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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Corruption is fighting Kemi Adeosun By Wale ojo Lanre

Corruption is fighting  Kemi Adeosun
Wale ojo Lanre
I don't join the multitude to do evil
It is clear that Kemi must have stepped on toes of the thieves 
She must have offended some political male chauvinists
Who would have orchestrated this 'forged NYSC exemption Certificate "
Forged exemption certificate?
Who detected this?
Which media again?
Well, we should be clinical
We should be careful in what we believe
As we may get to know very soon
or soonest
That it is a lie
A blatant lie
Contorted to blackmail this young lady
who is performing well
And the source may come out again
To tell the world
That they were misguided
By those who hate the advancement of Nigeria
To a greater height
Under the PMB administration
This period will soon be passed away
And Nigerians would know
That the who saga of forged 'exemption NYSC certificate
Of Kemi Adeosun
was a ruse.
A calculated blackmailing content
To distract the lady, tarnish her reputation
And score a goal off PMB
But, God is for the Truth.
And a convoluted mind - Femi Fani Kayode's ranting
Is it not an embarrassment and a shame to the nation that one Femi Fani Kayode will open his mouth wide and criticize her . This is FFK with the deluge of fraudulent cases on his neck?.
Shamefully it is a Nigeria ........
Where idiots become the nobles
where those whose are suffering from a relapse of insanity
are regarded as reformers
It is a country when hooliganism and brigandage are virtues
It is a Nigeria where idiots hold the sway.
However, God will take control of Nigeria