dress creates the appearance of a ghoul whose head has been chopped off.
Older sister Charlie, aged six, then walks alongside her while holding a knife - and of course an empty pumpkin basket to collect trick-or-treat gifts.
Little Maya won a competition at a school in Paraaaque City, Philippines, for the best costume.

Dads may soon be able to breastfeed their newborn babies with first ever 'chestfeeding kit'

Some dads feel like a 'spare part' when their baby is born (stock photo)

The 'chestfeeding kit' containing hormones, a pump and compression vest

Marie-Claire hopes it could be available in five years, but it would need to undergo lots of testing

One side effect of the kit is that men are likely to grow man boobs 

Dads may soon be able to breastfeed their newborn babies with first ever 'chestfeeding kit'

A London university student believes they've come up with a way for dads to breastfeed their baby 
 When it comes to having babies, it's the woman who has to do all the hard work.
She's got to grow a human inside her for nine months, push the infant out of her body and then make milk to nourish the little one.                                                                  All while her partner watches.
But soon there may be a new way for the man to get more involved in the process and it's all down to a kit created by a university student from London.
Marie-Claire Springham, a product design student at Central Saint Martin's, is in the process of making a 'chestfeeding kit'.
The idea behind the product is for dads to be able to help mums who are struggling to breastfeed their newborns.
Still in the conception stage, the kit is yet to be tested, but contains a cocktail of hormones that the man would take while his partner is pregnant, in order to "grow milk ducts".
The main hormone is progestin, a form of the female sex hormone progesterone, which helps to stimulate production of milk-producing glands.
This would be followed by a round of domperidone which is often given to mums who are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding as it encourages the production of prolactin, a hormone which tells the woman's body to produce milk.
However there is one major possible side effect to taking the female hormones.
Which is that the man could grow 'moobs' or man boobs, up to a b cup until they stop taking the hormones.
As well as the different hormones, the chestfeeding kit also contains a pump and a compression vest, which is very similar to a maternity bra.
Marie-Claire hopes her idea will help to stop fathers from feeling left out when raising their baby and believes the kit could be available in five years time.
But its possible that the product may never see the light of day, as doctors have urged caution and warned that there's no proof men can even grow milk ducts.

They're also not sure what impact the hormones will have on the male body and instead suggested other ways men could feel more included in the first few month of a baby's life, such as changing them and helping with bath time.
Speaking to The Sun Online, the 24-year-old student said: "I was trying to create an empathy tool, something that could really help when a mum was struggling to breastfeed and could help a dad be of practical use.
"Those two drugs put together create three of the four hormones necessary for a man to produce milk.
"The last one is oxytocin which is what triggers the 'let down reflex' and that's naturally produced when a man or a woman holds their child."
She went on to explain how she developed the pump to assist the 'let down reflex' and added that she believes it will take a full nine months for a man to prepare his breast tissue for breastfeeding.
Her design for the kit recently won an award at the Meaning-Centred Design Awards.
However in order to make the product available for purchase, it would need to be rigorously tested as it is not known how much milk a man could produce, or if it would even be nutritious for the baby.