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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Gov Mimiko inaugurates highway emergency medical centres

Mimiko inaugurates highway emergency medical centres
Nigerian Tribune  03.Sep.2014  0 Comments   Wale Ojo-Lanre
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A medical research published sometimes ago showed that 79.5 per cent of deaths through road accident would have been prevented had it been there have been prompt emergency and rescue effort.
Though no one prays for an accident to happen whenever  one is on a tour or travelling. Anyway, accidents do occur due either to mechanical fault or through bad driving behavioural pattern of road users or bad roads.
Though the Federal Government has set up institutions to check the rate of road accidents and reduce deaths especially through the effort of its agency, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) there has been no frontal or stringent consciousness at preventing death from road accidents, which could have been prevented by quick emergency intervention from medical officials.
This has been one of the obstacles challenging the growth of tourism and killing the passion of making travelling a hobby.
The question is “In case of an accident, would there be quick access to medical attention or fast rescue acts?
Lives, which could have been saved, have been lost due to inability of victims to get quick medical attention within 30 minutes or an hour of incident.
The Ondo State government through its caring heart project for not only the people of the state, but Nigerians in general, has established four points where emergency medical services could be given to victims within minutes on all the four highways crossing the state.
In order to ensure the success of the scheme, the Ondo State Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko has inaugurated the Ondo State Emergency Medical Service Agency in five entry posts of the state at Ilaramokin, which has been servicing Akure-Ilesa and Ibadan highway.
While Ore, which takes care of Benin-Ore Expressway, Oka, servicing the Akoko-Abuja and Omuo inter State road , Owo base will see to any emergency demands on the Owo-Abuja and Benin while that of Bolorunduro takes care of Akure-Ondo and Ore Highway.
The five points which have been inaugurated are serviced with well-trained staff and medical facilities equipped to offer minor operation before getting to the conventional theatre.
At Ilaramokin centre, an officer revealed “The highway emergency medical service is an integral part of the Ondo State Trauma System – a three-level initiative based on established public health prevention principles and best-practices in trauma care, namely. We are here to offer traumatic injury prevention, by conducting injury surveillance, collaborative advocacy and community awareness with emphasis on early detection and supra treatment of injuries via medically directed pre-hospital highway rescue. We are also charged to do everything humanly and medically possible to reduce motor crash-related disability through efficient and prompt emergency attention to victims.”
A tour of the Ilaramokin centre revealed a well thought out scheme shaped to save lives, minimise cost of accidents and freeing the road of accident induced traffic chaos.
The Ilara Centre is equipped with a towing vehicle, extrication  equipment, a state of the art ambulance and staff which are passionate about their job.
“We have been trained to handle any emergency situation and prevent quick death on the roads. We have all it takes to prevent careless deaths. We are equipped to provide the necessary human medical assistance and attention to prolong and sustain emergency cases before getting to the hospital, “revealed Charles Wale, one of the staff.
“Have a look at the ambulance, you will see drugs and equipment and other necessary facilities.
“We are kitted and ready. Our job here is to do everything humanly possible to prevent preventable losses.”