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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Oba Abolarin discovers another Waterfall in Oke–Ila Orangun, Osun State , Nigeria ! by Wale Ojo Lanre

Oba Abolarin discovers another Waterfall in Oke–Ila Orangun!by Wale Ojo Lanre 

January 27, 2016
Written by: 
Wale Ojo Lanre
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The new water fall
When a righteous man reigns, the rat breeds joyfully in the bush fish will consummate freely  like a fish inside the river while human earns  blessing from heaven, procreate bountifully, prosper lavishly,  enjoys life abundantly and blossoms in deeds, acts and words

These have been the lots of the indigenes and people of Oke-Ila Orangun, Ifedayo Local Government, Osun State, since the enthronement of Oba Adedokun Omoniyi Abolarin, Aroyinkeye 11 as the king of the hitherto sleepy agrarian historic town.

One of the turning points which the town has witnessed since day one of his ascension of the throne is the reversal of the epithet “Sleepy’ which has been the adjunct for the town whenever it is  being referred to or mentioned in any article, the ‘sleepy’ adjunct has changed to’ vibrant town.

It is no longer Oke–Ila, the sleepy town in State of Osun, but now Oke–Ila, one of the most vibrant towns in Osun State.”

The vibrancy of Oke–Ila Orangun and its emergence as 21st century development oriented town is not just a wishful desire of momentous brain wave, but a Godly blessing and inspiration of the personality of the fellow who the people selected and who received the mercy of the Lord.

It also confirms the axiom that status of a post does not matter, but the mindset of the occupier.

It is trite that when a small man with small mind is given a house bigger than his size, he may reduce or collapse the house to fit his frame instead of looking or hiring part of it out to generate wealth, but when a big man is forced inside a cocoon because of his body and mind, expands and creates more space for himself and others.

The Bible affirms that when a righteous man reigns, the people rejoice.

Of course, the people of Oke–Ila has causes and reasons to rejoice in having an Oba who has been able to explore his cosmopolitan status in accentuating  their essence of life as proud indigenes and products of Oke–Ila, Who has equally made his people reign and the epicentre of his   rule. In applying his experience to transform the rawness of the environment to vivacity of municipality, has unveiled the socio-cultural tourism potentialities inherent in the community and which have been covered, buried and trampled upon in the past for the glory and respect of the people and the town.

Without missing his focus, Oba Adedokun started with the Isinro Festival, a pre-historical generational festival of culture, dance and tradition of the Oke-Ila people which his people have been hosting annually since the emergence of the town, but which its celebration has been localised and restricted.

Oba Abolarin said this must not be. And since, it has never be, Oba Abolarin has raised the bar of the celebration of Isinro   festival from a mere community convivial traditional festival to an international carnival of culture, tradition and communal reunion which attracts thousands of tourists and well wishers yearly to the town.

The internationalisation of Isinro festival by Oba Abolarin has cultivated the attention and focus from government and individual investors and has attracted to the town the establishment of another petrol station in responding to the quests of unceasing tourists as well as government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola  in tarring  the road network in the town.

The Ayinkunugba  Waterfall, one of the most soulful and thrilling waterfalls  in Nigeria is planted in the town by nature, but it takes the grace of God and the persistent value added efforts of Oba Abolarin that has helped in achieving the modicum of publicity and the cry for enhancement which this unquantifiable natural blessing has got recently.

The good news again from the vibrant town of Oke–Ila Orangun is the fact that Oba Abolarin’s  penchant for  digging out the natural blessing of the town has again yielded a stunning discovery of another waterfall in Oke–Ila!

This waterfall is shielded  away by a heavy, thick jungle of Ogan Forest which is located on the right part of the Oke –Ila Orangun bound road.

Oba Adedokun could not hide his feeling at the discovery of the waterfall and thus, he personally  led the writer  and other tourism buffs including the palace staff into the thick forest of Ogan.

Getting to the site of the waterfall provides an insight into Oba Abolarin’s favourite tourism slogan “RURAL OURISM”.

For the path to the waterfall harbours exciting ground for picnic, carnival under the canopy of plants and romantic spots .

The evidence of the fall was felt  by our ear’s drum which was hit by the sound of the fall on the floor.

“Kabiyesi, we are closer to the fall “Tope Eluyefa, one of the journalists on the trip noted.

 The just discovered waterfall though located in steep gorge offers different features from Ayinkunugba.

 It is only   accessible through the peak of a hill which offers a spectacular view of a fall down the stairs but having about four naturally  created swimming pool spots as it heads down in torrents.

The waterfall in Ogan Forest will adequately cater for picnickers and film makers who will find its features useful for the advancement of their endeavours.

Oba Abolarin who offered special prayers and thanked God for the blessing of the fall revealed that “It is not that we are unaware of water here, yes, there is Ogan water, but we never knew there is a fall here. We never knew that the fall is as beautiful as this. We never knew that we are again blessed by Almighty God with another fantastic natural tourism site. We never knew the magnitude of this fall, with unique features different from Ayinkunugba Waterfall”

He disclosed “I am happy about this. I will take the necessary step to intimate the chairman of my local government and also inform the Governor of the state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola who has been so good to this town  about the new discovery. I thank my progenitors, the founder of this town, for locating us in a land full of blessings and natural wonders”.