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Sunday, 30 August 2015

This lady was Fired 'for having a black husband':

Fired 'for having a black husband': Teacher claims she was forced out of her job by 'racist' school officials who were 'offended' by her relationship

Ex-Orange County teacher Audrey Dudek was 'fired for having a black boyfriend' 
Audrey Dudek (left) filed a lawsuit on Wednesday which claims she was treated differently by the at the time school principal and assistant principal because she 'closely associated non-whites'. The former math teacher at Edgewater High School, who was let go in 2013, alleges in the suit that officials were 'shocked' and 'offended' after learning her now-husband, Stacey Cobb, was black (the couple pictured on their wedding day, right). Dudek is suing for unspecified damages for loss of dignity, suffering and pain and is seeking a jury trial.