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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Why ? Mimiko , why ? By Wale Ojo Lanre

Why ? Mimiko , why ?
5000 ,engineers visited Dome with their friends making almost 10000! ,
Nollywood Award lures 2000 to Akure !
2500 tourists taken pictures at the Dome !
Just in a month ! .
All , spent more than 1 night in Akure
Slept in hotels
Bought food,
Visit pubs
Bought fuel , drugs and repair cars
Haba Mimiko !
Why is Mimko doing all these ?
Why ?
Is he the first Governor in the state ?
Why ? Mimiko , why ?
Why do you think it is right to plant money attracting projects in Ondo state ?
Mimiko , why ?
Why do you think it is not good to keep the educational gap between the children of the have not and the haves ?
Why should you plant Mega schools which enable the children of the common people having the same unfettered access to good and quality education ?
Why Mimiko , why ?
Why do you think that it is necessary to prevent maternal mortality in the state ?
Why should you establish Abiye hospitals where operation cost only 500 naira instead of allowing any mother to die regularly or force themselves to pay 150k at a private hospital if they want to stay alive ? ,
why , Mimiko why ?
Why should you think Akure of all capital city in Nigeria deserves a Dome that brings fortunes and blessing to the people ?
Why . Mimiko Why ?
Why do you always create traffic of money making for hoteliers , guests houses, mama puts etc, etc , etc .?
Why do you think it heroic for you to allow Shoprite and other commercial chain stores having their outfits in Akure where they will employ many employable hands ?
Why , Mimiko , why ?
Mimiko , why do you think it is good enough to host Mare festival this year ?
Why , Mimiko , why ?
Why is it a MUST that you should create ways by which the ordinary Okoda operators , food sellers , transporters , hotels , worobo sellers , bars , restaurants , jedi and afato hawkers to make money from the deluge of people who participate in Mare festival yearly ?
Why , Mimiko , why ?
Why should you love making people happy . happier and smiling by your passion to create and inaugurate projects and festivals which lure people to Ondo state where they will spend quality money for your people ?
Why , Mimiko , why ?
Now that 2015 Mare festival is holding
In Idanre on 18 and 19 December
It is another season
For your people to make money
Cool money from tourism
Cool money engenders by your vision
Cool money for them just because
Mimiko is a why ?
Yes , he is a reason
For this Season
Mare 20-15 is real !
Mimko why ?
Good day to you all !