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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

As Ooni commends Olukere on Olosunta festival

As Ooni commends Olukere on Olosunta festival

February 3, 2016

Oba Obaloran of Ilode, Ile-Ife, Olukere of Ike-Ekiti, Oba Ganiyu Ayodele Obasoyin, Ooni of Ife and Olori Obasoyin at Enuwa Palace, Ile-Ife.
The Ooni of Ife,  Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11, has commended the Olukere of Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Oba Ganiyu Ayodele Obasoyin, Komolese 11  for his  agrarian commitment to the promotion of the Olosunta Festival in Ikere Ekiti, the second largest town in Ekiti State .

Ooni Ojaja made this commendation while receiving Oba Obasoyin, who paid him homage in his palace at Enuwa, in Ile–Ife, on Thursday, 28 January, 2016.

The Olukere of Ikere who was accompanied by the Obaloran of Ilode, Ife, the traditional Oba of the source of the Ikere people before migrating to the present site in Ekiti said that it became necessary for him to come, pay homage, visit his royal father and give account of the traditional assignments and activities in ikere Ekiti to the Ooni of Ife, the Imperial head of Obas in Yoruba land “

The Olukere disclosed to Ooni Ojaja that he has not been found wanting at making sure that the celebration of Olosunta festival which signified the soul of Ikere Ekiti as a town is done the way it should be as laid down by the tradition and founder of ikere.

“Kabiyesi, my coming home to ile–Ife, the palace with the Oba of the source where the people of Ikere Ekiti migrated to their present abode, is a testimony that we the Ikere are not only  here to congratulate you, but also assure you of our support, commitment  and readiness to keying to  your  cultural–tourism  promotion of Yoruba land.”

Handedly Olukere Obasoyin, revealed how he has single handed rekindled and reignited the zeal and enthusiasm  of participation in Olosunta Festival in his people and gone many miles to make the celebration of the Festival a global event.

“Kabiyesi, for the past three years, I have raised the bar of Olosunta Festival from the level local l restriction to a global participatory status which attracted thousands of tourists and foreigners to Ikere-Ekiti. And today,  our effort is being blessed by having you as the Ooni who has  a worldwide view and globalised concept of the potentialities in  celebrating and enhancing our n cultural activities and festival in our domains.”

Ooni Ojaja who commended the Olukere pointed out that Olosunta Festival in Ikere Ekiti occupies a conspicuous page in the book of cultural festivals and tourism assets in Yoruba land which would be included in the festival calendar in Yoruba land.

He lauded Oba Obasoyin for his cultural activities so far since he ascended the throne of his forefathers, particularly by   consistently adding value and enhancing Olosunta festival and promised to support him in the effort of realigning the festival with the source and international cultural fora.