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Friday, 31 October 2014

Army General takes over in Burkina Faso !

Burkina Faso general takes over as Compaore resigns Jump media playerMedia player helpOut of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue. Gen Honore Traore: "I will assume the responsibility of head of state" Continue reading the main story Related Stories Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore has announced his resignation, following violent protests at his attempt to extend his 27-year rule. Mr Compaore issued a statement saying the presidency was now vacant and urging elections within 90 days. Military chief Gen Honore Traore said he had taken over as head of state "in line with constitutional measures". Crowds danced and cheered in the capital, Ouagadougou, after Mr Compaore's resignation was broadcast. On Thursday, protesters angry at his attempt to amend the constitution had set fire to parliament and government buildings. ou There was a euphoric atmosphere in the Place de la Nation as the thousands of protesters heard that Blaise Compaore was no longer their president. The demonstrators sang the national anthem. But the crowds have no intention of going home, as they are unhappy that Gen Honore Traore has been appointed as transitional head. He is seen as too close to the ousted president - he was Blaise Compaore's aide de camp - and for these demonstrators that is not enough of a rupture with the past. They have been chanting "Lougue, Lougue, Lougue" - the name of retired Gen Kouame Lougue, a former defence minister who fell out with Mr Compaore in 2003. "This is not a coup - this is a popular uprising," one man in the crowd said. "We rose up, we fought and we won, and now we are saying we want this man to lead. We don't want Honore, we want Kouame Lougue." How Blaise Compaore sparked his own downfall line 'Social peace' Mr Compaore had earlier vowed to remain in power until a transitional government completed its work in 2015, although he had agreed not to seek another term. However, the opposition continued to demand that he resign - a key leader, Zephirin Diabre, urged protesters to occupy public spaces. After the resignation, Mr Diabre told the BBC's Focus on Africa radio programme: "We are all relieved by what is happening - and this is our demand for so long so we are very happy - and we need to work on the transition to take care of our country." People celebrate in Ouagadougou, 31 Oct People celebrate after the news of the resignation was announced in Ouagadougou Protest in Ouagadougou, 30 Oct Thursday's violent protests vented anger at Blaise Compaore's rule Map Mr Compaore's statement, read on television, said: "In order to preserve the democratic gains, as well as social peace, I declare a power vacuum to allow the establishment of a transition leading to free and fair elections within a maximum of 90 days." He added: "For my part, I think I have fulfilled my duty." His whereabouts now remain unclear. However, Reuters news agency reported that a heavily armed convoy believed to be carrying Mr Compaore was travelling towards the southern town of Po. Jump media playerMedia player helpOut of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue. President Compaore had earlier urged talks with all parties One protester, Sam, told the BBC: "Blaise Compaore has gone away, he's running away and we are happy. The words are not coming so easy because I'm very happy, my children are going to know another president." An expatriate living in Ouagadougou, Joost Laane, said he had seen some looting of shops and houses. Images showed people carrying goods from the home of Mr Compaore's younger brother, Francois. In his statement, Gen Traore said: "In line with constitutional measures, and given the power vacuum... I will assume as of today my responsibilities as head of state." He added: "I undertake a solemn engagement to proceed without delay with consultations with all parties in the country so as to start the process of returning to the constitutional order as soon as possible." An army spokesman, Lt Col Isaac Zida, later told reporters the constitution had been suspended, but it was unclear whether he was speaking on behalf of Gen Traore. The BBC's Yacouba Ouedraogo, in Ouagadougou, says there may be a split in the army, with Col Zida saying he will lead the transition, not Gen Traore. line BBC's James Copnall on Blaise Compaore's career Jump media playerMedia player helpOut of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue. BBC News looks back at Blaise Compaore's three decades of power Blaise Compaore was a young army officer when he seized power in 1987, a taciturn man who became known as Beau Blaise - good looking Blaise. The nickname did not necessarily suggest he was popular. Many blamed him for the death of his predecessor, the charismatic revolutionary Thomas Sankara, who was killed by soldiers in mysterious circumstances. Controversy would be a perpetual feature of Beau Blaise's time in power. The president was accused of stoking rebellions around West Africa. Yet over time Mr Compaore oversaw a transformation of his image, internationally at least. This inflammatory figure became a man relied upon to put out fires around the region. Mr Compaore won a series of elections, though the opposition always complained the odds were stacked dramatically in his favour. He largely followed the economic orthodoxy prescribed by international financial institutions. But Burkina Faso did not escape the poverty trap. It remains one of the least developed countries in the world.

Why I am proud to be a gay - Tim Cook

oud to ba a gay Apple chief Tim Cook: 'I'm proud to be gay' Tim Cook Mr Cook said he made his announcement to try to help people struggling with their identity Continue reading the main story Related Stories Groups condemn Singapore gay ruling Morgan: I'd vote for gay marriage now Middle East turmoil hits gays hard Apple chief executive Tim Cook has publicly acknowledged his sexuality, saying that he is "proud to be gay". Mr Cook made his announcement to try to help people struggling with their identity, he wrote in a Bloomberg Businessweek article. He has been open about his sexuality, but has also tried to maintain a basic level of privacy until now, he said. This week Mr Cook challenged his home state of Alabama to ensure the rights of gay and transgender people. Privacy trade-off "While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicly acknowledged it either, until now," he wrote. Jump media playerMedia player helpOut of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue. Former BP chief executive Lord Browne says Mr Cook is "an important role model" "So let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me," he added. He said he didn't consider himself an activist, but that he realised he had "benefited from the sacrifice of others." "So if hearing that the CEO [chief executive] of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it's worth the trade-off with my own privacy," he added. Mr Cook said that he had been open about his sexuality with many people, including colleagues at Apple, but that it still "wasn't an easy choice" to publicly announce his sexual orientation. He quoted civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King, saying: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' " line Analysis Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News technology correspondent Tim Cook's announcement may come as no surprise in Silicon Valley or across corporate America. But that does not mean that we should underestimate the significance of the leader of the world's most valuable company talking openly about his sexuality. Back in May, a piece in the New York Times asked "where are the gay chief executives?" and struggled to name any openly gay CEOs at America's 1,000 biggest companies. Apple under Steve Jobs was not a company that took a stand on any issues which were not seen as relevant to its business. Tim Cook has been more forthcoming on all sorts of issues, including equal rights for gay workers, and while he says he does not see himself as an activist, that is how many will now see him. That could embroil him in controversy in the United States, let alone in other parts of the world with less liberal views of sexuality. Mr Cook admitted that going public as a gay man was not an easy choice - but it certainly looks a courageous one. line This week Mr Cook referred to Martin Luther King in a speech in Alabama in which he called for equal rights for people based on sexual orientation and identity. He said that Alabama had been too slow to ensure the rights of ethnic minorities in the civil rights era, and was now being too slow to guarantee gay rights. "Under the law, citizens of Alabama can still be fired based on their sexual orientation," Mr Cook said. "We can't change the past, but we can learn from it and we can create a different future." Mr Cook has championed equality at Apple, but in August said he was "not satisfied" with workforce diversity at the company. Outstanding, a not-for-profit professional network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) executives, said on Thursday that many LGBT people in the UK felt it was "safer to stay in the closet" when at work. In May a US study by LGBT organisation Human Rights Campaign suggested that 53% of US LGBT employees had not come out at work. 'Role model' Former BP chief executive Lord Browne, who now chairs fracking company Cuadrilla, said Mr Cook had become a role model. "By deciding to speak publicly about his sexuality, Tim Cook has become a role model, and will speed up changes in the corporate world," Lord Browne said. The peer kept his sexual orientation a secret for decades, but was forced to come out after a boyfriend made his sexuality public in 2007. Lord Browne later resigned after losing

Tambuwal begs court says "Don't let PDP impeach me "

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Aminu Tambuwal and his party, the All Progresives Congress, APC, on Friday dragged his former party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the national chairman of the party, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, the deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Inspector General of Police, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, before a federal high court in Abuja. The Speaker who recently defected from the ruling party to the opposition wants the court to stop moves being made by the PDP to declare his seat vacant. Tambuwal insists that he remains the Speaker of the House of Representatives until the expiration of his current term which is 5 June, 2015. He wants the court to make an order of perpetual injunction restraining the defendants from taking any steps whatsoever to abrogate, diminish or infringe on his rights and privileges as the Speaker of the House of Representatives before the expiration of his current tenure. 20141031_122542 Further more, the embattled Speaker wants the court to restrain INEC from accepting any nomination of candidates or otherwise organizing or conducting a ‘bye election for the purpose of replacing him or taking over his seat as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He also asked the court to make an order of mandatory injunction compelling the defendants to restore his security details all rights, benefits and privileges appurtenant to members of and the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He averred that he was not elected Speaker of the House of Representatives by reason of his membership of the PDP and that his defection from the party was due to crisis in the party which led to the emergence of two factions.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Seun Anikulapo Kuta declared wanted in Sweden !

Seun Anikulapo kuti declared wanted in Goteborg! The son of Fela Anikulapo kuti , has been declared wanted in Sweden by many fans of his who are summoning the supra terrific singer and musician to put up a show on October 30 or remained silent for ever. y.

Read how this guy dug up a dead baby and turned it to a doll

Bodysnatcher dug up my murdered daughter and turned her into a doll' Oct 28, 2014 10:10 By Will Stewart Natalia Chardymova spoke out after twisted Anatoly Moskvin was arrested and detained in a secure psychiatric unit 2 Tragic: The body of murdered Olga Chardymova was dug up by twisted Anatoly Moskvin and turned into a living doll A mother has spoken of her double-grief at the brutal murder of her daughter whose remains were then dug up from her grave and mummified by a "genius" Russian historian. Anatoly Moskvin, 47, ransacked graveyards and kept dozens of corpses of young girls in his bedroom in the flat where he lived with his mother and father. He dressed the dead children in stockings, girls' clothing and knee length boots to make them look like dolls, even applying lipstick and make-up to their faces, and putting music boxes inside their rib cages. The highly educated bodysnatcher marked the birthday of each of his dead victims in his in bedroom in Nizhny Novgorod. A judge has decreed that schizophrenic Moskvin - too ill to face trial for his crimes - should remain in a secure psychiatric hospital for the foreseeable future. Following his arrest, the grave-robber told the parents of his victim accusingly: "You abandoned your girls in the cold - and I brought them home and warmed them up." For Natalia Chardymova, 42, each new macabre report about Moskvin - arrested in 2011 - is like a hammer blow because her own daughter Olga was among 29 he secretly dug up, and dressed as a doll, and kept at home. Olga had been horrifically murdered, aged ten, the first time she was allowed to walk alone from the family flat to her granny's apartment in the next block after her parents went to work. "I'm ten already. I can go myself," she pleaded. Her mother relented and she went out with her favourite green bag and blue umbrella, never to be seen alive again. East2WestVictim Olga ChardymovaTragic: Olga Chardymova Unseen, a drug addict waiting in the lobby of her block had forced her back up to the top floor, and robbed her of her earrings, and because she tried to escape, cracked her over the head with a metal bar. Despite searches for her body, Olga's remains with the umbrella and bag were not found for five months wedged behind pipes in the block's attic. "We buried her on 2 October 2002. "I could never imagine that almost exactly ten years later, on the 5 October 2012 I would open her grave with the police, and find her remains had vanished. Her coffin was empty, with a hole at the top from which he had pulled the remains. East2WestVictim Olga ChardymovaGrief: Olga's mother Natalia Chardymova "You can't begin to imagine it, that somebody would touch the grave of your child, the most holy place in this world for you. "We had been visiting the grave of our child for nine years and we had no idea it was empty. "Instead, she was in this beast's apartment." In 7 May 2003, Natalia and husband Igor, 44, started painting a small metal fence they had erected around the grave. The next day, they came back to finish, and felt someone had been there. Victim Olga Chardymova VIEW GALLERY A wreath had been moved and a torment began, lasting nine years. The same month they found a note signed with two letters - D.A. - standing for Dobry Angel or Kind Angel, how Moskwin thought of himself. "We shivered with fear each time we went to the grave, not knowing what to expect," she said. "These sick anonymous notes were addressed to my daughter, calling her 'Little Lady'. East2WestVictim Olga ChardymovaFamily photo: Tragic Olga Chardymova with her father Igor in 2001 "He congratulated her on all the public holidays. "He remembered about 1 September each year (the first day of the school year in Russia) and the last school bell in May. "He counted carefully which school grade she was about the enter, as if she was still alive. "For example "happy last month of your 6th year at school". "Imagine what it was like for us, her grieving parents, reading these notes about our murdered daughter. Victim Olga ChardymovaFamily memories: Olga Chardymova aged 3 "It was not at all like some sick joke but a spear through our hearts." Sometimes, the desperate parents arrived at the grave to find soft toys - stolen from other plots, and on January 1 he always put New Year decorations on the grave. In one note, he threatened the parents: "If you don't erect a great monument which she deserves, we will dig her body out." The couple erected a headstone in June 2003, and he penned messages on it before taking an axe to it. Natalia reported it to the police, who were appalled but said there was little they could do. PoliceAnatoly Moskvin dug up bodies of 150 little girls so could dress them up for partiesOne of the mummified corpses found in Moskvin's home "They told us, if you find him, do what you want to this barbarian, we won't object. "At this point we knew nothing about Moskvin, or that by now he had already removed her, but if I'd met him at Olga's grave, I'd have killed him with my own hands." The strain drove them about, and they separated. Natalia wanted to move to a new flat and try and rebuild her life. But Igor refused to leave their flat where he sat for hours on end in Olga's room. Anatoly Moskvin in court VIEW GALLERY "I just could not live in the block where my daughter was murdered. "And Igor did not want to sell the flat, he would go into Olga's room and stare at her things. Finally, I left and went to live with my mother." Fourteen months later then got back together, and in now have another child together, a son Alexei, who "has restored my faith in life". Through all this time, the unknown visitor kept coming to the grave, leaving notes, or bending the metal holy cross. East2WestAnatoly MoskvinHouse of horrors: A mummified doll made of a young girl's corpse which was found inside Anatoly Moskvin's flat In 2011, police arrested Moskvin after going to question him about other similar reports of graves being disturbed. Later the police told Natalia they needed to open her daughter's coffin because 29 mummified corpses of girls from different graveyards had been found at the flat he shared with his parents Elvira and Yury. "When we opened the grave with policemen in October 2012, we found a coffin there which looked amazingly well preserved after ten years - but it had a hole at the top. "Moskvin had dug down, cut the hole, and pulled Olga's body out. I almost collapsed. I felt sick. "My girl had been murdered, if anyone deserved to rest in peace, she did, but instead her grave had been robbed." East2WestVictim Olga ChardymovaNew family: Natalie Chardymova with her son Alexie and husband Igor The police said Moskvin's copious notes showed the grave had been disturbed on May 2003, the first time Natalia sensed it had been disturbed. "They told me to see her: the sight was too grotesque, they said. But I have seen the pictures of some of the other girls. "I still find it hard to grasp the scale of his sickening work but for nine years he was living with my mummified daughter in his bedroom. I had her for ten years, he had her for nine." East2WestVictim Olga ChardymovaPrecious photo: Olga Chardymova aged 5 in the old part of Nizhny Novgorod town He mother Elvira, 76, told police: "We saw these dolls but we did not suspect there were dead bodies inside. "We thought it was his hobby to make such big dolls and did not see anything wrong with it." She and his father Yury, 77, went to their country house each summer, leaving him alone in the flat, which is when Moskvin prowled graveyards stealing new corpses and dressing them up. In interviews with police and in court, historian Moskvin, described as a "genius" and an authority on Russian cemeteries - gave various explanations of his actions. "I was waiting for science to find ways for these girls to live again," he told them. EuroPics[CEN]Anatoly MoskvinWarped: Anatoly Moskvin "I wanted to be an expert in making mummies" - this was another excuse. "I wanted to communicate with these girls" - and it seems he was trying to talk to them. "He told how he carefully selected which girl to take. "I lay on the grave and tried to get in touch with her. "I listened to what she said. Anatoly Moskvin dug up bodies of 150 little girls so could dress them up for partiesWarped man: Another corpse inside Anatoly Moskvin's flat "Often they asked me to take them out for a walk." Police say he wasn't motivated by any twisted sexual desires with these children. "He loathed sex and thought it was disgusting," said one officer. He admitted the crime of digging up the graves, but the court found he was mentally ill. While he's lucid most of the time, when talking about "his girls" he becomes obsessed, said the psychiatrists. PoliceAnatoly Moskvin dug up bodies of 150 little girls so could dress them up for partiesDisgusting: Anatoly Moskvin's flat Reports claimed Moskvin had been raped as a child. He also told how he was forced as a boy to kiss the face of a dead 11 year old girl at her funeral. It was claimed that he wanted to adopt a girl and was refused because he was unmarried. His behaviour was blamed on his parents taking him for walks in graveyards as a child. For Natalia, there is one more reminder of the man who has caused her such grief. From her kitchen window, she can see the yellow coloured psychiatric hospital where Moskvin is incarcerated. "I worry that one day he will convince them he's sane, and he'll come out and start his morbid activities again," she said. To me, he got off lightly. "Like other parents tormented by him, we reckon he knew what he was doing. I wanted to see him go to jail and face hardened criminals in the same cell. CENAnatoly Moskvin who mummified girls is to be sent for psychiatric treatmentyPsychiatric treatment: Anatoly Moskvin "He should know real pain, not be pampered by doctors who see him as a fascinating psychiatric case." "In the court building in February 2013, I was standing there when suddenly two policemen escorted him in. "He walked right towards me. I lost my breath. I just stood there, mouth open like a fish. I looked at his whimpering, trembling mother. "Yes, I feel some sympathy, she is a mum after all, but deep in my heart I can't believe she and his dad Yury knew nothing. "Just look at the police pictures of their home, like a burrow, in such a mess. "I can't believe there was no smell, or nothing suspicious to her about all these 'dolls'. "Yet she turned a blind eye to her son's weird hobby." East2WestVictim Olga ChardymovaLast photos: Olga Chardymova two months before she went missing Natalia keeps a picture of her daughter in the kitchen, and talks to her when she cooks. She would now be 22. "She should be living her life to the full now, if not for the evil she faced. But to me she will always be a child." Her husband, Igor, said: "I hate our soft laws. "The punishment must be somehow in balance with what the person has done. "And this man will rest in his clinic and we fear they will say he is cured and let him out to go back to his graveyards. "I wish I had met him ten years ago by Olga's grave. But if I'd done what needed to be done to him, I'd be in jail myself." The couple have now reburied Olga in an unmarked grave where, finally, they hope she can rest in peace. Prosecutor Konstantin Zhilyakov said: "All of us involved in this criminal case agreed that it is one of the most shocking we ever came across. "You could never imagine such an investigation but it was deeply emotional at the same time. "We had to deal with the relatives of the 29 children who lost their beloved children and had to bury them again." "The verdict was to send Moskvin to a psychiatric clinic for treatment. "There is no term, in other words he is not sent there for the certain number of years. He will stay there until he is cured - or forever. "The only way for him to get out of this clinic is through another court action, where prosecutors and lawyers will take part." He is now subject to annual checks but he said: "There is a very little chance that he even leaves this clinic."

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

As Kenya Airways lines up exciting, networking events for customers

As Kenya Airways lines up exciting, networking events for customers 29.Oct.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Ruth Olurounbi, Nigerian Tribune Five months after Kenya Airways inaugural flight out of Abuja, RUTH OLUROUNBI was there to keep up to what the office had been up to. She brings the report of her findings. The Abuja operation of the Kenya Airways is on a mission. The Pride of Africa team is making sure no stone is left unturned in making Kenya Airways a strong and preferred brand in Northern Nigeria by creating a top of the mind awareness for the carrier in the region. And how do they achieve this? By understanding the guests needs & exceptional services delivery at all contact points. They are also looking to correct the negative impressions about African businesses in the world, because, as Abiola Bakare, the Northern Region Sales Manager of Kenya Airways, put it, “African run businesses have come of age in delivering world class services.” A quick recap of what the Abuja office had been up to in the past five months since they opened shop on 6th June, 2014. First, they had a truly exceptional launch party which had in attendance minsters and other top government and private sector dignitaries from Kenya and Nigeria, frequent flyers, corporate bodies and members of the diplomatic community. They also ran some customer friendly promotions, and have been consistent with exceptional customer services they are known for, which has endeared the public to KQ, as Kenya Airways is known worldwide. According to him, “a lot of people have been happy about the various offers from Kenya Airways, delightful in-flight experience and good connectivity to destinations like Dubai, China, Mumbai, Johannesburg to mention a few.’’ So what do they still have for the Nigerian travelling public? Various great offers like increased free baggage offer from 30kg and 40kg (intra Africa and beyond Africa respectively) to 2 pieces of 23kg each (46kg in total) in economy class and 2 pieces of 32kg each making 64kg in business class, increased hand luggage from 10kg to 12kg, companion fares whereby one full fare payment comes with a 50 per cent discount to the companion to select destinations, state of the art Dreamliner B787 is in view to operate out of Nigeria, both Lagos and Abuja and a fantastic extra baggage offer that is second to none starting from $50 per bag of 32kg. KQ’s loyalty programme, Flying Blue is also a big plus as it affords members all the benefits of being a member of the Skyteam programme comprising of 20 world class airlines which include Air France-KLM, Delta Airlines, Middle East Airlines, and Southern China etc covering the six continents offering access to over 1052 cities and lounge access at 516 airports worldwide. As at time of filing this report, Kenya Airways was in the process of taking delivery of its fifth dreamliner based on a 10 year fleet renewal and destination expansion programme tagged “MAWINGU.’’ In September alone, the carrier rolled out significant products for the satisfaction of their customers. For instance, the “last minute upgrade”, a product designed for customers to pay between $200 and $300 extra at the check-in counter at Accra, Lagos or Abuja to instantly enjoy Business Class comfort to Nairobi, has been an impressive initiative from the Kenya Airways, a passenger told the Nigerian Tribune at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, in Abuja last week. The airline makes sure that passengers travel in state-of-the-art comfort. “This is why we have award winning business class cabin, more legroom in economy, wifi, live TV etc. We always ensure that you arrive at your destination totally refreshed.” Full disclosure: this product is available on on their wide body aircrafts - Boeing 767-300 ER, Boeing 777-200 ER and Boeing 777-300 ER. Bakare espoused that Kenya Airways is in a class of its own. According to him, the organisation he works for is “very responsive to passengers’ need, that’s one of the very key attraction people find with Kenya Airways because we designed the product to serve the guests by putting safety first in all things, taking care of the passengers needs”. Activities planned for Abuja and it’s environ between now end of 2014 include a golf tournament both in Abuja and Lagos where our esteemed partners will be hosted to come and have fun and network, various meet the customer forums around the country and other marketing activities to further endear KQ to the Nigerian public. “At Kenya Airways, we pride ourselves in being truly the Pride of Africa by delivering a safe delightful flight, profitable airline and socially responsible partner in all countries we are privileged to serve,” Bakare said.

Boko Haram starts fresh recruitment

Boko Haram starts fresh recruitment font size decrease font size increase font size Print Email Nigerian Tribune A United Nations agency, the Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN), reports that Nigeria’s extremist Islamist group, Boko Haram, is actively recruiting fighters across the border in Cameroon’s Far North Region, quoting residents and local government officials in that country. More than 100 suspected Boko Haram fighters and preachers (the latter presumed to have links with the group), have been arrested in Far North Region since 2012, but many have been released due to lack of evidence, according to a local security official. “There are many Muslim brothers coming from Nigeria with the aim of preaching to the youth. The government has warned against this practice, but they still reach out to the young people because they make them promises and give them money,” said Ibrahim Haman, an Islamic preacher and elder in Mora District in the Far North. Residents of Mayo-Sava area in Far North Region say that unidentified preachers are secretly reaching out to youths in their locality. Haman pointed out that some youths have managed to escape the sect after being recruited, but many others have not returned. “Boko Haram is considered here as just another religious group, and it is not difficult to be a member if you want to. Young people from here have been induced into joining Boko Haram,” he said. Military training Seventeen-year-old Mustapha (not real name) recounted to IRIN how he was brought back home to Cameroon blindfolded after failing to cope with the insurgents’ military training. He had been taken to Nigeria by a preacher. “I was the youngest among eight other boys who told me they came from the towns of Banki, Kolofata and Ngeshawa [in Cameroon] and Maiduguri [in Nigeria]. Before I was taken, they told my father that I would come back rich and a great Muslim, so he allowed me to go. We were reading the Koran and they would preach to us about fighting for the Muslim faith,” said Mustapha. “I went for my second military training in the mountains, but suffered many injuries and I was bedridden for one month,” he said, explaining that he was brought back as his injuries ruled him unfit for combat. A government official in Mora District, however, said that it is difficult to ascertain that Boko Haram is recruiting from Cameroonian border villages. There are similar ethnic communities in Cameroon’s Far North and northeastern Nigeria who have family on either side of the border, speak the same language and share a common culture, making undetected cross-border movement easy. “We don’t really have enough evidence to say clearly that Boko Haram recruits Cameroonians, but what is clear is that those fighting with them are from the border regions and can claim the nationality of either country whenever it suits them,” said the official on condition of anonymity. But a Mora resident who gave his name only as Daibu said that his brother disappeared in 2012 soon after joining a local Koranic school. “He just left and never came back. We heard from people that he had joined Boko Haram.” Widening threat The threat of Boko Haram is widespread in Cameroonian villages bordering northeastern Nigeria. A Nigerian military offensive launched in May 2013 pushed back the Islamists from major towns in the country’s northeast to remote areas. But attacks by the insurgents have since become more deadly and frequent. There are suspicions that Boko Haram is also recruiting from neighbouring Niger. Some observers have also linked the group with Islamist insurgents who seized Mali’s north after the March 2012 overthrow of the government in Bamako. Insecurity in Cameroon’s Far North Region caused by Boko Haram has crippled trade between the region and northeastern Nigeria. Yaound√© authorities have bolstered security, but infiltration and kidnappings by gunmen suspected to be linked to the radical Islamists have not stopped. In the third kidnapping of foreigners here since early 2013, suspected Boko Haram fighters earlier this month seized two Italian priests and a Canadian nun. “Boko Haram had sent a letter to villages with warnings that all beer parlours should stop the sale of alcohol in Mora, Banki and other localities along the border. We can’t identify them but we just know that they are among us or have informants here,” said Mercel Kenfor, a trader in Mora. “We strongly believe that Boko Haram has elements in Cameroon…The manoeuvres they make in Cameroon territory is evidence that these groups have a good mastery of the terrain…” The Mora government official told IRIN: “Boko Haram has often sent warnings to the communities. We have issued a curfew from 6:00p.m. to 6:00a.m. that covers all communities in Mora District. We also forbid motorbike traffic at night because we discovered that Boko Haram use motorbikes to commit crimes.” There are military patrols as well, said the official, “but the military needs to be given the right weapons and capacity to fight Boko Haram that has [more lethal] weapons like rocket launchers and grenades.” “We strongly believe that Boko Haram has elements in Cameroon and the authorities are doing everything possible to track them down. The manoeuvres they make in Cameroon territory is evidence that these groups have a good mastery of the terrain and the armed men could include local Cameroonians and those from neighbouring countries,” said Emmanuel Bob-Iga, head of the police division at the Far North governor’s office. Military commander, Beaufils Mana, said Boko Haram incursions are being abetted by some local residents. “It is obvious that Boko Haram uses some Cameroonians. This is because an intruder cannot enter your territory when he has no idea of the area. Boko Haram must be colluding with Cameroonians to be able to move around easily.” Abducted school girls’ parents scour woods for daughters The parents of some of the girls abducted from a school in Borno State have headed into the forest in a desperate search for their daughters. More than 100 schoolgirls were taken by suspected Islamist militants on Monday night. However, local officials and parents said more than 100 were still missing. It is thought Islamist militant group Boko Haram took the girls to forested areas near the Cameroonian border. The attack on the school in Chibok, a remote part of Borno state, happened late on Monday. Gunmen reportedly stormed the school and ordered the students onto lorries. President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed concern over the plight of the girls. He called an emergency security meeting for Thursday, which expectedly reviewed security measures around Nigeria, including the state of emergency declared in three north-eastern states which is set to expire today. Dangerous mission On Thursday, Asabe Kwambura, principal of the school where the girls were abducted, told journalists that only 14 of the 129 kidnapped girls had escaped. An aide to the state governor, who asked not to be named, also told Reuters that “only 14 of the students have returned”. Parents of the girls have told the BBC that more than 100 girls are still missing. The girls are believed to be being held in the Sambisa forest in north-east Nigeria. A group of parents have raised money to buy fuel and water, and have headed into the forest with a local vigilante group to search for the girls. It is an extremely dangerous mission, the BBC’s Will Ross in Lagos reported. The well-armed Boko Haram fighters have killed hundreds of civilians this year, slitting the throats of many of their victims, he says. One father told the BBC he was willing to die in the forest in the attempt to free his daughter. The air force, army, police, local defence units and volunteers have all been involved in the search for the schoolgirls. Correspondents say the raid on the boarding school is a great source of embarrassment for the Nigerian authorities, who have been saying that their military campaign against the militants is succeeding.

Read how peacekeepers turned rapists in Somali ! "peacekeepers in Somalia: ‘He ripped off my hijab’

Stories of rape by peacekeepers in Somalia: ‘He ripped off my hijab’ font size decrease font size increase font size Print Email 13.Sep.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Rate this item1 2 3 4 5 (2 votes) AFRICAN Union peacekeepers in Somalia rape women seeking medicine and food on their bases and routinely pay displaced teenage girls for sex, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Monday. Below are some of the women’s stories, taken from the report ‘The Power These Men Have Over Us’: Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by African Union Forces in Somalia. Ayanna, internally displaced mother, Mogadishu Ayanna went to the Burundian base to get medicine for her sick baby. A Somali interpreter working there told her to come back without the child. When she returned, he called her and three other young women over to a fenced area where six soldiers were waiting. The soldiers threatened them at gunpoint, dragged them into a bunker, beat and raped them. One woman was badly hurt. “We carried the injured woman home. Three of us walked out of the base carrying her… She couldn’t stand,” she said. “They gave us porridge, cookies and five dollars but they didn’t say anything to us. They threw the items at us and a bag to put them in.” Qamar, aged 15, Mogadishu Qamar went to the Burundian base to get medicine for her sick mother. An interpreter told her to follow two soldiers who would give her the medicine. She followed them to a bunker behind a fence where one man raped her as the second walked around. “First he ripped off my hijab and then he attacked me,” she told HRW. As she was leaving, the second soldier waved her over and gave her $10. Aziza, aged 17, internally displaced, Mogadishu Aziza’s neighbour, an interpreter, asked her to “befriend” a Ugandan soldier who would help her if she treated him like “her husband”. When they went to the Ugandan base, she saw four other girls waiting. “Each girl was led to a different tent by the interpreter,” she said. “The interpreter introduced me to a much older Ugandan soldier. I told the interpreter I was having second thoughts and wanted to leave.” The interpreter refused and left the crying girl with the soldier. “When I resisted the soldier’s advances, he became angry and brought back the interpreter who threatened me in Somali,” she said. The soldier raped her and then gave her $10 and a bag of apples. “It was either do as he wants or die,” she said. Kassa, aged 19, Mogadishu Kassa started having sex regularly with a soldier because she needed money for food. One day, he got angry because she did not want to perform fellatio as she had a sore tooth. “I tried to explain to him using hand gestures but he became infuriated and forced me to perform the act anyway,” she said. “I felt so scared and thought he would shoot me with his pistol.” Deka, Mogadishu “While in line (for medicine), an interpreter approached me and said he wanted to introduce me to a senior Burundian military officer who would be able to help me,” she said. “He gave me his number, told me to come back wearing a burqa. “He introduced me to a Burundian man of about 40 or 50, then left me alone in a room. “My baby was given toys to play with. The man undressed himself and we had sex; the baby cried twice and the soldier seemed annoyed by it. “When it was finished, I received my medication, $10 and some food. “On later visits I saw six other Somali women there - about six regulars between 15 and 24-years-old.” Girl, 12, Baidoa A girl was working on her parents’ farm on the edge of town when she was raped by a Ugandan soldier. “She wore a sako (long robe) and jeans under it,” her mother said. “After tearing the jeans, he raped her. He cut her vagina. He wounded her very badly. We don’t know if he made that cut with the knife or just with himself.” Somali soldiers nearby intervened and the girls’ parents were taken to meet AMISOM officials. They were offered 50 camels in compensation. AMISOM called the girl and her cousin, a witness, to identify the soldier, her mother said. She has heard that a case opened in Mogadishu but the family were not informed. “The rape... became the source of destruction of our family,” she said. “People laugh at (my daughter) whenever she comes out. They say: ‘An infidel raped her.’ “How can you feel if your daughter asks you: ‘Mother, do I deserve to live? Mother, I better die to hide my shameful face.’”

Leisure Spring Hotel opens in Ondo

Leisure Spring Hotel opens in Ondo font size decrease font size increase font size Print Email 29.Oct.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Wale Ojo-Lanre Rate this item1 2 3 4 5 (0 votes) Leisure Spring Hotel, one of the hotels in hospitality industry in Nigeria noted for excellent services delivery has opened another branch with a unique facilities that reputed it to be one of the world class hospitality service providers in Ondo town. The hotel located in a serene environment along Ademulegun Road started operation about six months ago and is no doubt becoming guest -elight due to excellent services and the facilities. Their air conditioned rooms are fully furnished with standard beddings, bed side fridge and a flat screen television set with a wifi that connects lodgers to the outside world while in the room while the suites are designed for royal taste Leisure Spring in its usual manner as it operates in Osogbo run a 24-hour functioning restaurant that serves both local and continental dishes while both the open and inner bar are stocked with exotic drinks and wine. The smaller parking space which poses as a challenge when it started operations has been tackled as the proprietor informed that the hotel has acquired a next parcel of land for a bigger car park, swimming pool and an open bar that will accommodate as many people as possible for parties and social functions. In a bid to ensure regular and uninterrupted electricity and water supply, Leisure Spring has a mini transformer that serves the hotel and the community as its Community Social Responsibility as well as making available two standby generating sets for electricity supply. In a chat with TTM, the Manager of the Hotel, Mr Kolawole Olubokun, said “the unique features that distinguished. Leisure spring from other hotels in Ondo State are the facilities and the excellent service that we rendered. Our selling point is that our services are excellent compared to other hotels, if you want to rate us, we offer best services that are non comparable in both Ondo and Osogbo and that is why we retain the loyalty of our clients and guests who have chosen us to be second home . “We were able to achieve this through the concerted efforts of our chairman and coperation of both the management and operational staff; our chairman is a man of quality, he always want the best and that is why anything he does is of standard, he settles for nothing less than standard, also we ensure training and monitoring of our staffs at the operational level that they all meet with the required standard expected in the hospitality industry and they comply,” he said. “Mr Kolawole maintained that “We don’t just build hotels,we ensure the locations are easily accessible and conducive for our clients and at the same time ensure adequate security for our guest. Apart from the internal security arrangements, we also have a working relationship with the security agencies in the state as well work with the neighbours on security network, you can’t see any street urchins or tout coming here to harass our guests , we have a perfect security arrangement.” The manager who is a graduate of Business Administration and Management from Rufus Giwa Polythecnic, Owo also said “ within our six month of operations in Ondo, we have received several recommendations and commendations from our guests because we ensure they have value for their money, we make sure anyone that patronises us have a memorable experience that will always bring him to us anytime he is in around.”

Over 250 Dutch investors storm Nigeria/Netherlands Economic Forum, Hague

font size decrease font size increase font size Print Email 29.Oct.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Wale Ojo-Lanre , Nigerian Tribune Rate this item1 2 3 4 5 (0 votes) The profile of Nigeria as the biggest economy in Africa was accentuated and profiled properly at the first Nigeria-Netherlands Economic Forum facilitated by Netherlands-African Business Council, NABC at Hotel Novohotel, World Trade Centre , The Hague, Netherlands recently. The Economic forum which was packaged and driven by Netherlands- African Business Council (NABC) in conjunction with a Nigerian private sector practitioner, Chief Cliff Ogbede, President, KLEEF and VTS Oil Group in collaboration with Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), purposely to showcase the investment potentialities of Nigeria in the tourism, agriculture, water resources, education, commerce and industry and public works among others attracted over 250 registered Dutch investors who were ready to network with Nigerians on various economic engagements and ventures. The three days intensive business forum was stuffed with seminar, conference, exhibition, meetings, and networking which also created a platform of opportunity where the few Nigerian public and private sectors role players addressed the major Dutch investors . The organisers logically packaged the forum so well that the first two days were used to position Nigeria the way it is, bearing in mind the Western media propaganda and subjective publicity of Nigeria’s challenges issues. Welcoming the participants during the opening ceremony, Bob van der Bijl, Managing Director, Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) revealed the necessity for inaugurating the forum “We at the NABC find it necessary and compelling to provide a bridge of economic and business linkage between the Dutch and Nigeria for prosperous economic interaction and productive business engagement for a cordial and bilateral interface. It is a forum as you would see that offers all participants the right business environment to engage in ample match-making platforms, creating and deepening bilateral partnership.” Bob van der described Nigeria as a country of wondrous economic assets which are relatively unknown to many investors all over the world and “as part of our charter at NABC we have to properly ensure regular economic and business interaction and interface between the Dutch business circle and Nigerians.” Bob van der Bijl “We are assuring you all that the Council will be organising such many forums where Nigerians can have access to the best business side in Netherlands “ Dr Emeka Unachukwu, President, Port – Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture who delivered a keynote speech described Nigeria as the doyen of Africa economy which is being trampled upon and relegated into the background by those powers who realises the import of a fully developed economic potentialities of the country. He revealed “There is no country in Africa which God has so blessed with almost all the mineral and human resources like Nigeria . But unfortunately, my country is being daily pummelled and thrashed with negative publicity and image which scare off business tourists and potential investors from experiencing the truth about the country.’ Dr Amadi revealed how the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan has been able to create conducive economic and social atmosphere for business to thrive in Nigeria which has transformed the country from a state of economic uncertainty to a hub of global economic growth and point of reference.” He sequentially revealed the multifarious business opportunities in Nigeria ranging from oil and gas, tourism which he described as an untapped goldmine, agriculture, education, mines, power sector, renewable energy and communication. Dr Amadi displayed his vast knowledge of the Nigerian business and economic environment in projecting the glorious economic wonders in Nigeria to the over 250 Dutch investors and participants at the forum. He pointed out the challenges and prospects in the oil sector, gave insight to gas flaring and the intention of government on this; why the Federal Government is after the Petroleum Industrial Bill (PIB), its benefits of such bill to local and international operators and its imports on oil producing communities in Nigeria . Chief Cliff Ogbede, President , KLEEF and VTS Oil Group, highlighted the security issues in Nigeria and described it as “being blown out of proportion “ Chief Ogbede said that “it is a fact that we have security challenges in Nigeria which are not peculiar to our country and which however the government of the day has risen up to confront frontally .” He proved to the participants that the so called security issues in Nigeria are little when compared to situations in some developed countries where business organisations are the targets of attack. “ The so called security issues are not of business organisations or personalities, but purely of pockets of crisis and chaos which have no serious impacts on business environment as being highlighted by foreign media.” Chief Ogbede commended NABC for creating the platform where Nigerians and Netherland economy met for sustainable and rewarding relationship. He pointed out that he was happy at the large turn out of Dutch investors, multi –national corporate companies and business moguls for believing in Nigeria. Chief Ogbede pointed out ‘It is gratifying and a sign of credibility and attestation to the buoyancy and growth of Nigeria economy to have companies like Eco–Power Solution, Dijkstaal International B.V, Chestron, Airborne oil and gas, BIG Machinery B.V.Cityforster Rotterdam, KPMG, Fast Forward freight, Business Explorer international Network B.V., African Business Communities, CRM Trucks en Trailers B.V.,International guidelines, ERM, Agile Development B.V.,DASUDA, IRO , E7EmiratesIIc, REVILO Aerospace, Romar International, Worldwide Food Expert, Ricoh international B.V., SGS Nederland B.V.,Nexus Hills Global Ltd, Philips , Longonot Finance, Orange Trade and Technology B.V., Westmark BV, VNU Exhibitions, SMBC Aviation capital, and so many Dutch corporate organisations from many sectors wanting to do business with Nigeria.’’ Dr Juliet Chukkas Oneako, Director – General Industrial Training Fund (ITF), in a speech, spotlighted what Nigeria and her corporation has been doing at enabling Nigeria to be competent and aligning with international standard and practices at vocational training . In her paper, “Vocational training towards economic growth,’’ Dr Oneako revealed that Nigeria the strides and challenges of her corporation in Nigeria. She pointed out that ITF has been repositioned and ready to collaborate with interested organisation in line at ensuring exchange of technical knowhow and acquiring competence at training . Dr Sally Mbanefo, Director – General, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) gave a better perspective of Nigeria as a country to the participants. In her paper, “ Tourism development in Nigeria : prospects and challenges,’’ Dr Mbanefo punctured some of the negative travel advisories by some embassies as not only misleading, but conspiratorial exposed the tourism potentialities in the country. “Honestly, we have surmountable challenges. No nation is crisis free. But we are not immune to pockets of chaos and minute conflicts which are not strange to a developing country. But the fact is that the tourism prospects, investment opportunities, untapped potentialities which abound in Nigeria are far more and larger in scope than the so called crisis. With a population of above 150 million, there is no mass business or projects that will not record outstanding success.’’ Dr Mbanefo pointed out that some of these negative publicity and image being created against Nigeria were deliberately founded to scare other investors from enjoying the goodies in Nigeria by those who are reaping from the bounty economic opportunities from Nigeria. She revealed that almost all the airlines in the world are scrambling to fly to Nigeria mainly because of the business opportunities that bound in the country. General Michiel Hijmans, General Manager, Maritime Security Alliance, described the forum as ‘a well thought out and professionally packaged outing where we the Dutch have clear insight into Nigeria business potentialities and where we gained a better understanding of Nigeria as the emerging business giant of the continent called Africa, Mr Ayodele Okele, President, Agile Development, B. V. One of the few Nigerian corporate concerns operating in the Netherlands commended NABC and Nigerian – Netherlands Economic Forum for “mobilising so many companies and investors for the summit. I am impressed that a Nigerian private company KLEFF and VTS Oil Group in association with others here can summon this array of business groups and organisations all over Netherlands here to meet Nigerians. This is commendable and praiseworthy.”

Tragedy ! Father , wife and two daughters found dead in their house in the UK

Bradford house deaths: Latest updates as bodies of man, woman and two teenage girls are found Oct 28, 2014 20:25 By Anthony Bond, Steve Robson Police launch investigation after grim discovery in village of Clayton, Yorkshire, last night Refresh automatically ON | OFF 8:25 pm As police investigate whether dad-of-two Jitendra murdered his wife and children before killing himself, a close friend has expressed shock at the possibility he could do such a terrible thing. Shop manager Niraj Patel, 49, said: "I won't believe it. He was a very happy, easy-going chap, always a smile on his face, they were a lovely family. I'm totally shocked. You'd never believe he would have an ounce of violence in him." 7:25 pm As darkness fell tonight, a single police officer stood guard outside the family home. Police tape surrounded the whole property. Neighbours had earlier witnessed the distressing sight of one of the bodies being removed from the house. 6:34 pm Picture shows wife and two daughters This is another picture to emerge showing the Lad family. In this image, daughter Trisha, 19, can be seen on the left. Her 16-year-old sister Nisha is fourth right and their mother Daksha 44, can be seen far right. Enterprise News and PicturesTrisha, Nisha and Daksha LadPicture shows (L-R) Trisha, 19, hersister Nisha, 16, (fourth right) their mother Daksha Ladd, 44, (far right) 6:12 pm New picture of family This is a new picture of the Lad family. It shows, left to right, mum Daksha, daugher Trisha, unnamed man (centre), daughter Nisha and father Jitendra. As we reported earlier, police are investigating the possibility that Jitendra murdered his wife and daughters before killing himself. SWNSThe Lad family from BradfordPictured left to right are mum Daksha, daugher Trisha, unnamed man (centre), daughter Nisha and father Jitendra 5:13 pm Trisha was 'sweet and kind' More tributes have been paid to 19-year-old student Trisha. Friend Steph Mapplebeck said: "Trisha Lad was one of the sweetest and kindest people I have met whilst studying at Leeds. "What a heartbreaking loss. Rest in peace." 5:06 pm Father 'murdered his wife and two daughters' It is now believed that Jitendra murdered his wife and two teenage daughters before killing himself. Police launched a murder investigation earlier but said they are not looking for anyone else in relation the deaths. Friends described the Lads as a "lovely couple" and "well respected". 4:55 pm Trisha was a 'lovely, well-liked person' Clearly, Trisha was extremely popular among staff and students at the University of Leeds. Melissa Taylor, who is president of the Faculty of Biological Sciences Society, said: "Heartbreaking to hear about the death of Trisha Lad. "Such a lovely, well-liked person. Rest In Peace." 4:33 pm University of Leeds confirms Trisha was a student The University of Leeds has now confirmed that Trisha attended the university. She was in her second year of a biochemistry degree. Writing on Twitter, the university said: "We wish to express our sadness at the death of student Trisha Lad. "Counselling and chaplaincy staff are supporting those affected." Speaking to ITV, a spokesman added: "This is dreadful and shocking news and our thoughts are with Trisha's friends and loved ones. "Staff are working with the University's counselling and chaplaincy services to help students who are affected by this tragedy and we will do all we can to support them." 4:10 pm West Yorkshire Police have now corrected the age of Nisha Lad. Detectives have now confirmed she is 16 rather than 17, as previously thought. 3:46 pm Body removed from house It's difficult to imagine how distressing this is for neighbours of the family. There were upsetting scenes this afternoon when one of the bodies was removed from the house. It was taken away in a private ambulance at around 2pm . 3:38 pm Shop manager Niraj Patel, 49, said he was an old school friend of Jitendra Lad and knew him well. "I've known him all my life he was a childhood friend. He worked in IT in Britannia House, Bradford Council. "The last time I saw him was a few months ago when he have me a lift home, that was the last time I saw him. "He was a very happy, easy-going chap, always a smile on his face, they were a lovely family. "I'm totally shocked." 2:57 pm 'Well-manner and well-respected' Both Trisha and Nisha Lad are thought to have attended Thornton Grammar School in Bradford. A page on the school's website listing its 2013 university entrants shows Trisha Lad went to the University of Leeds to study medical biochemistry. Neighbour Barry Hawkins said: "I used to say hello to the mum and dad and I used to see the daughter go to school. I've seen them grow up. "I've delivered papers up here for 20 years so I know everybody. "They were a lovely couple and the kids were lovely. Well mannered. They were well respected. "I've know them for 10 years. It's bad but it'll pull us all together." 2:48 pm 'Relatives were concerned' It's worth just looking at what DS Atkinson says in his statement a little more closely. He indicates police were called by both neighbours and relatives of the Lad family, who were "concerned". They went into the property and found the four bodies. How awful for them to have discovered such a scene. DS Atkins said: "At approximately 8.30pm last night, West Yorkshire Police were contacted by concerned relatives and neighbours of the property. "As a result of those calls, we now know that neighbours and family went into the property where they discovered four bodies. "The ambulance services attended along with the police, and sadly the four bodies were pronounced dead and an investigation commenced. "From what I know at the moment, I'm not looking for anyone else in connection with these four bodies. "We will await the results of tests from forensic examinations which are ongoing. "Naturally, we've got specially-trained officers with the family who are naturally devastated by what's happened. "And we're working through a very slow and painstaking process in order to establish what's happened and get them some answers. "In due course, a report will be submitted to Her Majesty's Coroner." 2:05 pm 'Family want answers' Here's a video of Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson from West Yorkshire Police giving more information at the scene of the tragedy. He revealed that neighbours discovered the bodies of the family inside the home after growing concerned. They called police and ambulance services but the four were declared dead at the scene. DS Atkinson said the family of the deceased are "understandably devastated" and he hopes to provide them with some answers as to what happened. 1:48 pm 'Shocked and saddened' Chris Sampson, Headteacher of Thornton Grammar School, has issued a statement speaking of the shock felt by everyone at the school. He said: "We are deeply shocked and saddened by these tragic deaths. "Our thoughts are with the family’s relatives and friends. "We will be helping the police with their enquiry in any way we can." 1:38 pm FacebookJitendra LadJitendra Lad Jitendra Lad, 49, appears to have been a well-known member of the Clayton community. He worked for Bradford city council at one time and was chairperson of the Thornton Grammar School, where both his daughters attended. According to his Facebook profile, Mr Lad was also a keen member of a local diving club. 1:16 pm PAChief Inspector Damien Miller speaks to the media during a press conference at the scene in the Clayton area of BradfordReassurance: Chief Inspector Damien Miller says officers will be speaking to local people Chief Inspector Damien Miller, who leads neighbourhood policing across the Bradford district, said: "Clayton is a close-knit community and I understand that local people will be understandably upset by what has taken place and I would like to reassure people that there is no wider danger to members of the public. "Additional neighbourhood officers are in the area speaking to people and offering reassurance." 1:12 pm 'Lovely, genuine girls' More tributes are starting to filter through following the tragic news this morning. Friend of the girls Jessica Lythgow has tweeted of her shock. She describes Nisha and Trish as "lovely and genuine". 12:56 pm Bradford community "in shock" over family deaths Coun David Green, Leader of Bradford Council, said: "Local people are shocked and saddened by the news of this terrible event and our sympathy goes out to the wider family, friends and neighbours of this family. "The husband and wife of the family, Jitendra Lad and Duksha Lad, both worked for Bradford Council and councillors and employees are very upset after hearing the dreadful news of their deaths. "Obviously, it would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage as the investigation into how it happened is continuing, but we would urge anyone who may have any information about this tragedy to contact the police immediately." 12:48 pm Trisha was "so lovely" says friend Jessica Garside - a friend of Trisha - said: "She was so lovely. She always had a bright smile on her face. "She was always happy." She said: "Even when I saw her round school she would always smile and say hello and check I'm all right. I think that was the general gist of the family." Miss Garside said she thought Trisha left school last year and went to Leeds University. "She was really good at science," she said. "I feel numb at the moment. I don't feel like it's happened. I still feel like I'm going to go to the bus stop one day and she'll be stood there smiling as ever. it's heartbreaking to know she won't be. It's just horrible." She added: "She'll be missed dearly. I see pictures on Facebook of her going out in her uni life and she looks happy and now we don't know what's happened to her. I just hope there's a god out there looking after her." 12:44 pm PATrisha (left), 19, and Nisha, 17, Lad who were found dead in a house in Clayton, BradfordTrisha (left), 19, and Nisha, 17, Lad who were found dead in a house in Clayton, Bradford Here's a picture of Trisha, left, and Nisha, right, which has been released by West Yorkshire Police. Police would not comment on reports suggesting they may have been killed by their father before he took his own life. Det Sup Simon Atkinson said he was keeping an "open mind" as to what happened. 12:22 pm Police not looking for anyone else The possibility of a murder-suicide now appears to be the focus of this police investigation. Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, from West Yorkshire Police, said: "This is clearly a significant incident and our investigation will be thorough as we piece together the events that have led to the deaths of a local family. "The investigation is at an early stage, and while I do not want to speculate around the circumstances leading to the deaths, I am happy to confirm that we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident." Damien Miller, Superintendent Operations of Bradford District, who leads neighbourhood policing across the Bradford District, said: "Clayton is a close knit community and I understand that local people will be understandably upset by what has taken place and I would like to reassure people there is no wider danger to members of the public. "Additional neighbourhood officers are in the area speaking to people and offering reassurance." 12:17 pm Murder investigation - 'family not seen for some time' We have an update from West Yorkshire Police. The force is now treating this case as a murder investgation. Officers were called last night by a neighbour who had grown concerned because the family had not been seen for "some time". In the property, police found the bodies of 49-year-old Jatindra Lad, his wife Duksha Lad, 44, and their two daughters Trisha Lad ,19, and Nisha Lad, 17. Police said early indications suggest the bodies may have been in the property for some time. Post mortem exams will be carried out to establish the cause of the deaths. 12:13 pm Simon Ashton / Daily MirrorUpset: Thornton Grammar school students attend the scene to lay flowers and respect to the family A group of tearful teenagers has come down to the house to leave flowers and cards. They were extremely upset and hugged each other as they stood at the police cordon. We understand they were fellow pupils from nearby Thornton Grammar School where both Nisha and Trisha attended. 12:06 pm First picture of tragic family Facebook This is the first picture of the tragic family found dead in Bradford. They have been named locally as the Lads. Father Jitendra Lad, 49, his wife Daksha, 44, and daughters Trisha, 19 and Nisha, 17, were found in the property. 11:47 am Forensic team arrives Simon Ashton / Daily MirrorA Police Forensic team enter the house in Blackberry Way in Clayton, Bradford, where 4 people have diedTragic: A man, woman and two teenage girls were found dead in the home A forensic team of police officers has arrived at the scene and entered the house in Clayton. Applegarth, a cul-de-sac off Blackberry Way, has now been closed off. This is to allow police access to the house through the back garden. 11:18 am Simon Ashton / Daily MirrorResidents in Clayton lay flowersTribute: Residents in Clayton lay flowers Visibly upset residents came and left flowers and sympathy cards outside the family home earlier. We understand West Yorkshire Police will issue an updated statement on the events in Clayton at around midday. We're also expecting to hear from Bradford council shortly. We understand the family involved were very well known in the area and this tragedy will no doubt cause considerable distress. Both girls were former pupils of Thornton Grammar School, it is believed. The school is just about three miles from the scene of the tragedy. 11:03 am 'So sad' Flowers and cards are being left outside the home this morning. One card, left by a Blackberry Way neighbour, reads simply "So sad". The BBC's Tracy Gee tweets this picture. Flowers laid at the scene of 4 deaths at a property on Blackberry Way #Bradford "So Sad" reads one. @BBCLeeds — Tracy Gee (@newsgirlTracyG) October 28, 2014 10:36 am 'Indian family who were celebrating Diwali this weekend' The Bradford Telegraph & Argus is also down at the scene. The paper is reporting that neighbours described the family as being of "Indian origin". They were said to have been celebrating the festival of Diwali over the weekend. The parents are in their 40s and two daughters in their late teens. 9:54 am Ben LackThe scene at a house in Bradford where the bodies of a man and woman and two children have been discovered by policeProbe: A policeman stands outside the scene of the tragedy this morning Here's a new picture of the scene on Blackberry Way. To reiterate, police say they discovered the bodies of a man, woman and two teenage girls in the home at around 8.30pm last night. We understand a family-of-four is known to live in this house. 9:52 am Lorna Leeming, who sits on Clayton Parish Council, said: "It's a very quiet and peaceful village and a good community. "I don't know what has happened or what has gone on." 9:41 am The BBC's Tracy Gee is now down at the scene in Clayton. She's just tweeted this picture of a police car outside what we believe is the home where the four bodies were found. It's a well-kept, detached house on Blackberry Way. All the curtains are closed and there's a cordon around the front of the property. Police outside a property on Blackbury Way, Clayton #Bradford where the bodies of 4 people were discovered. @BBCLeeds — Tracy Gee (@newsgirlTracyG) October 28, 2014 9:27 am GoogleScene: Police were called to the this street in Clayton last night It is understood the house where the four bodies were found is on Blackberry Way in Clayton. Police have yet to confirm the exact location but the Mirror understands this is the correct address. It is a quiet, suburban street filled with semi-detached houses. 8:42 am Police are investigating the deaths of four people in Bradford. Officers were called to the house in the Clayton area of the city last night at 8.30pm. They found the bodies of a man, a woman and two teenage girls. West Yorkshire Police said: "Enquiries are at a very early stage, but police are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with the enquiry. "Police have sealed off the area while forensic investigations take place and this is expected to take some time. "We are not currently in a position to release further details, but hope to be able to give a further update later this morning." Stay here for all the latest updates on the tragedy.

Read about the man who sleeps with Lions !

Meet the big cat enthusiast who shares backyard with tigers and lions - and WRESTLES with them Oct 28, 2014 14:54 By Dan Howlett Carl Bovard knows he is dicing with death each time he grapples with the beasts, but considers it a risk worth taking to raise awareness about endangered species It isn't unusual for loving pet-owners to wrestle with their animal pals - unless of course the beasts in question are terrifying lions and tigers. But Carl Bovard, who shares his backyard with six tigers and two lions, says he regularly grapples with the ferocious predators to raise awareness about endangered species. Carl knows he is dicing with death each time he grapples with the huge beasts, but considers it a risk worth taking. After an accident left him blind around 13 years ago, he decided the main thing he would miss seeing was animals – so when he regained sight he adopted his first two tiger cubs. He set up Single Vision – his educational, non-profit company - nine years ago and welcomes tours to his house and garden where his wild animals live with him. Along with the big cats he also keeps two bear cubs – Bruiser and Honey – plus a leopard and two alligators. Carl Bovard, 43, playing with Summer, a 13 month old Siberian tigress and Leo, a 14 months old lion on July 12, 2014 in his backyard in Melrose, Florida, USA. VIEW GALLERY Carl said: “There are many dangers that come with keeping these animals and you’ve just got to take all the precautions you can to stay safe. “There’s no doubt about the fact that death would be the worst outcome from this. “Instinctively they just know to go straight for the vitals – when I’m with them I never give them a free shot at my neck.” Carl plays rough with the tigers - one of which weighs 700lbs - allowing them to recreate the honing of the natural hunting talents they would develop in the wild. But that does not come without its drawbacks. “I’ve had a leopard bite me on the nose and I had to get that sewed back together. I’ve also had my shoulder separated," he said. “I was playing with a few of the cats and another decided to join the fun. BarcroftCarl Bovard, 43, playing with Summer, a 13 month old Siberian tigress and Leo, a 14 months old lion on July 12, 2014 in his backyard in Melrose, Florida, USA.Cool with cats: Carl Bovard playing with the cats in his backyard in Florida "He ran at me and they can get up to around 50 miles per hour in a couple of strides – that hurt." Despite the controversy that comes with keeping and breeding big cats in captivity, Carl believes that his organisation is helping tigers and lions. He added: “Having these cats in captivity and being able to show them off gives people a chance to get a passion for them. “It is essential that we keep them in captivity to create that passion in people and make them want to help these beautiful animals. “People say to me 'They belong in the wild', but my question to them is 'What wild?' BarcroftCarl Bovard, 43, plying with Summer, a 13 month old Siberian tigress on July 12, 2014 in his backyard in Melrose, Florida, USA.Play ball: Summer, a 13 month old Siberian tigress, leaps from her pool “There are seven billion people on this planet and we are destroying the habitat of these animals. “Pretty soon the only tigers left are going to be those in captivity and they may need to be used to repopulate the wild." His biggest tiger is a Siberian named Samson – he weighs more than 700lbs and is over nine and a half feet tall when he stands on his back legs. He buys a massive 1,500lbs of meat each week and his big cats can get through 200lbs in a single sitting. Despite the obvious problems that come with sharing your life with such big cats Carl loves every minute of his job and is looking forward to expanding his Single Vision dream.

Sex with more than 20 women may cut prostate cancer risk

s sleeping around good for you? Sex with more than 20 women could 'lower prostate cancer risk' Oct 28, 2014 13:52 By Ian Hughes Findings in a study add suggest that the more notches men have on their bedpost could reduce their risk by a third 593 Shares Share Tweet +1 Email Get fit: The age at which study participants lost their virginity had no effect Men who sleep around may reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer by almost a THIRD. According to a new study, promiscuous gentlemen with more than 20 notches on their bedpost slashed their chances by 28%. Celibacy, on the other hand, doubles the risk of a disease that kills almost 11,000 people in Britain every year. Findings, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, add to evidence that regular intercourse may flush out cancer causing chemicals as the prostate secretes the bulk of the fluid in semen. Number of men killed by prostate cancer every year Prostate cancer cells 10,800 It is the first study to suggest the number of female partners is what matters, rather than the amount of sex, or even masturbation. But asked if it meant public health authorities will be recommending men to sleep with many women in their lives, Professor Marie-Elise Parent replied: "We are not there yet." Another theory for the protective effect of matters of the flesh is it reduces calcifications in the gland that have been linked with the condition. The study of more than 3,000 men found those who had slept with more than 20 women during their lifetime slashed their risk of all types of prostate cancer by 28%, and for aggressive forms by 19%. Sex generic 28 Professor Marie-Elise Parent, of the University of Montreal, said: "It is possible that having many female sexual partners results in a higher frequency of ejaculations, whose protective effect against prostate cancer has been previously observed in cohort studies." The age at which the participants lost their virginity, or the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) they had contracted, had no effect. On the other hand, homosexuals with more than 20 male partners in their lifetime suffered a twofold higher risk of getting prostate cancer compared to those who had never slept with a man. And their risk of having a less aggressive prostate cancer increased sixfold compared to those who have had only one male partner, which had no affect on overall risk. Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in the UK. There are 41,700 new cases diagnosed and 10,800 deaths each year.

Friday, 24 October 2014

" Ekiti APC lawmakers plotting to impeach Fayose’

Nigerian Tribune Sam Nwaoko - Ado-Ekiti Rate this item1 2 3 4 5 (0 votes) The Ekiti State House of Assembly is currently embroiled in heated controversy over allegations and counter-allegations of plans to impeach the governor of the state, Mr Ay√≤ Fayose. A member of the assembly, Mr Dele Olugbemi, while addressing newsmen in Ado Ekiti, on Thursday, alleged that the All Progressives Party (APC) members of the assembly had plans to confront the governor with their demand for “constituency allowance that was approved by former Governor Kayode Fayemi after he lost the governorship election in June.” Olugbemi, who recently defected to the PDP, claimed that his former party, APC and Fayemi “did not pay the allowance for the four years he was governor, claiming lack of funds but only approved N10million per legislature for the 26 members of the assembly after he had lost the election.” The lawmaker, representing Ikole Constituency 1, further alleged that “the plan is for the Assembly members to confront Fayose with the approval, knowing full well that there wouldn’t be the money to pay since the treasury had been cleaned up, and when Fayose refuses to pay, they would start trouble with him and his government.” He claimed that the plots, “which are against the interest of the people of Ekiti State are among the reasons I said I’ve had enough and left the party for good.” But the APC members in the Assembly denied that they had plans to impeach the governor, describing the claim as “spurious and unfounded.” The APC caucus, which addressed newsmen on Thursday, also denied an allegation by the PDP in the state that it took about N800 million from a leader of the party in Lagos State to impeach Governor Fayose, stating that “APC doesn’t believe in sharing booty or public money for sinister motive.” The 19 APC lawmakers , including the Speaker, his deputy, Adetunji Orisalade, the majority leader and others, spoke in turns, said whoever had “proof that they were bribed to oust Fayose should make it public, rather than peddling lies against us with the intention to smear their integrity.” On the sealing off of his petrol station by the state government, the Speaker said his ownership of the business did not contravene the Code of Conduct Bureau’s regulation, contrary to what the PDP had made the public to believe. The Speaker stated this in reaction to Olugbemi’s contention that he had abused his office as it was unlawful for “the number three citizen to claim to be building petrol stations while still in office.” Olugbemi had hinted that the Code of Conduct Bureau would investigate the Speaker and possibly prosecute him for abuse of office. The PDP Lawmaker said: “They cannot deny the fact that they were planning to impeach Governor Fayose. They wanted to use the N10 million signed for us by Governor Kayode Fayemi , which is now pending before the Accountant General of the State as constituency allowance, as a bait. “The former governor signed it for us towards the tail end of his tenure and their belief was that they would use it as part of the conditions to be fulfilled before they can cooperate with Fayose.” he said. But the speaker urged the governor to drop the toga of pride and establish a synergy with the House to engender radical development of the State under his administration. The Speaker said: “We are in a season of lies in Ekiti and it will be in our best interest to tread softly, because I don’t think we need this. How to make Ekiti better should be Fayose’s priority not to cause division or portray some citizens as desperate and irresponsible. “The former President W’ Bush, a Republican ruled for eight years in the United States under a Congress dominated by Democrats. And the kind of composition we are having here is what is happening in Nasarawa and Imo States and they are not being put in the news for wrong reasons as we have in Ekiti.” Lending credence to Omirin’s position , Hon Adedipe said the lawmakers never contemplated impeachment against Fayose, saying the 18 members of the party only traveled to Lagos for consultation on the forthcoming presidential primaries in Abuja. Adedipe said : “The onus of proof is on the PDP to convince the world that we were bribed to the tune of N800 million by one of our leaders to impeach Fayose. “The Governor has not even committed any offence to warrant such. I know before anybody can be impeached as a governor, he must have committed certain offences. “So, we advise Governor Fayose to work with us and stop taking advice from political jobbers or lay-abouts , who are stoking the fire of violence. Whatever may be his vision in the areas of education, economy and others, we are ready to partner him as long as it is in public interest.” The Deputy Speaker, who lent his voice to the myriad of complains brought to the fore by the legislators, added that the rumour milling rounds that the lawmakers were allegedly using the constituency allowance as a bargaining chips , was untrue and baseless. Exonerating himself of ever attending any meeting in Lagos, where issue of impeachment was discussed , Orisalade flaunted a letter dated October 13, 2014 and addressed to the Speaker, where he took permission to travel abroad for undisclosed reason. “They said I was present at Lagos meeting, I travelled at that time and this further shows that the PDP was only concocting lies against us. How can somebody who was in London the day my members visited to be part of a meeting held in Nigeria?,” he queried.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Read about and see the Baby born in Ibadan clutching holy Qur’an

Baby born in Ibadan clutching holy Qur’an Nigerian Tribune A renowned Islamic preacher based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Dr Dawood Amoo, has described the birth of a baby boy clutching a pocket-size Qur’an as one of the signs of Allah. In an interview with journalists in Ibadan, Amoo said although the development was not strange, the boy named Ismail was unique as the said mini Qur’an contained all the 114 chapters in the holy book. The preacher testified that he was one of the earliest callers at the Owode/Academy, Ibadan residence of the parents of the baby to witness one of God’s wonders. He said the mother, Jelilah, gave birth in a church at Oniyanrin area of the city, where the baby was seen clutching a strange object in his left hand. “The woman, who took the delivery, thought it was one of the devilish drugs used by the mother to terminate the pregnancy, hence she threw it in the dustbin,” he explained. Amoo said that the said object, which later turned out to be a pocket-size Qur’an, was wrapped in a thread. He said that with the forceful removal of the object from its hand, the baby became restless and continued to clutch an empty fist. “Following his restlessness, a local cleric advised them to go and bring what they took from the baby which later turned out to be a copy of the mini Qur’an.” “They were all afraid to touch it until I got there and I had to remove the remaining thread on the object and to my surprise, it was a beautifully- designed pocket-size complete noble Qur’an,” Amoo Said. He said although the Qur’an was small, the lettering inside was readable and complete from chapter one to chapter 114 of the holy book. Expectedly, the news filtered into town and Ibadan people had since turned the residence into a mecca of sort. Jelilah, the elated mother of the baby, said since September, when the baby was born, nobody could take the Qur’an away from him, as he would be restless until he clutched it. The father of the baby, identified simply as Semiu, said he thanked Allah for the blessings, saying it was an indication that Allah wanted them back in the fold of Islam. Semiu, a driver, said paucity of funds has caused his wife to put to bed at a nearby church, as they were both not practising any faith. He said with the signs directly from Allah, “I have resolved that my wife and I will revert to Islam and be worshipping our Creator till we answer His call.” A similar baby was born in a Lagos church in 2012 clutching a copy of the Qur’an.

Rains of Tributes for Dame Oyo

yo Rains of Tributes for Dame Oyo Posted by: Peter Dada and Dele Bodunde in Featured, News 22 mins ago When beggars die, there are no comets seen, the heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes, says William Shakespeare, the world’s pre-eminent English poet in one of his books–Julius Caesar. The expression is apt to describe the passing on of Dame Felicia Oluremi Oyo, the immediate former Managing Director (MD) of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). Following her death on October 1, the media world convened on Oct. 21 in Lagos, to pay the last respect to their own, who unarguably is the best female journalist the country had had so far. As an accomplished journalist and extraordinary public relations expert, the media world organised a “Media Afternoon of Songs and Tributes” to honour her at the NAN Media Centre, Iganmu, Lagos. Mrs Oyo, as the MD of NAN, built the centre to increase the internally generated revenue base of the agency. In a unique manner, Oyo died on Nigeria’s 54th Independence Day in a London hospital, barely two weeks to her 62nd birthday on October 12. She was the first female presidential spokesperson, the first female President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) and the first female MD of NAN. The Usi-Ekiti born daughter of a carpenter and petty trader mother, Mrs Oyo attended Universities of Lagos and that of Kent at Canterbury on scholarship due to her brilliance. She was awarded the National Honour of Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON) by the Nigerian government and was made a Papal Dame by Pope Benedict XVI for her contributions to the preservation of her Catholic faith. Mrs Oyo was also recognised and appointed a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee in 1998. Paying tribute to her, the President of the NGE, Mr Femi Adeshina, said: “Oyo broke through the glass ceiling. “In a profession where the glass ceiling for women is bullet proof, she simply shattered it. Today, Dame Oluremi Oyo is known for many firsts, the first woman to lead NGE for two terms with panache and decorum,” he said. Adesina recalled Mrs Oyo’s efforts at transforming NAN into a household name within the Nigerian media industry and the world. “What do we say of her work in NAN as MD? Another glass she shattered in style. Her foot prints are indelible in the agency in terms of professional, human capital and infrastructure developments. These works will follow our dear Dame and be a testimony that an Amazon was here,” he said. The NGE, in a tribute signed by Mr Isaac Ighure, the Secretary-General of the Guild, stated that Oyo would be remembered by the Guild for her exemplary leadership qualities. “These brought the Guild out of near comatose state, with about 200 members, and transformed it into a vibrant association of senior editors with more than 400 members. “Her tenure as the NGE president marked a new beginning for the Guild as she laid a solid foundation for its transformation into a force to be reckoned with in the country,” Ighure said. Sharing similar view, Mr Gbenga Adefaye, former President of the NGE, said that Oyo showed the light for others to follow in the leadership of the Guild. “The greater impression for me came from her performance in office as spokesperson for former President Olusegun Obasanjo and later as the Managing Director of NAN. “In office as Obasanjo’s spokesperson, it was a job she did diligently and to the applause of many; for me, it was a new definition of loyalty, faithfulness and sense of responsibility. “It was no surprise that Mrs Oyo made me to feature more in the public interrogation of the president, even when she was not expecting friendly questions,” he said. Another former President of NGE, Baba Dantiye said: “Oyo’s death is painful to me, members of my family and indeed all my friends who knew of our relationship. “She impacted so much on my life by taking me and treating me as her younger brother,” he said. In the same vein, Mr Jide Adebayo, the Executive Director, Marketing and Head of Lagos Operations of NAN, lauded the achievements of Oyo while she was the MD of the agency between 2007 and 2013. “To NAN, Mrs Oyo was everything and knew everything about the agency,” Adebayo, who said he worked with her cumulatively for 30 years, recalled. “She recorded great achievements and left bold footprints , took NAN from ground zero to its peak as the Chief Executive Officer for two consecutive terms ,” he said. He also recalled that the agency had serious challenges with its communications facilities, which were at their lowest ebb, when she assumed office in 2007 as the MD. “She faced the challenges by procuring new and modern communication facilities to the agency and its story production rose from 60 to between 250 and 300 per day and the client-base also rose from 70 to 274. “She brought the agency from a monolithic news agency that was based on text to a multi-media content provider. The agency was able to attract more clients to it and continued to earn more revenues. “Mrs Oyo delivered 19 state offices across the country and she was the architect, designer and deliverer of the NAN media centre, where we are having this night of tributes. “When she mooted the idea that we were going to build the media centre, we asked where the funding was going to come from and she said that we were going to work for it. Today that dream has become a reality,” Adebayo said. Mr Lateef Ibirogba, Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Lagos, said that Oyo would be remembered for her professionalism and excellence. He said: “We are gathered here today to celebrate professionalism, excellence and a knack for standards. “We are gathered here to celebrate a woman who came, saw and conquered. She made sure that whatever she laid her hands on prospered.” The commissioner said the life of Mrs Oyo was an example for all journalists and a pattern on which to build a professional journalistic career. Mrs Comfort Obi, the Executive Secretary of the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN), described Mrs Oyo as a friend, sister, colleague, mentor and confidant. Obi said since her paths crossed with that of Mrs Oyo at a meeting in NAN many years ago, the deceased had been a major influence in her private life and her career. “We (Oyo and I) were a formidable force. For female journalists, for years, women journalists were not looked upon as unimportant in the industry. We were only allowed to cover mundane beats, the consequential beats were considered to be for men; but we broke that ceiling,” she said. Mr Lanre Arogundade, the former Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Lagos State Chapter, said that Oyo was a dominant and prominent force in the campaign for the passage of the Freedom of Information bill into an act. Arogundade said Mrs Oyo was one of the journalists who stood to be counted in the 1990′s, when journalists were being jailed, exiled and persecuted in the country. “She was a river who never forgot her source, particularly after she became the Senior Special Assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo. “She kept an open door policy in all her positions. She also made NAN a media conglomerate, introduced radio productions and sent journalists to NAN offices all over the world with limited funds,” he stressed. He said Mrs Oyo would be remembered for her candour, charisma, love and laughter. Dr Nwabu Mgbemena, a former General Manager of NAN, as well as its first MD, said that Mrs Oyo would be remembered for her hard work and as a very outgoing and friendly person. He said when Mrs Oyo came to NAN for the first time as a member of staff; he had no idea of the quality of the person the agency had just recruited. Similarly, Pastor Moses Ihonde, Chairman, Diamond Award for Media Excellence (DAME), commended her dedication to duty and professionalism while she was alive. He said this manifested in the way she handled her job as the Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to former President Obasanjo. “From when we met I knew that Remi would go places. I was expecting that she would be a state governor, a senator or the first woman to be president of Nigeria. But God knows the best,” he said. Interspersed with religious songs and pictures and video clips of some of Oyo’s outings, the event was witnessed by who-is-who in the Nigerian media. They included Mr Vincent Maduka, a former director General of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA); Mr Sola Odunfa; former Editor of Punch Newspaper and BBC correspondent, Prof. Ralph Akinfeleye, Head, Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos. Richard Ikiebe of Pan-African University, Dr Elizabeth Nkem, Provost of the Nigeria Institute of Journalism, Mr Louis Odion, the Commissioner for Information in Edo, Rep. Abayomi Are, the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Information and National Orientation, National Assembly, among others. List of NAN former members of staff who worked with Oyo and came to honour her included Victor Udom, Mike Osunde, Ben Isichie, Jide Akerele, Segun Adeyemi, Goddy Ikeh, Segun Aribike, Ade Obisesan and Mrs Toro Oladapo. Others at the event included Okey Ifionu of This Day and Mrs Tinu Odugbemi of Media Review. “So wise so young, they say do never live long,” says William Shakespeare in his book — King Richard III. In literal translation Shakespeare’s expression, the Yoruba will say: “Igi t’odara kii pe nigbo”, meaning a good timber will not last long in the forest. Farewell, Oluremi Oyo, a rare woman. Mrs Oyo is survived by her husband; Vincent, a son and a daughter, grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Dada and Bodunde are of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

.25m babies die in first month of their birth in Nigeria

.25m babies die in first month, says minister Dr. Khaliru Alhassan .25m babies die in first month, says minister About 250,000 babies die within the first month of their birth,the Coordinating Minister of Health, Alhaji Khaliru Alhassan, has said. The minister noted that the deaths, which accounted for about 32 per cent of under-five child mortality in the country, were preventable. Alhassan spoke yesterday in Abuja at the maiden edition of the National Newborn Conference. The minister said the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) had maintained vital workable interventions but the progress was discouraging. He said the interventions focused more on in-house capacity but recorded “low progress”. According to him, there are vital policies that support the fight against newborn. Alhassan said: “It is a clarion call to make sure every newborn lives. Reports showed that we have the highest number of new born deat,h with 250,000 babies dying in their first month from conditions that are preventable.”

See the ex- Ondo Council boss abducted by kidnappers

Ex-council boss abducted Posted by: Damisi Ojo,Akure A former Chairman of Irele Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nicholas Akinbiola, has been abducted. Akinbiola was kidnapped at his filling station on the Benin/Ore Road. The kidnappers were said to have been trailing the former council chairman two days before his abduction. Sources said the kidnappers were demanding N20 million. Police spokesman Wole Egodo said they were working to rescue the politician. He said: “We are hopeful that the victim will be liberated soon. We are working to rescue him. We may not tell you our strategies for security reasons but I can assure you that very soon the man will be freed and his abductors apprehended.”