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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Brazil has a lot to offer Nigerians in cultural tourism —Consulate General by Wale Ojo Lanre

Brazil has a lot to offer Nigerians in cultural tourism —Consulate General

by Wale Ojo Lanre 
January 27, 2016
Written by: 
Wale Ojo Lanre, Nigerian Tribune 
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The Consulate–General, Brazilian Embassy Nigeria, Her Excellency, Maria Figueiredo has declared that Brazil has a lot to offer Nigerians in the cultural tourism sector but regrettably,  not much of the opportunities are being accessed by the sector players.

Figueiredo disclosed this interview with the TTM in Ile-Ife where she called on Nigerians to ‘avail themselves of these opportunities .for the symbiotic benefits of the nation.

She pointed out that though Brazil and Nigeria have a long standing relationship on culture and trade but “It is not as geometric scale as expected”.

 Figueiredo revealed “Not that Nigerians are not scrambling for Brazilian visa or visit, but there is a dearth of genuine business-minded Nigerians particularly in the cultural–tourism and educational sector. There are many opportunities waiting to be explored in Brazil  in commerce, culture, transportation and particularly education”.

She disclosed “I am particularly interested in an increased level of cultural–tourism relationship and exchange between our great countries. There are many things we share and many things that are unique. An increase in the level of our relationship will allow a comparative  peer group benefits  which will be good for our citizens, the nations and the world”

Figueiredo said that the federal authority in charge of tourism and culture should establish close rapport   with the  Brazilian authority  because of the wealth of experience and know-how in the tourism  sector, adding that “Most of the tourists from Nigeria are either invited by the universities, government  or bodies, but I want a situation where there will be tourists in and out of the two countries”.

She revealed “majority of those who claim to be heading for Brazil under the cover of tourism are majorly migrants  who constitute illegality  in the country. This is not what I am saying. For there are lot of sites, cultural, historical, religious, ecotourism and wonderful sites in Brazil”.

“Our door is ajar for the consummate and business-oriented Nigerian who is ready to within the confine of legality explore any areas of business, development and growth. Brazil is home of the Africans. For you to know, African contribute descents 70 per cent of the population. Almost every one of us has the African blood running in our veins. So, I expect a better relationship between the citizen of the two countries”.

She called on parents in Nigeria to seek information about the educational opportunities in Brazil “Nigerians should obtain information about the educational system in Brazil which is not only qualitative, but free. Brazil offer free tuition in their universities and education institutions. I want Nigerians to avail themselves this information and make use of the opportunities”.

 The ambassador who  is in Nigeria for a second time posting disclosed “Nigeria is making steady progress and advancement in development and growth which the country should build on. This is my second time of working in Nigeria. I was here some years ago and now back, I  can tell say Nigeria, I mean Lagos  is now better than  my first experience here. The country is great with great people”.

She described Ile–Ife as “a  historical town of note which majority of the African descents in Brazil see as their root. It may interest you that I have been found to be  from Osun State and an Osun adherent. This is typical of any Brazilian. Ile–Ife is important and significant to a typical African descent fellow in Brazil”.

Talking about Nigeria cuisine, Figueiredo said that “Nigeria like Brazil has a lot of delicious meals. But for me, I am in love with akara,  kilishi and dodo Ikire”.

The Ambassador who said that she tasted Dodo Ikire for the first time, a day preceding this interview pointed out that   ‘it is not only tasty, but delicious. It is pure and tasteful. I love dodo Ikire and I will buy a lot whenever I am going to Brazil for my friends . I am sure they will love it”.

 She described her experience at the Ooni Palace as “a wonderful and spectacular packaging of cultural display by wonderful people in a wonderful manner which will remain evergreen in my memory”.

Figueiredo disclosed “We are going to open a new vista of relationship with the palace. The Ooni is a man of prodigious cultural consciousness and is bubbling  with ideas of how to employ culture and tourism in empowering his people, the Brazilian Embassy will be ready to help in germination of the ideas and linking the  palace with interested investors in Brazil. Also, you know, the Embassy will be ever ready to help in procurement and issuing of visas  to team from the palace to Brazil”.

She called on Nigerians wishing to travel to Brazil ‘our job here is to ensure that as many genuine Nigerians gained access to Brazil. We are here serving your interest. There is no need going through a third person or an agent. The Embassy is opened for you to seek information and get details of your interest in Brazil. We are here to protect the interest of Brazilians and establish good relationship with Nigerians in Nigeria and Nigerians going to Brazil. For I wish Nigeria what I wish my country”.

Oba establishes a free five - star hotel school for the poorest of the poor in Nigeria ! by Wale Ojo Lanre

Oba establishes a free  five - star hotel school  for the poorest of the poor in Nigeria ! by Wale Ojo Lanre   

January 25, 2016

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Culled from the Tribune 
The school, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, is indeed one of its kind. Its uniqueness lies not only in the fact that the school is open to the less privileged, it provides quality education to both indigenes and non-indigenes of Osun State.  WALE OJO-LANRE reports his findings after being conducted on a tour of Oba Abolarin School.
As part of efforts to contribute towards national development, in line with the accepted fact that education is a stepping stone to greatness, a first class traditional ruler, His Royal Majesty, Oba Adedokun Omoniyi Abolarin, Aroyinkeye II, Orangun of Oke-Ila, Ifedayo Local Government, Osun State, has set the standard for sustainable development, by establishing the Oba Abolarin School, located at Bamikole Dada way, off Oduduwa Road, Sapakin Area.
The school, which is best described as one of its kind in terms of structure, quality of education offered, and the unique attribute of providing education for the less privileged, targets street children, motorcycle operators, as well as those financially handicapped to access quality education.
Oba Abolarin School is a free boarding school, equipped with state of the art facilities, and at present, has 28 boys and 27 girls drawn from different towns such as Igbajo, Ororuwo, Aagba, Ada, Igbaye, in Osun  State, as well as wards from other states, but whose parents reside in Osun State.
To Oba Abolarin, every child counts, and paucity of funds should not hinder an individual from accessing proper education.
The setting up of the institution was announced to all by the monarch, during his enthronement, as part of his mission statement which focused on offering hope to children who roam the streets.
Some unique things about the school are its location, ambiance and structure. While one may assume that a school expected to cater to the less privileged would be quite simple, the school boasts of state-of-the-art facilities domiciled in a conducive environment.
‘Before now, accessing education was a distant dream’
Odeniyi Quawan, a student of the school, in an interview with Nigerian Tribune, speaking on the benefits the school has provided for him, noted that “I thought I was created by God and dumped on this earth to suffer, to slave and to die in penury. I thought I was branded to hawk for eternity or till Jesus comes back without having any opportunity to attend any educational institution in my life.
“It was tormenting then, when I saw my mates attending school, and I could not join them. I never thought that I, Quawan, a street hawker, would, one day, be a proud student of a luxuriously equipped school. I want to thank Oba Abolarin who raised and offered me hope, which in the not-too-distant past, was a dream.”
Miss Blessing Anefiok  Kaizer ,  a native of Akwa Ibom, whose parents are based in Oke-Ila, states that “The first time I set my feet on this school premises, I could not believe my eyes. I felt like I was in paradise. In fact, it’s more than paradise when you compare this environment with where I am coming from, and because of the fact that there is no private or public school that can boast of having such structure and facilities as found in Oba Abolarin College. It was like a dream. However, it dawned on me that it was not a dream when I passed the first night in a double-bunked bed with electricity being supplied by two powerful generators. I’m still so amazed that such an environment is actually made for the children of the poor.”
The school hall, best described as a hall of photo history, hosts historical pictures that tell and teach the students stories of politics and national life, as well as international entities who have contributed to global development.
Students of the school are a wonderful lot and will dazzle any visitor as they welcome people in fluent English. There are also performances as well as recitations in near-perfect French language.
‘We are training a globally acceptable set of students’
Speaking on the setting up of the school, Oba Abolarin stated that “We are training a globally acceptable set of students. UNESCO has declared English, French and Spanish as the three internationally recognised languages. Thus, we are preparing them to tap into the benefits of the world.”
Though the emphasis at the school is excellent education, made available by qualified and seasoned staff, proficient in educational principles and courses with copious access to instructional materials and facilities, Oba Abolarin School has not compromised in standards in any way.
Conducting Nigerian Tribune on a tour of the school, Oba Abolarin revealed that “It is a total educational package. We strive for the best in teaching and learning. We go for the best in nutritional provision and engage them in vocational, recreational and cultural – tourism – activities.”
And to attest to this, the reporter asked the class “Can anyone of you exhibit any cultural idea?”
Immediately, the class chorused the praise chant of Oba Adedokun Abolarin in traditional dialect, as well as that of the Ooni of Ife, which was also rendered beautifully.
“Here at Abolarin School, we are injecting abundant liveliness into supposedly lifeless expectation. It is all-round total education. It’s like producing gold and silver from mud. If you expect to see gaunt-looking, mean or hungry faces on the students, you’ll be shocked,” Oba Abolarin stated.
“We were not like this when some of us came here. Almost all of us, in fact, all of us you see as handsome and beautiful now were stone-faced, badly fed, hunger-stricken lads when we resumed here. I was a hawker of banana, and Kabiyesi will testify to the fact that it was in this school that I first tasted corn flakes and that day I vomited. But now, it’s my favourite. All thanks to Oba Abolarin School,” one of the students related.
As he narrated his first encounter with corn flakes, other students were happy to tell their first encounter and experience with meals like fried rice, noodles, oats, custard, toast bread, fried egg, and the use of cutleries.
“I can never conjure it in my deepest dream that, one day, I will eat with a set of cutlery in my life, not to talk of drinking tea, bread, custard, fried and poached eggs on regular basis. In fact, we cannot eat without our sets of cutlery any longer. The so called classy meals meant for the super rich are now our regulars, thanks to Abolarin School,” Ajinba Dolapo, one of the students enthusiastically revealed   while the others nodded.
Students exhibit discipline, orderliness
The level of discipline and orderliness which the students of the school have imbibed was displayed during lunch time when everyone congregated at the Ooni Sijuade dining hall. Each of them approached the kitchen, collected their food and ate with their cutleries, not hands.”
The astounding part was not the quantity of the wrap of eba, which one may qualify as an adult portion, as the writer was unable to finish his own, the expertise displayed with the use of cutleries by the hitherto street hawkers as if they were born with it, was equally amazing.
Afterwards, obviously a habit formed by strict training, each student packed and washed the plates, cleaned the tables and help in cleaning the kitchen.
“Here it is participatory education. All of them are good at cooking. Also, all of them are engaged in vocational training. Some of them have been making money from confectioneries during holidays; we are just helping to translate their dreams to realities,” Oba Abolarin stated.
Adewale Ronke, who has a dream of becoming a lawyer, stated that “I am sure I will become a lawyer. I am being tailored here to pursue a career, and I’m being monitored in Guidance and Counselling as well.  I thank God for the day Kabiyesi Abolarin was born. I got the form free and everything I enjoy in this school including the uniform, slippers, personal computer is free. If they are not free, how we can the children of the poor enjoy five star educational treatment, the best of its kind in Osun State?” 
Oba Abolarin revealed that “It is the spirit of God that is at work with this vision. All that is happening here is not only by my power but that of God and eminent and distinguished Nigerians who have seen the good in this project and have been there to assist and support. Most of these facilities are donations – the two generators, the PCs – and one of the children has been adopted for sponsorship by a friend. These are just some of the benefits enjoyed by the students.”
Continuing, he pointed out that “I have determined to build my own vision in these children instead of gallivanting or showing off at events and parties. I have the onerous responsibility to build a future with my little resources and the help of my dearest friends in these wonderful children of mine so that our society can enjoy freedom from liabilities, crime and waywardness. It is a worthwhile project which I implore every one of us to partner with and become agents of engendering a brighter future for hopeless souls. I count on every one to support me in this task of ensuring that every child counts. Join hands with me in the efforts at ensuring that the future starts now.”

Oba Abolarin discovers another Waterfall in Oke–Ila Orangun, Osun State , Nigeria ! by Wale Ojo Lanre

Oba Abolarin discovers another Waterfall in Oke–Ila Orangun!by Wale Ojo Lanre 

January 27, 2016
Written by: 
Wale Ojo Lanre
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The new water fall
When a righteous man reigns, the rat breeds joyfully in the bush fish will consummate freely  like a fish inside the river while human earns  blessing from heaven, procreate bountifully, prosper lavishly,  enjoys life abundantly and blossoms in deeds, acts and words

These have been the lots of the indigenes and people of Oke-Ila Orangun, Ifedayo Local Government, Osun State, since the enthronement of Oba Adedokun Omoniyi Abolarin, Aroyinkeye 11 as the king of the hitherto sleepy agrarian historic town.

One of the turning points which the town has witnessed since day one of his ascension of the throne is the reversal of the epithet “Sleepy’ which has been the adjunct for the town whenever it is  being referred to or mentioned in any article, the ‘sleepy’ adjunct has changed to’ vibrant town.

It is no longer Oke–Ila, the sleepy town in State of Osun, but now Oke–Ila, one of the most vibrant towns in Osun State.”

The vibrancy of Oke–Ila Orangun and its emergence as 21st century development oriented town is not just a wishful desire of momentous brain wave, but a Godly blessing and inspiration of the personality of the fellow who the people selected and who received the mercy of the Lord.

It also confirms the axiom that status of a post does not matter, but the mindset of the occupier.

It is trite that when a small man with small mind is given a house bigger than his size, he may reduce or collapse the house to fit his frame instead of looking or hiring part of it out to generate wealth, but when a big man is forced inside a cocoon because of his body and mind, expands and creates more space for himself and others.

The Bible affirms that when a righteous man reigns, the people rejoice.

Of course, the people of Oke–Ila has causes and reasons to rejoice in having an Oba who has been able to explore his cosmopolitan status in accentuating  their essence of life as proud indigenes and products of Oke–Ila, Who has equally made his people reign and the epicentre of his   rule. In applying his experience to transform the rawness of the environment to vivacity of municipality, has unveiled the socio-cultural tourism potentialities inherent in the community and which have been covered, buried and trampled upon in the past for the glory and respect of the people and the town.

Without missing his focus, Oba Adedokun started with the Isinro Festival, a pre-historical generational festival of culture, dance and tradition of the Oke-Ila people which his people have been hosting annually since the emergence of the town, but which its celebration has been localised and restricted.

Oba Abolarin said this must not be. And since, it has never be, Oba Abolarin has raised the bar of the celebration of Isinro   festival from a mere community convivial traditional festival to an international carnival of culture, tradition and communal reunion which attracts thousands of tourists and well wishers yearly to the town.

The internationalisation of Isinro festival by Oba Abolarin has cultivated the attention and focus from government and individual investors and has attracted to the town the establishment of another petrol station in responding to the quests of unceasing tourists as well as government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola  in tarring  the road network in the town.

The Ayinkunugba  Waterfall, one of the most soulful and thrilling waterfalls  in Nigeria is planted in the town by nature, but it takes the grace of God and the persistent value added efforts of Oba Abolarin that has helped in achieving the modicum of publicity and the cry for enhancement which this unquantifiable natural blessing has got recently.

The good news again from the vibrant town of Oke–Ila Orangun is the fact that Oba Abolarin’s  penchant for  digging out the natural blessing of the town has again yielded a stunning discovery of another waterfall in Oke–Ila!

This waterfall is shielded  away by a heavy, thick jungle of Ogan Forest which is located on the right part of the Oke –Ila Orangun bound road.

Oba Adedokun could not hide his feeling at the discovery of the waterfall and thus, he personally  led the writer  and other tourism buffs including the palace staff into the thick forest of Ogan.

Getting to the site of the waterfall provides an insight into Oba Abolarin’s favourite tourism slogan “RURAL OURISM”.

For the path to the waterfall harbours exciting ground for picnic, carnival under the canopy of plants and romantic spots .

The evidence of the fall was felt  by our ear’s drum which was hit by the sound of the fall on the floor.

“Kabiyesi, we are closer to the fall “Tope Eluyefa, one of the journalists on the trip noted.

 The just discovered waterfall though located in steep gorge offers different features from Ayinkunugba.

 It is only   accessible through the peak of a hill which offers a spectacular view of a fall down the stairs but having about four naturally  created swimming pool spots as it heads down in torrents.

The waterfall in Ogan Forest will adequately cater for picnickers and film makers who will find its features useful for the advancement of their endeavours.

Oba Abolarin who offered special prayers and thanked God for the blessing of the fall revealed that “It is not that we are unaware of water here, yes, there is Ogan water, but we never knew there is a fall here. We never knew that the fall is as beautiful as this. We never knew that we are again blessed by Almighty God with another fantastic natural tourism site. We never knew the magnitude of this fall, with unique features different from Ayinkunugba Waterfall”

He disclosed “I am happy about this. I will take the necessary step to intimate the chairman of my local government and also inform the Governor of the state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola who has been so good to this town  about the new discovery. I thank my progenitors, the founder of this town, for locating us in a land full of blessings and natural wonders”.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My family may never smile again ! Mother of convicted Army General, weep ,pleads for mercy

 Mother of convicted Army General , weep , pleads for mercy

Abimbola Davies, Mother of Brigadier General Enitan Ransome-Kuti

For a few seconds, Abimbola Davies gazed at the portrait hanging on the wall opposite where she sat in her home in Lagos, and the memories came flooding back.
It was in 1975 when Enitan Ransome-Kuti, her 11-year-old precocious ‎son left home, traveling northward across the country to enrol at the Nigerian Military School, Zaria.
Thereafter, he joined the Nigerian Defence Academy, before enlisting in the army.
In the portrait on Mrs. Davies’ wall, Mr. Ransome-Kuti, who had risen to become a Brigadier-General, managed a thin smile, his full-grown frame bedecked in a military uniform.
But Mrs. Davies, 72, said her family would hardly smile again, not after Mr. Ransome-Kuti had been convicted and jailed for his role in the fight against Boko Haram – the first senior army officer to be so treated.
‎”I wonder why they singled him out, and treat him in this manner,” the old woman, who retired from the Army Signals, said during an interview last Friday‎.
“He has been wearing army uniform when he was 11 years old. You can imagine somebody that has been serving the nation for 40 years, that they now come to give this kind of judgment. I don’t know why.‎”
On October 15, a military court-martial sitting in Abuja, convicted Mr. Ransome Kuti, 51, of alleged offences during the war against Boko Haram – a sentence that earned him a six month prison term and a dismissal from the army.
According to the General Court Martial, Mr. Ransome-Kuti was awarded the following punishments:
• The first count charge, which was “cowardly behaviour” was struck out but he was found guilty on count charge number two which was “failure to perform military duties” and was dismissed from the Nigerian Army.
• He was equally found guilty on count charge number 3 which was “miscellaneous offences relating to service property” and was awarded six months imprisonment.
When the news of the military’s verdict was broken to her at home, Mrs. Davies said she wept.
“It is his brother and his wife that were begging me, because I don’t know how my BP (blood pressure) just spring up immediately I heard the news,” she said.
“I was shaking, that how come? How can Boko Haram issue come and spoil somebody’s career? Somebody that has been serving the nation for 40 years.
“Right from NMS (Nigerian Military School), he was Drum Major there. And he’s one of the best students there. Many people liked him, teachers, everybody.
“He does the work as if the work belongs to him. That is why I wonder why they would come and judge him this way. I felt bad, I cried, I wept bitterly.‎”
Mr. Ransome-Kuti, who was the Commander of the Multi National Joint Task Force, was blamed after the Boko Haram insurgents overran the Baga on January 3.
The brigadier-general, his chief of staff, Lieutenant-Colonel GA Suru, and some other senior officers were arrested for failing to repel the terrorists’ attack on the headquarters of the MNJTF.
During his trial, the officer denied all the charges, with his lawyer arguing that the Nigerian Army failed in its duties to provide the necessary equipment in the war against insurgency.
‎A military source told PREMIUM TIMES that before the attack, Mr. Ransome-Kuti had warned about the danger of keeping officers at Baga without adequate protection.
“It was too dangerous for them to stay at Baga. They were sitting there like lame ducks, too exposed,” said the source who preferred not to be named.
“Because of the danger, Chad were the first to withdraw from the MNJTF in May, followed by Niger around November.
“It was after the attack in January that they now moved the base from Baga to Ndjamena.”
The MNJTF was created by defence and military chiefs from the six countries that make up the Lake Chad Basin – Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroun, Central African Republic, and Libya – to combat arms trafficking, terrorism, and related cross-border attacks.
‎There are different accounts as to what actually transpired in Baga on January 3 which led to the Boko Haram insurgents dislodging troops of the MNJTF as well as those of the 134 and 174 Battalions.
At the time of the incident, a military source had told PREMIUM TIMES that the military ‎hierarchy were especially angry with Mr. Ransome-Kuti for his inability to lead his troop to counter the Boko Haram onslaught despite the high calibre of ammunition at his disposal.
The Brigadier-General was also said to had gone underground for four days after the MNJTF was dislodged.
“Nobody was able to reach him and nobody could tell where he was,” a source said.
“The suspicion is that he was roaming around Maiduguri in mufti while his troop were in disarray. He and his officers have to account for everything.”
‎But Mrs. Davies insisted her son would never abscond from his duty post, adding that Mr. Ransome-Kuti had been fighting the insurgents since 2009.
‎”He doesn’t come home often, because they post him from one end to another, far in the north there‎. They don’t bring him to Lagos, it’s that north that they have been taking him to,” Mrs. Davies said.
“And when this thing started, when he was the commander of one unit at Nguru, he was the one that led his men that they drove these people away. They faced them and drove them away from Potiskum.
“He was the one that fought that fight and those people went away. Before they came back in full force. And they even called him to army headquarters to commend him for doing that work.”
Mr. Ransome-Kuti’s court martial lasted over six months, and his mother said she never summoned courage to ‎attempt attending any of the proceedings or watch news of the hearing.
“I’ve never attended the court since the case started,” she said.
“I can’t stand and be looking at my son in court. I just sit down at home, waiting for whatever they said they should tell me‎.”
As military duties moved Mr. Ransome-Kuti around northern Nigeria, from Yola to Biu to Kainji,‎ Mrs. Davies maintained a steady presence in her son’s family, sometimes spending up to eight months in one year.
“I used to stay with the wife, so that I’ll be keeping her company,” she said.
“He’s always traveling, they always post him out to go and work. That’s why I use to follow them about to stay with the children and the wife.”
Asked if she’d rather her son’s judgment was commuted to a mere dismissal from the army, Mrs. Davies insisted reinstatement is the only option.
She appealed to Yoruba leaders to intervene in the issue and help save her son.
‎”I’m just appealing to the military authority and Nigerians to help us beg them to send him back to his work,” she said.
“To give him back his rank and let him go back to work, because he doesn’t deserve this kind of judgment.”
In addition to Mr. Ransome Kuti’s portrait, other photographs, including wedding photo‎s, adorn the walls of the poorly lit room where Mrs. Davies took turns to respond to questions from two journalists.
“He’s the one taking care of me and he has a wife and three children,” she said.
“And there are some other family members that he is taking care of. In fact, I will say he is a pillar in the family. Since he was detained in Abuja, everybody has been down and everybody is praying that they should release him because he’s our breadwinner.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

5 reasons why couples should travel together

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5 reasons why couples should travel together                        
‘Till death do us part’, is one of the widest used marital vows in the world. The question for many couples, however, is how to keep the romance alive and actually stay together till death separates them and a proven way to boost your romance is travelling.
travel couples..
If you are yet to set out on a wistful journey with your spouse,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 reasons why couples should spice up their relationships by travelling together.
Encourages better communication
Several surveys lends credence to the fact that couples who travel together have less disagreement than couples who do not. Visiting a destination like Obudu cattle ranch in Calabar involves planning and if both couples can pull it off, it brings them closer. This will build understand and make them patient with each other.
Experience something new
Since both couples are in a long time marital journey, travelling together can help them experience something new rather than the daily routine. Travelling can create an everlasting insignia in the hearts and minds of couples thus making them fonder of each other.
KLOSTER, GERMANY - JANUARY 02: Couple sitting on a bench on a hill and viewing over the Island Hiddensee January 02, 2015 in Kloster, Germany. Hiddensee is a car-free island in the Baltic Sea, located west of Germany's largest island, Ruegen, on the German coast. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)
No need to sweat little things  
Planning to travel can be both demanding and hectic. If both couples travel often, they will rarely complain about who pays for flight tickets, hotels bills and other overhead expenses. In fact, if they inadvertently lose their luggage, they will take it in their strides. No need to sweat it. This is what travelling does to couples.
Both have a good sense of humour
Travel memes never cease when you are in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos. Couples will always have something to laugh about. Remarkably, couples who go on vacation most times evolve a sense of humour which can only metamorphose if they travel together especially when things go terribly wrong.
Become best friends
Since both couples have fewer distractions when they travel, they become best friends. It is more pleasant when their children are not home and then they can travel. They get to know each other and stick together especially when they are having challenges.