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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kayode Fayemi : THE FACE OF EKITI : President Buhari is right ! by Wale Ojo lanre

Kayode Fayemi : THE FACE OF EKITI :  President Buhari is right ! by Wale Ojo lanre
The nomination of Dr John Kayode Fayemi as the minister designate from Ekiti sate is one of the best decision which president Buhari has ever made in recent time
This is my own person and sound opinion which may not go down with you . and to tell you , i give no hoot about your own judgement so let it be with
me .
JKF as fondly called is one of the outstanding talents from Ekiti state which parade others quintessential human being like Engineer Segun Oni , a honest man to the core and man of integrity for life which the Lord our God through Jesus Christ and Mother Mary has blessed this country with
John kayode Fayemi is not a saint as nobody is but ordinary human being and of the creation of God like you and I
But God has donated a substantial prodigiously robust intellectual ointment in the mental region of this Ekiti man .
It must be said that as a political animal , JFK played the propagandist politics in the first one and half years in the saddled before he commenced absolute governance which sustained the high rate of development his predecessor left behind .
As a well read , well travelled and cosmopolitan fellow , he believed that Ekiti people are not sub human being who must be treated like beggars and hungry bunch of homosapiens hence his urbanised concept of development the society in the spirit of all are citizens are honourables who need not treated as scums who survive only by remnants in the name of out stomach infrastructure except the aged who need social welfare
And it is a reality that Ekiti people have been a proud and sometimes arrogant bunch of people who hate begging ( ki a ma toripe a jeran ka ma pe malu ni broda) or spoon feeding ..
Thus hs administration was not about destroying the noble surviving initiative mechanism of the people by adopting cheap stomach infrastructure method or policy but by aggressive creation of investment alluring atmosphere which he achieved
He planted solid and sustainable projects which are today inestimable property and commonweal belonging to Ekiti .
A visionary who believed that Ekiti state deserves the best in terms of , educational infrastructure , Governor's house , the remodelling of the rustic Ikogosi warm and Cold Spring into an internationally tourists site in the world motorable roads , health institutions , vibrant civil service , restoration of Ekiti value system far , far away from 'arisers' and opa eyin Friday joints syndrome
His problems was that he never 'failed to relegate the office of the Governorship by romancing with fellow at Aleko , afato and opa eyin joints in Ekiti state when he was the Governor "
He also failed to play and showcase the fake populist tendencies just because he was not out to play on the integrity of the people
He is a realist who will not deceive the people and pretend to be what is not
JKF is prim , proper and fit as a Minister designate from Ekiti
He is an asset to the nation in the area of International diplomacy , international law and conflict .
He is young and agile
His eventual appointment and confirmation of same by the Senator will give hope to the young and incoming generation that all is well and will be well in Nigeria
Dr John kayode Fayemi is eminently qualified to be A Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
President Buhari is not wrong
Fayemi is ok .