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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kashamu congratulates Buhari

Kashamu congratulates Buhari
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CHAIRMAN, South West Organisation and Mobilisation Committee of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and senator-elect, Chief Buruji Kashamu, has congratulated the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, on his victory at the poll.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Kashamu described Buhari’s victory as well-deserved and hard fought, adding that “majority of Nigerians have spoken and we must all respect their wish.
“As a loyal party man, I campaigned for my party and candidate to the best of my ability. Now that the elections have been won and lost and Nigerians have spoken, we must respect the wish of the majority and move on with our lives, since Nigeria is greater than our personal interests and political affiliations.”
Kashamu hailed President Goodluck Jonathan for not interfering with the electoral system and for conceding defeat, adding that “with his conduct and exemplary leadership, he has secured for himself a place in the annals of history as an elder statesman and a true democrat.”