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Thursday, 27 August 2015

God bless Buhari on new appointments ! by Wale ojo Lanre

God bless Buhari on new appointments !
President Mohammed Buhari is proving to be a nationalist in his posture to governance and appointments. .
To some of us who are ethnicists and tribalist jingoists , the latest appointments would be taken out of context or viewed via ethnic and sectional prism .
Yes , that is our being .
No rationality and consideration that others are parts and partakers of the common weal and wealth of the nation .
It is always good when our men or people from our ethnic side are appointed and provincial when others are not
Even , if the appointment is to correct the imbalance of status quo ante
My people will still raise their voice
There is no law in Nigeria constitution that apportioned some specific posts to a specific ethic group .
Yes .
A President decides whoever he wishes to work with .
A President with gut will not just because of satisfying ethnic jingoists settled for someone he cannot vouch for
This is what has been one of the banes of our political system
It is clear that when we are selecting winning team for Eagles or any National Team , WAZOBIA is relegated to the background
Let's the President select his Team that he believes can help steer the ship of this country to a safe bank
Let us stop all these tribal and ethnic jingoism in appointment
Let the man in the saddle fish out the best for him
Let it be well with Nigeria .
I agree with part of my brothe from Erinmope Ekiti on this
it will help to clear some of these misgivings about the President's appointment
Sunday Aikuirawo posted
: ".......This has given vent to the charge of marginalisation. This may be a matter of perception than reality. We need to know the spread of existing appointments and not only those made by Buhari. For example, the immediate Minister of Finance Okonjo was Ibo, PS Anastasia Nwaobosi was/still IBO, DG DMO Dr Nwanko was/is Ibo, NSE Aruma Oteh was IBO, NSEC Peter Obi is IBO, AMCON Chike Obi, DG Budget office was IBO, Governor CBN was/ still IBO. This couldn't have been deliberately done by GEJ! Some of these people are still holding these offices.
The South is also found of mischievously dividing itself along west, east and south-south but always sees the north as one. The truth is, apart from Bauchi , there is no indigenous Hausas in the north east. The north is also divided into west, east and Central. Let us distribute current appointments along this line, it will then be clear that the appointments might not be as "lopsided" as they seem."
George Kaizer wrote:.Latest appointment ; Buhari is in order !
The only Constitutional guideline for making Federal appointments is the Federal Character Principle. So far, President Mohammadu Buhari is still very far from violating that provision.
As a matter of fact,he needs to relieve more southerners of Federal appointments in other not to violate the Federal Character principle.
1.NIMET~Dr. Anthony Anuforom
2.NNPC~Eng. Andrew Yakubu
3.NIMASA~Patrick Apobolokemi
4.PENCOM~Mrs. Chinelo Anohu Amazu
5.FERMA~Engr. Chukwu Amuchi
6.DPR~Mr. George Osahon
7.Bank Of Industry~Ms. Evelyn Oputu
8.Nigerian Content Dev. Agency~Ernest Nwanpa
9.Consumer Protection Agency~Mrs Dupe Atoki
10.NCC~Engr. Eugene Juwa
11.NAMA~Engr. Nnamdi Udoh
12.NCAA~Engr. Akikuotu
13.FAAN~George Uriesi
14.NCAT~Capt. Chinere Kalu
15.SEC~Aruma Otteh
16.Sovereign Wealth
Fund~Uche Orji
17.NAFDAC~Dr Paul Orhil
18.FIIRO~Dr. Mrs. G. N Elemo
19.Maritime Academy Of Nigeria~Oron Joshua Okpo
20.Railway Corporation~Eng. Seyi Sijuwade
21.Nigerian Tourism Dev. Corporation~Mrs. Sally Mbanefoh
22.Budget Office Of The Federation~Dr Bright Okogwu
23.NERDC~Prof Godswill Obioma
24.NEXIM~Mr R. R Orya
25.Standard Organization Of Nigeria~Dr Joseph Odumodu
26.Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation~Emeka Nkem Mba
27.Industrial Training Fund~Prof. Longmas Wapmuk
28.National University Commission~Prof. Okojie
29.NESREA~Mrs. N.S Benebo
30.MDG Office~Dr. Precious Gbenio
31.Surveyor General Of The Federation~Peter Chigozie
32.Statistician General Of The Federation~Dr. Yemi Kale
33.Accountant General Of The Federation~Mr. Jonah Otunla
34.Auditor General Of The Federation~Samuel Yonongo Ukura
35.National Orientation Agency~Mike Omieri
36.News Agency Of Nigeria~Oluremi Oyo
Oluremi Oyo was replaced by Ima Niboro....from the South South.
37.NEPC E/S David I Adelugba
38.NEPZA~Mr. Olugbenga Kuye
39.BPP~Engr Emeka Ezeh
40.Niger Delta Ministry-Orubebe, etc.