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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

We are ready to fly Lagos-Brazil —Daniel Cabral Written by Wale Ojo lanre

We are ready to fly Lagos-Brazil —Daniel Cabral

Written by Wale Ojo lanre

Wale Ojo Lanre
 May 26, 2015 - 18:17


The end of the harrowing experience of travellers and tourists flying Nigeria to Brazil may be in sight as a representative of a thriving Brazil-based airline, GOL Air; Daniel Cabral has expressed the readiness of the company of operate a direct flight from Nigeria to Brazil.
Cabral in an encounter with Tribune Tourism Magazine disclosed that there is no reason why travellers from either country should not be able to have access to a direct flight either way considering the volume of human and business traffic between the two prominent countries.
He disclosed, that sometimes in 2012, a Nigerian travel agency had met him in one of the travel fairs and expressed the willingness of facilitating the company with the Nigerian government, but that was the last we heard from him.
Cabral who is the Director, Panoramabrazil remarked that Nigeria is the ancestral home of some Brazilians, who are daily maintaining their cultural affiliation and customs of some parts of Nigeria and also ready to trace their roots by visiting Nigeria,” he said.
He believed that having a direct flight would not only enhance the bilateral relationship between the two countries, but also would help to lubricate the socio-cultural and economic expectation of citizens of the two countries.