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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sorry ! Sir Shina Peters by Wale Ojo lanre

Sorry ! Sir Shina Peters by Wale Ojo lanre 
Wale Ojo Lanre with Wilson Agbaje and 11 others.
10 mins
It is the your fake copying of phonetics mannerism that counts
not the logic of your statement
It is how good you are at English Language , a foreign tongue
not the brilliance of your thoughts
It is your eloquence at bamboozling the nation
which determines your appointment to post
not your ability to deliver
Nigerians kill skills
They murder talents
They destroy determination
They pull down rising stars
Just because
A mistake of tongue
Or a slip of the pen
where Japan , China , Indonesia , Britain , America
predicate patronage and appointment on the efficiency on their mother tongue
We kill our stars , development and advancement just because of foreign language
I pity Nigeria .
Happy Sunday
( Dedicated to Sir Shina Peters who promising musical carrier was almost truncated because of a slip of tongue }