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Friday, 9 October 2015

Secret of my man's super active in bed at 101 years -South african woman

Shocking! My Man Is Still Super Active In Bed At 101 Years – S/African Woman Brags

As South Africa celebrates the Day of the Elderly, the mayor of Port Elizabeth, Danny Jordaan, on Thursday, reportedly honoured a 101-year-old man, Madala Lumnkile Heleni and his 95-year-old wife, Bekiwe who ‘shockingly’ revealed that at that age, her husband was still Super Active in bed.
Super Active in bedAccording to the woman, her husband, who is the father of 6 and great-grandfather of 16, was still a ‘tiger’ in bed.
Married for more than 66 years, Heleni revealed that the secret to his manhood being able to stay strong was bathing with cold water.
According to Heleni, who lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, cold bathes are the reason for his active manhood, adding that healthy diet also helped him to live so long.
“The cold water makes my manhood very strong. It never fails and in my house there is always peace.”
“When I graduated from initiation school at the age of 32, the elders told me to bath in the river. The water was icy because it was winter and since then, I’ve always bathed in cold water because it makes me feel fresh,” he stated.
“I don’t know what diabetes or high blood pressure is. I’ve only been to the doctor twice in my life for back pain. I only get sick if I wash with warm water, which makes me feel weak and tired.
“I grew up on a farm near Grahamstown and worked there. I still have my own garden and eat traditional food and vegetables,” he concluded.