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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Erelu Bisi Fayemi is a big disappointment By Wale Ojo Lanre

Erelu Bisi Fayemi is a big disappointment
Wale Ojo Lanre
Please ladies and gentlemen when next you are voting for a candidate kindly listen to the voice of wise good people who can accurately predict what should be expected
And vote for that fellow whose entity as a family man will add value to the state and the society
You see, some of us are blessed with rare ability to see, perceive and predict who will be what by the time they are in the saddle
Maybe because of age, experience, exposure and probably education
But regrettably, sometimes our expectations and predictions are not always correct
For some of those who we believe so much in has ended up disappointing us
The essence of this is for one not to entertain any measure of regret after the election or cause to be angry with whoever your vote has been placed in the saddle
For me, I have cause to be angry with some of the actions of those who I have wholeheartedly
supported and risked my integrity for
For instance, I am boiling and terribly angry with Erelu Bisi Fayemi
Of course, I know she is the wife of Dr Kayode Fayemi,the brilliant and erudite war scholar, the Governor of Ekiti State
Are you telling me that I have no right to be angry with her?
Get off my tread
I repeat that I am utterly angry with her
And I don't care a hoot if you are not happy with me in this
Of course, I am not billed to live up to your expectation
This lady who rocks the bed of Ekiti state is not my personality at all
She has disappointed me beyond my imagination
You all can testify to how I carried the affairs of this family on my head when they were contesting
You know how my personality was massacred just because I believed in the vision of Dr Kayode Fayemi
You all know how
And you read all manners of the sordid posts against me
And now you are telling me not to express my disappointment in this lady, the wife of Dr Kayode Fayemi ?
You know, no one can gag me
I will say it the way I see it
Should I not be angry when Erelu has started to show us how a first lady should behave?
This woman is a great disappointment
For when I was working and doing all the fight for them
My expectation was that after being sworn in
Erelu Fayemi will start to behave like a typical first lady of her generation with the realization that this tenure is the last they will be having as the First family of the state.
But, she disappointed me as soon as she entered into the statehouse, another spirit took possession of her
I eagerly expected a Royale Erelu, who will be stupidly arrogant, full of herself, greedy and ultra overbearing
Behold, this lady who I fought for her husband's emergence as the Governor of Ekiti state disappointed me by displaying an enviable behavioural pattern which plays down the arrogance of power and elevates the virtue of humility in glory
This lady who I believe will make her second coming more socially loud by showcasing that she is truly Bisi Omo logbalogba has deplored her thoroughbred background to reject an appellation which has no bearing to her person either in deed or act by not letting folie de grandeur , stupidity of greatness to take over her robust sense of service to the people
And you expected me not to be angry?
And when I was working for their success at the poll, i never expected this lady to have milk of kindness flowing in her veins. I was expecting her to be wicked and a without compassion.
i expected a lady of no mercy. Yes .
But she has been showcasing and displaying a rare gift of affectionate compassion, large heartedness and an agrarian will to help those in a dire situation
This is not why I worked for to be the first lady of the state
What is her concern in helping anybody out of dire?
Is that one of the reasons which I voted for them?
She recently added salt to my injury when out of being compassionate or you called it harbouring milk of kindness humbly volunteered and rescued the abortion of a dream of a 500 level orphan medical student of Ekiti State University who was about withdrawing from the course because she cannot pay the school fees!
The lady in question is the daughter of the late Ologunde, the man who composed Ekiti Anthem and whose mother had passed away after a minor battle with liver cancer
It is the daughter of such a family that has not contributed anything to Ekiti state that Erelu Fayemi is spending her money to salvage the education of their daughter.
Honestly, this lady has disappointed me gravely. I am not happy with her
I regretted the day I decided to work energetically for her husband and her.
I was expecting a brash, arrogant, proud and overbearing. power flexing, first lady not a compassionate and affectionate brilliant and highly responsible and respectful lady.
I was expecting an Erelu Bisi omologbagba, not this kind Erelu Bisi Oya ayiye.
......and if you are in my class of thought, you need admission at Aro Mental Hospital Abeokuta.
Good morning.
I am in Usi , come and give me igbaju oloyi