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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sonbeam Prep school , Ibadan visits South West Tourism Sites

Sonbeam Prep school  , Ibadan visits South West Tourism Sites

October 21, 2015
By Wale Ojo Lanre 
Nigerian Tribune 
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Pupils of Sonbean Prep School at Idanre Hills
 For students to be well educated, they must have not only passed through the school, but also allowed the school to pass through them.

Education is incomplete if it is restricted to the curriculum without a full dose or half a dose of extra-curricular activities and engagements.

And no institution or educational body worth its salt will ever plan educational programme without injection of extra –curricular activities for total development of the students.

Although, some privately-owned institutions particularly in the primary and secondary sectors are not in tune with the stated opinion above as they consider extra-curricular activities as waste of time thus end up producing one way traffic students who are sound in academic, but deficit and deficient in mannerism, cosmopolitanism, civil responsibility and obligation and absolutely oblivion of essential history sites and stories of societal importance.

However, there are a few private institutions which tenaciously ensure that whoever passes through their walls will not only be found worthy in academics, but fit and proper in extracurricular, values and ethics and civil responsibilities.

 Sonbeam Preparatory School , New Bodija, Ibadan is one  which has distinguished itself from others  by ensuring that any pupil passing through it is sound  in academics and well grounded  in extra-curricular activities.

It is one school which fervently believes in the testament that ‘Travelling is not only part of education, but an integral part of the educational system which must be religiously embraced and experienced by its students.

Hence, since its inception, the school has made it a policy of conducting their students on both local and international tour not just for the fun of it, but in furtherance of knowledge acquisition and environmental awareness.

In line with  the policy,   the Proprietor of the School, Mrs Bunmi O, Obajimi accompanied by  two medical doctors, security officers and a parent,  led some students of the school on a “Tour for Knowledge “to Ooni of Ife’s palace, a national museum and Obafemi Awolowo University Museum, all in, Ile-Ife,  State of Osun, Erin-Ijesa Waterfall, Erin-Ijesa, State of Osun, Ikogosi Warm and Cold Spring, Ikogosi-Ekiti State and Idanre hills, Idanre, Ondo State. The tour facilitated a robust interaction between the students and some scenic and cultural heritage sites of the South-West part of the country.

The young stars were taken round the Ooni of Ife’s palace where they were informed with support of historical relics why Ile-Ife is being credited as the Cradle of Civilisation and the source of the world.

They also fed their eyes with antiquities and historical monuments being protected at the National Museum, Ile Ife as well as the precious ones being stored at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife respectively.

Having being grounded in  History  of Yoruba land and seeing with their own eyes evidential materials which supported the glory of the Yoruba race, the students also travelled to Erin-Ijesa, the State of Osun where they had a fascinating moment at the site of Erin Ijesa Waterfall.

 The students were dazzled at The Ikogosi Warm and Cold Spring Resort in Ekiti State as they touched and felt with their own hands warm water and cold spring flowing side by side and converged at a point.

The geographical knowledge of the students were broadened and enriched by the time they got to Idanre Hills in Ondo State when they saw the relics of the old Idanre and heard the story of how the people lived on the hills for several years

Acknowledging the benefit of the tour, Master Demilade Ogunbode said “I specially thank Mummy (Mrs Obajimi) for creating this unique opportunity of visiting these wonderful places which we only got to read in books. But now, I am privileged not only to have read them, but to have visited them and seen them with my own eyes. I can now write with vivid description and speak boldly of these places if and whenever the time arises. I have learnt a lot and fed my eyes with spectacular things which will remain in my memory forever”

To Enifeolorun Pinheiro “The whole package was not only educative, informative but also inspiring. It is learning and having fun all the way from Ibadan to Osun, Ekiti and Ondo states. We cannot quantify what we gained during the tour. We had interaction with theory and reality. We went, we saw and we are happy... We resumed to school, refreshed, lively and better exposed. Kudos to Sonbeam School, kudos to Mummy Obajimi and kudos to our parents who strive hard to put us in a school where total education is the watchword!  

S/West Hoteliers will change the face of hospitality service —Jamiu Talabi by Wale Ojo lanre

S/West Hoteliers will change the face of hospitality service —Jamiu Talabi

October 21, 2015
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Mr Talabi  Bosede Jamiu the Public Relations Officer, (PRO) South-West Hoteliers Association is a thorough bred hotelier who is not only grounded in the business, but has exposed himself to the cosmopolitanism of service delivery in hospitality business . His two hotels, Onas Hotel and Bose Talabi Guest House, all in Lagos have been identified as centre of excellence in service delivery. Talabi in an interview with WALE OJO-LANRE laid bare some of the challenges facing hotel business in Nigeria at the maiden Retreat  of South West Hoteliers Association held in Abeokuta last week.
Programmes like these are designed for a purpose.  Can you tell us what you intend to achieve with the retreat organised for hoteliers in the Southwest?
One of the reasons we formed the association is to ensure unity of purpose, have a common vision and pursue the vision from a coordinated platform recognised by all.  Secondly, we believe having an association which is legally recognised in law and by law will provide and facilitate quick access to the government at all levels. You will agree with me that it will also earn   us the needed visibility which we needed to assert the association   as a strong player on the economic field of the nation. Most importantly is the fact that we are coming together to change the face of hospitality service in the South West.

Why the South West? 
The South west is the major gateway to Nigeria either by air, sea or land. After the plane and the taxi, the next connect of a visitor is the hotel. The hotel to us is the country’s first impression manager after the airport. The hotel tells it all. It tells the visitors what the country is without asking anybody. Thus we are emboldened not only to make more money, but to set the pace in service delivery and image improvement of the country.

Do you think you can achieve this?
Yes, we can  and we have started. Going by the turn out for this programme  which planning kicked off just a few weeks ago via a suggestion at a gathering , and the turnout is as populous as this? This is the maiden edition.  Even, going by the responses to posers on the frequency of such retreat, going by the presence of government officials from almost all the states in the South West, Lagos did not only come to warm the seats, but offered meaningful goodwill messages, all these are pointers to the fact that the association has come to stay.  You heard the response when the question was asked how often they want this retreat. Despite my personal belief that it should be once in two years, but the response was, no, it should not be once in a year, just to show the popularity of the retreat. It showed that despite the fact that it is a maiden edition; the majority has seen the import and usefulness of such an association and holding a retreat.
 It is also an indication that those that have attended the programme are going home more learned, more enlightened and of course they won’t go home the same and of course many of them won’t mind having this kind of event every month.

Don’t you think it is almost too late for you coming together now?
I don’t think so. Nothing is too late. It  is not that we do not have platform where we meet, we have this association in the states. But we believe we can achieve better having a regional platform and a powerful regional voice which can and should encourage regional integration, development and growth in the hospitality sector. It will also accentuate regional business networking and wealth. This is the time for us to pool our efforts together for sustainable growth.

But do you agree with the opinion that Nigerian hotels are sub-standard? 
I will shock you here, I am sure you are expecting me to say with anger or passion that yes it is true or false, far from this. However, I don’t want you to fall into the fallacy of generalisation and stigmatisation neither do I want you to go away with the notion of unbridled patriotism nor selfish economic patronage.  98.5 per cent hotels in Nigeria are run by Nigerians. Are you now telling me that all the hotels in Nigeria are sub-standard? All these depend on taste, perception, indoctrination and propaganda. I am a well travelled person and I stay in hotels for variety and experience. I have been to the four points, five stars, the rated and unrated just for me to feel the service and I came to the conclusion that Nigerian—run hotels are not on the lower part of the ladder. Yes. Though we are not just there yet, but we are not at the back seat. The problem that militated against us being there yet is infrastructure—sourcing for water, and security. Then, tell me why you will be in my hotel that I should ration supply of light or water? I am not saying that happens in my hotel, but I am telling you the rating indices adopted or assumed by the so called rating agency. Yet, we are not in the deep. I was in Ghana, and I slept in four hotels in two weeks and my experience is Nigerian hotels are not bad after all.  Yet I agree there is room for improvement. This is one of the reasons why we came up with this regional formation.

From observation some of the giants in the industry are not here, why? Are they not aware or they are not members of Hoteliers Association of Nigeria?
What do you mean by the giants? Let me first inform you that we have two associations. We have Hoteliers Association of Nigeria and Hotel Employers Association of Nigeria, the so called giants belong to that group. Obviously majority of us here considered ourselves to be medium and small scale hoteliers.

The issue of multiple taxation and other challenges facing hospitality sector were addressed at the conference and solutions are being proffered, how you will ensure that the resolutions not end on the paper?
Yes, we are going to come out with a communiqué that will be forwarded to all the state governors in the Southwest and luckily for us particularly those of us from Lagos State we had the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Arts Culture and Tourism here. In a couple of days apart from presenting the communiqué to the governor through her, we will pressurise her to look into the communiqué and see what they can do for us on multiple taxation and help the industry to grow.

We started barely two years ago, various states have started more than 10 years ago and we cannot just start one day and the following day we put up a programme. We need to take one step after the other and that is what we have done and thank God for the outcome of this event programme.

What is the membership strength of the southwest Hoteliers Association?
 The membership strength for now is over 10, 000, and we still have a whole lot outside the fence and I am sure by the time we have the outcome of this, many of those out there will start calling us.

What do you think will attract other people in the industry to join the association?
 The attraction is the fact we have been able to bring ourselves together which will attract those outside the fence. The fact that we are poise to enhance their service delivery and network business for them, bear part of their burden in respect of challenges, care and advocate for those values that will ensure them making more business in a less cumbersome way than before. The fact that they now belong to a regional association which they can cry to when depressed. The fact that there is an umbrella association where they can run to during rain and hotter sunshine, that South West Hoteliers Association is about their business growth, welfare and development on a practical mode will lure them. Hotel service and delivery in the South West is in for a revolution.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort ,Nigeria , hosts Felabration with London Afrobeat Collectives : By Wale Ojo Lanre

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort , hosts Felabration with London Afrobeat Collectives

October 21, 2015 , By Wale Ojo Lanre 
Nigerian Tribune 

Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye dancing with some of the foreign visitors
The Coconut trees which sprout happily  on  the sandy beach of Atlantic Ocean in,  Ikegun  Village, Ibeju Lekki, Area, Lagos State were, on Saturday, 17 October, 2015,  rustled by the vibes and beats bellowing  from the hi-tech musical instrument compacted by ZMirage to blow the vibes from the corps of artistes  arranged to commemorate the death of Afro beat ‘gospeller’ Fela Anikulapo Kuti at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.

The President,  La Campagne  Tropicana Beach Resort, Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye, a pan – African  who believed that Africans should use her enormous cultural – tourism potentialities to retrieve and reinstate whatever the years of colonialism must have taken away invited eminent and distinguished Nigerians, diplomats, tourism buffs  to the resort to celebrate the golden human of Afrobeat late Fela Anikulapo, packaged as “FELABRATION TOURISM ‘Ambassador Akinboboye   ensured that the set up for the programme showcased indigenous inputs and materials. The stage hosted several carvings, effigies,  masks  and other materials which sell the cultural heritage of Africa.

He pointed out that late Fela Anikulapo was one of the most foremost cultural – tourism ambassadors “who unfortunately we could not celebrate while alive, but who suffered persecution. Thus we spare nothing today in packaging a befitting remembrance and commemorations.

True to his words, the Felabration Tourism Night will stay a long while in the memories of those who partook of the night.

The stage  was carved out from the epicentre  of a building planted inside a colony of Coconut trees which shot out in a rectangular form  on which were foisted the musical instruments for churning wonderful performance.

The flood gate of the night of fun was opened by Olo Omoge Onibata, from the Atunda Musical Group who thrashed the bata as if there was a deep seated hatred between her and the drum which the night provided an avenue of revenge.

“I cannot believe this. I have never seen a lady beating the bata in this form.  Not only did she beat the bata skilfully and masterly, she danced, sang and controlled the stage perfectly well with non-verbal gestures which ensured seamless synchronisation of vocal, instrument and stagecraft. This is sheer talents on parade,” said Thompson Sean, a Briton who was a guest.

The night was spiced by two comedian and stand up artistes, MC Kirikiri who ensured spewed out rib-cracking jokes, which was fuelled by Koko, a Port Harcourt-based Comedian who had to leave his Garden City to spice the night in Lagos for Felabration Tourism.

As Olo Omoge Onibata was  wildly applauded out of the  stage for a scintillating and exciting tall  performance, the guests were  dazzled by the sonorous voice of a tall, beautiful Anu, the only girl who beat the Ikwue musical instrument  as if  she was there when the instrument was designated for festival.

The artistes from the stable of Atunda Entertainment Group raised the bar of the night mood so high by their spectacular performance and stagecraft wizardry which was however lifted up by the visiting London Afrobeat Collectives.

The London Afrobeat Collectives is the world renowned Afrobeat dispenser based in the UK which is made up of eight whites and a black lady, Funke Akindele from Ibadan, Oyo State, who is the lead singer.

This group rendered effectively some of late Fela’s songs with passion and dexterity which lured some of the guests jumping up doing the songs Fela’s way.

As the music was hitting the waves and the cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean was tending the nerves of the guests, the bonfire put in place moderated the environment which engendered the total consummation of fun on a grand style.

By the time it was getting hotter, the cloud was brightened with sporadic, colourful and fascinating fireworks which spread unto the sky like a canopy of many colours spread on bare ground, a memory which all went with to sleep.

As if the night event was not enough, Ambassador Akinboboye on the morning of Sunday 18, October woke up the guests on a tour of the African resort and offered a superlative breakfast beside the swimming pool facing the beach.

Ambassador Akinboboye beat the imagination of the guests who were, having sumptuous meals when their breakfast was neatly interlude by a cultural group whose songs and music lured the men and women on the tables to their side.

The Ondo State Cultural Group treated the visitors and guests to a wonderful and soul lifting indigenous music and songs which the foreigners could not ignore as they took over the dancing floor.

Zabaka Thompson, one of the foreign visitors declared “This has been one of my best of time on earth. I am happy to be here. I am happy to be at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. I am happy I witnessed the colourful FELABRATION Tourism which was packaged by Ambassador Akinboboye and most intriguing is the spectacular breakfast spiced with the group from Ondo State. I am happy to be in Nigeria, I am happy.”

Friday, 9 October 2015

Wisdom from Usi Ekiti !

Wisdom from Usi Ekiti !
Wale Ojo Lanre @ Lara Wise , that is why in Usi Ekiti , our parents always advice us not to 'marry 'a girl on a festival day . kete omo li suan lojo oro ( all ladies are presentable on festival days ) !
I can now see the reason
Thank you my Late grandmother Eye Oluru , Usi
I realised better now 

Lara Wise, ( Originality from Lara Wise )
1 hr ·

Scenario 1.
Pix 1 lady sits beside you at a social function., in a public bus or train, in a cafe, church, or is even a colleague at work.
Scenario 2.
Pix 2 lady sits beside you at a social function., in a public bus or train, in a cafe, church, or is even a colleague at work.

Chances are the pix 2 will get more heads turning, will get more requests for phone, BBM, email contact requests than pix 1.
Reality check.. Pix 1 is the real person.
This is how she sleep, shower, cook, do our laundry...
Pix 1 is the product.
Pix 2 is the 'gift bag'.
Testosterone, pix 1 is what you are going to live with. 😁
Guys and gentlemen.... Make your choice!!!

See the NYSC Corps member who was raped ,murdered 2 weeks to her wedding , birthday

Heartbreaking: NYSC Corps Member Raped, Murdered 2 Weeks To Her Wedding, Birthday

A serving member of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC has been reported murdered by unknown rapists, 13 days to her wedding and 29th birthday.
nyscAccording to The Nation, Miss Omolola Abogunrin, was murdered in a sultry afternoon in the compound of an agriculture research institute located in Apata area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Sunday.
The deceased, it was learnt, was raped and strangled beside a stream within the expansive premises of the National Cereal Research Institute, Moor Plantation, Ibadan at about 1:30 pm.
It was learnt that sympathizers confirmed rape and strangulation through the semen found on her private part and nail wounds around her neck respectively on discovering her corpse.
Miss Abogunrin, who was looking forward to her wedding which was scheduled for October 17, the day she would have been 29 years old, was completing her one year compulsory national service in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, as at the time of her death.
While the State Police Command are still on the trail of the murderers, her lover, Olusola Babalola, has since been arrested and detained.
Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Oyo State, Adekunle Ajisebutu, said Omolola’s corpse has since been deposited at the morgue of state hospital, Adeoyo.
Ajisebutu also disclosed that the case has since been transferred to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the command, stressing that the command would do everything to bring Omolola’s killers to book.

Keep Your Family Safe In Case Of Boko Haram Attacks

Keep Your Family Safe In Case Of Boko Haram Attacks

The following ten points are things you can do to prepare for Boko Haram attacks, reduce the stress that you may feel now or later. Taking preparatory action can reassure you and your family, and give you a sense of control even in the face of such events.
Here are the 10 guidelines.

1. Collect information: call the Nigerian Red Cross or Red Crescent

One of the first things you should do is contact your local Red Cross or Red Crescent organization. Tell them you are worried about your and your family’s safety in case of the Boko Haram terrorist attack. Then ask them if they could help you with information to handle your children’s questions and also prepare your family for any eventuality.
All over the word, the Red Cross has developed know-how in public information and training for civilians to prepare for terrorisst attacks, earthquakes or civil wars. The more people start calling them and requesting information and training, the faster they will respond and act in your favor.
You can reach the Nigeria Red Cross Society at 07098832512 and find their branch in your state and city .

2. Talk to your family, especially children

Children are not immune to the news. They can access information on TV, radio. On the Internet, they are exposed to images that could hurt their psychological balance. It’s therefore very important to take the initiative to talk to them, as well as to other members of the family.
The conversation could start with simple questions like: “Have you heard about Boko Haram?” “What do you think about them?” “How do you feel about them?” “What would you like to know?”
These questions would elicit lot of responses from your family members, which should lead to sharing information, tips, and designing a family emergency plan in case of attack.
Talking is the first cure for fear. So talk in non-threatening or inflammatory way to your family, neighbours, colleagues. Eventually, this would lead to a community watch or a vigilance group.

3. Avoid crowds

As much as possible, avoid crowds, as they may be the preferred targets for an attack.
Any success of the army against Boko Haram will lead to the terrorist group conducting, in retaliation or desperation, more spectacular and large-scale attacks on civilians in order to traumatize the population. This is the reason why we must be more vigilant during this period of the army engagement with the insurgents and their sponsors.
Boko Haram main targets may be markets, shopping centers, bars, nightclubs, large autobuses, open-field concerts, stadiums, beaches, etc. Stay away from such places where large crowds gather. Only visit such places when you are well aware of the security measures taken by the managers of the event and local authorities.
In cases you have no choice but to go to a crowded place, learn alternate routes and exits, think about a fallback location where you will go to regroup with your family or group. Do what you have to do as quickly as possible and get out of there.

4. Avoid unattended cars and trucks, as these may contain explosives

Most terrorist attacks on civilians are conducted either with car/trucks bombs or automatic rifles. Both are usually unexpected and sudden. They are therefore difficult to predict, so few precautions could help.
As general guideline, avoid taking street in front of police stations where cars are parked. Make sure you quickly enter public building, and don’t stay too long on streets full of people and parked cars.
In the end, listen to your instincts, and follow their guidance as swiftly as possible. Sometime our sixth sense knows more than we think.

5. Plan your reactions

People who know in advance where are the exit signs and routes in a building have better chances to survive in case of a disaster. This means the best way to protect yourself is to plan ahead few gestures and conducts you’d take in case of attack.
You can ask your local civil protection organization or the local Red Cross how you should react in various events like a car bomb, a suicide bomb, a rifle attack, a kidnapping, a school attack, etc.
Make sure you learn the necessary gestures and practices with your children if necessary. Few of these gestures are listed below.

6. Keep these things with you

If possible, always carry a bottle of water with you. The first thing you might look for when under stress is water to drink.
Some disaster and emergency experts suggest to always keep a small knife and small pocket lamp. Put your family numbers on a short dial list in case you’d need to send a distress or a notification message. For example, some people stick on the back of their phone a list of numbers to call in case of emergency.
The national emergency numbers are toll-free dial 767 / 112 for police, ambulance, emergency services. Your local police emergency numbers are listed . Save them in your phone and memorize the most important ones.
Finally, think about installing  application to notify your family and friends about our status updates.

7. If there is a sudden explosion or shooting around you

— Here are few reflexes you should prepare yourself to act on:
— Get under a sturdy table or desk. If things are falling around you, wait until they stop falling, then try to leave quickly. Watch for obviously weakened floors and stairways.
— If you see people choking and collapsing, it may mean that some chemical stuff has been released in the air, so cover your nose and your mouth, even with the thin fabric of a scarf or a shirt (especially if it’s wet). This will make a difference and reduce the chances of inhaling chemical/biological agents, not to mention the smoke and dust that will be in the air after the explosion.
— Find a spot behind a support beam or a concrete pillar; this will protect you from random bullets or even stop debris from hitting you in the eventuality of an explosion.
— If danger is somewhere outside and you’re inside of a building, control your curiosity and stay away from the windows to avoid random bullets or debris in case of a second explosion. Do not stand in front of windows, glass doors, or any object that might easily break and hurt you.
— Move away from damaged buildings or shops.

8. If you are trapped under debris

In case you are trapped under debris, try to find a tight area where you still can breathe. If you can move, make sure you carefully check the surroundings. Get close to a door or a window where you can call for help or access light. If the building you’re in is not severely damaged or burning, you should stay inside and call for rescue.

9. Keep calm, but call for help

Panic kills more than bombs and diseases. Therefore, it’s important that you keep calm, so you still keep a clear head to outsmart the tragic events around you.
If you are wounded, don’t hesitate to shout for help. Emergency people would first notice people who would call for help, and would first evacuate those who are visibly asking to be evacuated. Be polite, but express your need to be seen by a doctor immediately.

10. Help others who are hurt or need assistance

In such a troubled period in our country, it’s important to bring your family members to the civil protection training, or the Red Cross first-aid training camps. Those are generally free, or for very a little fee.
In case of emergency, you’d be able to help your family members, your children and save your own life. Those are life-long skills that would be helpful beyond just a terrorist attack threat.
In conclusion, the most important guideline is to have a united family in the face of common terrorist threat. Talk about terrorism, spend time with your family and talk to your children about their fears of terrorist incidents.
If possible, make a family presentation about how you understand the origins of Boko Haram, share your ideas about how collectively you can contribute to defeat them. Use simple words that even young children can understand.
There is more knowledge in your family than you think. Be safe.

Late Fela Kuti’s Dancer, Dodo Mayana, Killed And Dumped In Lagos School

Late Fela Kuti’s Dancer, Dodo Mayana, Killed And Dumped In Lagos School

  1. One of late Afro-beat singer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s dancer, Dodo Mayana, has been reportedly killed by unknown men and dumped at Grammar school, Ojodu Beger, Lagos.


    According to Nigeriafilms, Femi Kuti, first son of the late singer made this known after he had visited the site where the body was discovered.

    In his words; “Heard Dodo who sells outside the Shrine was killed by a hit and run car on her way home by grammar School opposite Omole estate. I'm so sad. Sounds more like Dodo was mugged because when we got to her nothing was found on her, no money, no phone. Mehn sad.

    “Dodo was such a nice and friendly person RIP. May those who did this not go free. Unfortunately our police might never find them. She was mugged (they now say must likely she took first chance) killed dumped by grammar school.

Secret of my man's super active in bed at 101 years -South african woman

Shocking! My Man Is Still Super Active In Bed At 101 Years – S/African Woman Brags

As South Africa celebrates the Day of the Elderly, the mayor of Port Elizabeth, Danny Jordaan, on Thursday, reportedly honoured a 101-year-old man, Madala Lumnkile Heleni and his 95-year-old wife, Bekiwe who ‘shockingly’ revealed that at that age, her husband was still Super Active in bed.
Super Active in bedAccording to the woman, her husband, who is the father of 6 and great-grandfather of 16, was still a ‘tiger’ in bed.
Married for more than 66 years, Heleni revealed that the secret to his manhood being able to stay strong was bathing with cold water.
According to Heleni, who lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, cold bathes are the reason for his active manhood, adding that healthy diet also helped him to live so long.
“The cold water makes my manhood very strong. It never fails and in my house there is always peace.”
“When I graduated from initiation school at the age of 32, the elders told me to bath in the river. The water was icy because it was winter and since then, I’ve always bathed in cold water because it makes me feel fresh,” he stated.
“I don’t know what diabetes or high blood pressure is. I’ve only been to the doctor twice in my life for back pain. I only get sick if I wash with warm water, which makes me feel weak and tired.
“I grew up on a farm near Grahamstown and worked there. I still have my own garden and eat traditional food and vegetables,” he concluded.

Drama in Ilorin as suspected robber falls from bank’s roof

Drama in Ilorin as suspected robber falls from bank’s roof

There was drama on Friday at the Unity Road Branch of Guaranty Trust Bank in Ilorin as a suspected robber fell from the bank’s roof, throwing the banking hall into pandemonium. NAN gathered that the suspect was hiding in the roof of the bank while waiting for his accomplices to commence a robbery operation when he fell.
A security man attached to the bank told NAN on condition of anonymity that the suspected robber must have been hiding in the roof overnight. He also said nobody knew how the suspect got into the roof of the bank as there was no sign of damage to any of the security doors in the bank.
The security man said the suspect was promptly apprehended by some customers inside the banking hall and later handed over to the police. The Police Public Relations officer, ASP Okasanmi Ajayi, confirmed the incident to NAN.
He said immediately the report reached the police command, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Esosa Amadasun, visited the bank. The police spokesman said nobody was injured in the incident while interrogation of the suspect had commenced.
When NAN visited the bank, it was under lock while a security man was busy directing customers to the Taiwo Road branch of the bank.