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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

International Right Monitoring Council ,IRMC , warns against assassination of Gani Adams .

International Right Monitoring Council , IRMC , warns against assassination of Gani adams .
The global right protector and monitoring organisation , International Right Monitoring Council , IRMC, has warned Nigeria against the assassination of the leader of OPC , Otunba Gani Adams 
In a release made available online from and signed by Mr Philips Hall , , the group pointed out that 'The international community is not comfortable with the story of the attempt to assassinate the leader of Oodua Peoples'Congress and the Convener of Oodua Progressive Union , OPU . Assassination attempt is not only condemnable but criminal in motive, intent and action it is deadly , unfashionable and repugnant to social order and fundamental human rights "
The group revealed that "The news of the alleged assassination attempt on the leader of OPC has continued to wreck havoc on the rising image of Nigeria which the credibility of President Muhammed Buhari has engendered of late .
The group called on President Buhari to ensure the installation of every institution necessary for the protection of human life , exercise of fundamental rights and promotion of peace .
The group noted that "Nigeria cannot slip again into the abyss of jungle justice where brute force and might rule the day instead of justice , fairness and equity "  
The group revealed that It will be tragic and disastrous for Nigeria as a nation if .citizens of Nigeria cannot exercise their right under the fear of being assassinated pointing out that President Buhari should ensure adequate protection for every Nigerian and especially those who are being threatened with assassination 
"We therefore called on the President Buhari to ensure that nothing untowards happen to Otunba Gani Adams , a citizen of Nigeria who has cultivated respect and shored up the image of Nigeria on the international forum"
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