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Saturday, 28 November 2015

AUDU ABUBAKAR ! The God's refusal of evil to triumph . By wale Ojo Lanre

AUDU ABUBAKAR ! The God's refusal of evil to triumph 
NO one can cheat God 
I fear God .
I awe HIM 
He is a just God
Though patience and slow in dishing reward
But , HE , God our Lord is alive
Like he said , He will reward everyone according to deeds
He is never a Liar
God does not deceive .
He does not live up to our expectation
Except his own expectation
He cannot be stampeded
He does whatever at his own time .
Our heavy laden propaganda is not not his
Our deceptive outlook and norms
Has nothing to do with his judgement
He will do it at his own time .
No evil man will go unpunished
The norm that " the good that men do should live after them "
Has encouraged the preponderance of evil men to thrive
For you don't talk ill of the dead
Even , if he had committed blue murder
A sainthood status is hung on him
But that is for us human
Not for God
The almighty , who punishes on Earth
And dumps evil does into dungeon of fire in hell .
The death of Abubakar Audu
Should be a lesson to all
All of us in Nigeria
A bitter lesson to all the politicians
Who believe they are commanders of commanders
Who are of the illusion that they can do and undo
Just because of ill-gotten gains and sleaze fortunes
Which has transformed them to political and economic Mahoganies
Four days to the election in Kogi
Which would have ushered in Late Audu Abubakar
As a third time Governor of Kogi State
In a discussion with some friends
I wondered aloud ' If God would allowed Governor Abubakar to rule the state again ? '
Prince Segun Akanni , Otunba Femi Davies who thought I share the same political affiliation with the late Audu Abubakar were shocked .
I reeled out my opinion of the man
And I wished that such 'EVIL would never be enthroned in Kogi again'
As the results from the voting centre were trickling in the subsequent days
I never doubted the Lord .
He never disappointed the nation
Like he did of Mohammed Abacha
Like the fate of MKO Abiola
a lesson for all
bitter lesson for that particular one
who think he has the aces now
God cannot be mocked
whatever we sowed , we shall reap
....and to tell us his mightiness in the case of Abubakar Audu
his innocent son who should have reaped the ill deserving gain
Has been shoved out of the way .
The Lord liveth .
May God forgive us all
Me a hopeless sinner !
Happy Sunday !

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lead City University ,Ibadan , Law Students Association EXCO emerges

 Lead City University ,Ibadan , Law Students Association EXCO emerges !
The Executive Council of the Law Students Association , Lead City University , Ibadan , Oyo state has emerged .
The names of the successful students who have been found competent in knowledge , culture , deeds and character were made known today by the Sub - Dean , Mrs Ajayi.
Those who emerged are Engineer Akinyele Abiodun, - President
Oluwo Tolu -Vice - President
Bamigbade Atinuke -General Secretary
Aina Ebuun -Treasurer
Babawibe Gbenga - Social Director
Adepoju Maltida -Welfare Director
Olaolu Oluwaji Assistant General - Secretary
Barde Frank Financial Secretary
Wale Ojo Lanre Public Relation Director
Mrs Ajayi revealed that , the process of emergence was put into motion since the last session when those in 300 .
" we have to rigidly follow the rules as laid down by the faculty and dictated by the Legal profession . The successful candidates have been sieved and passed through the benchmark of excellence according to the rules of emergence "

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The shameful act of ex - Donald Duke !

The shameful act of Donald Duke 
Donald Duke: When I See Public Office Holders Misbehaving, Probably, They Do Not Have a Good Wife or a Good Marriage
As governor, I was on call 24/7 sometimes. I got very angry and could take my anger on anyone. So, my chief of protocol bore the brunt one day. I had a reception for guests, and he placed them in rooms not the way I would have done it, but he didn’t do anything wrong. He used his own judgment. I would have done it the other way, but I over reacted, I spoke ve ry harsh to him. While I was doing this, my wife walked in, and didn’t say a word. She goes in, does some other things in my office and leaves. When I got back home in the evening, I’ve forgotten about it. It’s just a normal event in the day. And she said to me the way I spoke to this guy was wrong and that I have to go and apologise to him. She said I had no reason to speak to anyone like that. I said what! He did this and she said ‘yes, I heard everything. The way you would have done it was different, but he didn’t do a bad thing. He used his discretion. So, what are you going to do? You have destroyed that. Tomorrow he is not going to do anything discretionally.
He would wait for others and then you will get irritated at that. You have made him lose his self-confidence and that is wrong. You need to go and apologise to him. Why should you speak to someone like that? Because you are governor?’ I ignored her. I was in my room still fuming and she came back, and said I had to do it that night and not tomorrow because I kept saying I would do it tomorrow. She said no, tonight. That he was not going to sleep well and so I did not have the right to sleep well when he was not sleeping well.
I said ok. We got into the car and we drove to his house. I knocked on the door. His wife turned in. They were about to go to bed. She was in her night gown. She saw me and was scared with the expression of ‘Okay you have come to fire my husband finally’. The guy came down stairs petrified. My wife and I walked in. The wife wanted to get up and leave. I told the guy I was sorry. They all got emotional but I got relief. It was like a load had been taken off me. I still get upset with things going up wrong, but I don’t get to a point I don’t feel I am too big to say sorry.