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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

HI- Impact Planet plants most beautiful Theme park in Lagos by Wale ojo lanre

Hi-Impact Planet plants 185,000sq Tourism Theme Park in Lagos December 16, 2015
Written by:
Wale Ojo Lanre.
If it worked in Dubai, London and USA, it can work here in Nigeria.
And if it has been successfully planted in Sydney, Paris, Frankfurt, South Africa, it can be a success here in Nigeria too.
Thus, Nigerians deserve the best in tourism sites, entertainment spots, fun rendezvous and recreation heavens. It is either the best is here and nothing but the best.
This must have been the rationale behind the planting of what is going to be the best Theme park tourism planet in West Africa being engineered and propelled by Solution Media and Info Tech.
Though on the very last stage of completion, the 185, 000 square metres theme park which is being planted on kilometre 20 Lagos–Ibadan Expressway (Ibadan bound ), opposite Mountain Top University, Lagos, is not only going to place Nigeria in a conspicuous page of the compendium of countries with international tourists sites, but will give Nigerians the pride of having a place worthy of visiting for relaxation and fun at its peak.
The uniqueness of Hi–Impact Planet Theme Park is its abiding faith and strict adherence to international regulation, standards, rules and prescription of installation of such an intercontinental alluring and tourists hosting park.
It is the concerted effort of one of the best teams in entertainment industry with prodigious testimonies of performance on the global stage and enviable precedence of record breaking in entertainment and theme packaging in UK, Dubai and Asia.
It is also about standard in fixture and fittings, contemporaneousness in facilities, intercontinental uniformity, and quality at its best and most excellent. There is no way for compromising global standards, ethics of installation, latitude to crowd control, carrying capacity, security, health, conveniences, sanitation and seamless physical comfort.
Everything about Hi-Impact Planet theme park has passed through hi–impact consideration in terms of standards and relevance for purpose and sustainability.
The location has an insight of blessing the long Lagos–Ibadan Expressway with a Theme Park of immense irresistible urge of must visit and of most consequent is planting the facilities where it is secured from the vagaries of the element of corrosion from sea water, salt carrying waves and breeze.
Victoria Odimba, of the Marketing Department of Solution Media and InfoTech who exhibited intellect of being a thorough bred and well travelled staff sequentially exposed the purpose, function and concepts of each of the structures and facilities within the 185,000 square metres HI–Impact Planet .
The facilities, the rides, the devices are all tailored to the comfort, use and service and satisfaction of kid, young, old and the physically challenged who are desirous of having the best of fun.
Though of intercontinental facilities and state of the art games, HI–Impact Planet is presented in African setting which the animatronics enclave and village square being the first encounter of a would be visitor.
At this enclave, it is exciting and interesting seeing the dummies interacting as if they are real humans while the lions roar and the six metre-high gorilla grunting, emitting smoke as if the animals are real, real at war with others.
Hi-Impact Planet is sequestered into five distinctive platforms: outdoor; indoor; luxuriously serviced apartments; food court; and multipurpose hall with all the ancillaries’ and allied necessities like bank, ATM, a full functional clinic with beds for admission, UK certified surgeon, ambulance not only for visitors or occupiers of the apartments but for the community as part of her Corporate Social Responsibility.
The outdoor is dominated by an array of state-of-the art facilities majorly manufactured by and procured from reputable world class Zamperils, the world renowned amusement park company, Moser Rides, Sega and Feretti International.
The outdoor include enterprise, which caters for lovers of speed as the ride will spin and turn, moving circularly and vertically with a thrilling motion that always bring delight in riders; Hoopla, a new flight experience for brave people; Mexican fiesta, dream machine freestyler; jump around; Rio–Train; Zambia Balloon; Convoy; kite flyer 12; Water mania which enables those who love water game to shoot at themselves while rotating around a central axis; Haunted House; King of the Jungle; the Jungle; Vertical Swing and Spring ride. Each of these offers special and unique thrilling experience and sensation.
Each of the outdoor facilities has its separate staff who monitor from their sheds constructed at the sphere of each rides.
If the outdoor facilities are fantastic, lovers of indoor games and activities have been adequately taken care of by Hi-Impact Planet which dazzles with 5D cinema, a facility that will definitely sweep tourists off their feet as they will engage their senses and virtually feel every nuances of the movie world. Also, The BOEING 777 will take fun seekers to the sky letting them having a real sensation and feel of taking a flight from Lagos to London! Adding value to indoor activities lovers is the ICE Rink for those who love skating on the ice; the bumper cars for racers on the ground while those who love water should be prepared to do the bumper boats. Others are Big Buck Panorama, Aliens Armageddon; Transformers Deluxe; Packman Smash; Combat Pump It up Fiesta and numerous games.
Hi–Impact Planet has planted a functional multipurpose Hall which can accommodate over 6000 people. The hall can host laser light display, film shows as well as musical concerts. It is an acoustic complaint hall with the latest version of mobile stage and mystery exit and entry doors for guest artistes.
Four food courts are waiting for the culinary demands of visitors; these courts serve both continental and local cuisines with attention to visitor’s demands while the souvenir shop beckons on tourists to take home an item in memory of a memorable stay at Hi–Impact Planet.
For a tourism site with capacity of hosting 2000 fun seekers at a time, two essential facilities must be on ground; functional conveniences and parking lot.
Thus, in fixing these, Hi-Impact has aligned with international ethics and regulation by providing 45 toilets for male and another 45 for female making a total of 90 toilets interrupted in all, each with borehole system to ensure water supply while a parking lot which has the capacity for only 2500 cars has been made ready for fun seekers.
Being a mass patronised planet, High–Impact Planet, lays emphasis more on security, apart from the private security men on ground any visitor to the site should expect a warm thorough body search while his personal effects will be scanned. A multi -capturing CCTV and security camera are hidden and placed at strategic spots to record every moment of the guests and ensure their security.
Complimenting this is a 100-luxuriously serviced apartments purposely to service tourists, travellers, holiday makers and public who love to hibernate and rest within a planet of tourism haven.
Capping it all, the planet is not connected to the national grid. It rests and depends solely on Independent Power Project. IPP, which comes in via generators which are installed for each ride and facility and by inverters as support to the generators in case of any eventuality.
According to Dorado “Here at Hi–Impact Planet, we have conquered the issue of light. We have planted and installed hi–tech ride and games.We have made this planet conducive enough for the realisation of fun seekers’ dream. It is a tourism ElDorado fit you, fit for your children and fit for your friends. Join us as we will be setting a standard on Sunday 19 December 2015 when Nigeria’s tourism history will be opening a new chapter