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Sunday, 28 June 2015

See what smugglers in Badagry did to a journalist !

This is the photograph of a journalist almost beaten to death by some hoodlums at the behest of some smugglers at Badagry as published by Vanguard.
Beyond this dastardly act, what really got me utterly shocked and afraid of some crude, animalistic Nigerians, were the reactions of some of these people as published in one thread. A few examples- "This is good so that other journalists will learn and stop giving wrong report. Na Sahara journalist remain"; Another one- " This one look like Tinubu journalist o, the one APC used to spoil Jonathan's name. God don catch you, Yoruba with their mumu face"; "Another one-"Hahahaha, l wish he is Sahara Reporter man"; another one- "Dem for cut him face sef. Lie lie media men. Causing Confusion everywhere". The insidious reactions go on. Why are people so wicked, wishing evil for fellow Nigerians and we are blaming Boko Haram. These facebook hoodlums who wrote all these hogwash are worse than the the area boys who beat up the guy. I am afraid of Nigerians!