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Monday, 9 March 2015

Callous nanny secretly filmed hitting and stealing food from toddler she was looking after'

Callous nanny secretly filmed hitting and stealing food

 from toddler she was looking after'

Eve Mantaras, 25, is facing charges of criminal assault and child abuse after the boy's mum secretly recorded her looking after the two-year-old

A nanny has been accused of child abuse after hidden camera footage appeared to show her hitting and stealing food from a two-year-old boy.
The video shows Eve Mantaras, 25, apparently slapping the little boy and hitting him with the back of her hand as he cowers in fear.
She then appears to eat the youngster's food.
CENPAY Eve Mantaras
Accused: Mantaras appears to slap the little boy as he sits in his high chair
The boy's mum, Cristina Ceril, 33, installed the secret camera at her home in Parana, Argentina, after discovering a series of bruises on her child.
Neighbours had also reported hearing the boy and his 10-year-old sibling screaming and in tears when they were alone with the nanny.
Mrs Ceril linked the camera to her smartphone and gave the footage to police.
Police and prosecutors said they will use the video as part of their case after Mantaras was charged with criminal assault and child abuse.
Mrs Ceril said: "We would sometimes hear her with our son crying in the morning.
CENEve Mantaras
Concerns: The footage also appears to show the nanny eating the child's food
"It now makes my blood run cold to think what she might have been doing.
"We always thought she was a bit lazy around the house but we never imagined for a second that she was violent too.
"She actually stole my son's food and then hit him for saying he was hungry. She is sick."