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Friday, 1 March 2013

The mysterious River with over 1 million untouchable fishes in Erinjiyan Ekiti

 The mysterious River with over 1 million  untouchable fishes in Erinjiyan Ekiti

This water you are seeing  is called Omi Erin . It is the life of the people of Erinjiyan Ekiti . It is the reason why the progenitors of Erinjiyan settled in the town . Hence they drive the name Erinjiyan an improvement on Erin.
It is the river  which is used for domestic chores all from time immemorial up to now.
It has sacred fishes which a rough estimation  put at " millions "
These fishes are untouchable and nobody dares to kill for any use at all .
It is believed that these fishes if taken away to be cooked will not  do or die .
And whoever tries to will also have his house flooded  by Omi Erin,
To see how many or how big the fishes are  just buy plenty bread and throw it inside the water and you will be surprised to see plenty fishes which has transceded many generations.
Alarinkaagbaye's crew was there .
You just visit Erinjiyan and see this mysterious water.