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Friday, 27 March 2015

Lai Mohammed lied against OPC - OPC Publicity Secretary

OPC debunks APC’s claim on its members unleashing mayhem in uniforms

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The Leaders of the Odua People’s Congress, Gani Adams has debunked the allegation made by  All Progressives Congress’ publicist, APC, Lai Mohammed, that  his members and other militants were seen wearing fake police and army uniforms so as to unleash mayhem on the opposition and disrupt elections.
In a release signed by OPC Publicity Secretary, Hakeem Ologunro, the group called on Nigerians to disregard such rumour which is capable of ruining the image and principles of the group.
According to him, “We read the story placed on the website that our organisation is going about in uniform so as to unleash mayhem in the society and we felt this kind of story should be discarded because it is not true.
We don’t know why Lai Mohammed is destorying our image and his  latest lie in the media release issued that OPC members and other militants were seen  wearing fake police and army uniforms so they can unleash mayhem on the opposition and disrupt voting, especially in the South-west, without hindrance.
“If this claim is to be believed why didn’t the APC Chief Propagandist come up with video or even pictures to confirm his claims?
“When will Lai Muhammed and his bunch of liars accept the fact that the people of South West have been liberated from their “MASS HYPNOTISM”?.
“It is funny that a party that can parade its presidential candidate granting an interview in Abuja as being interviewed in London will be shameless to rope OPC into their obvious failure in the coming polls.
“One would have expected Lai  Muhammed and his bunch of democracy rapists will be busy with the logistics of how they will cover their heads in shame and seek forgiveness from Nigerians after a disgraceful outing is rather busy attempting to create tension and needless outcries.
“We have told our members to be peaceful and law abiding. We wash our hands off any attempt to disrupt the election and we are certain nothing will go wrong,
“It is only in the mind of evil plotters like Lai Muhammed that the only thing they see about the coming election is violence and bloodshed,when we joined other concerned Nigerians to stage  a peaceful protest days back,they used their propaganda machinery to call us thugs,touts and other negative names,the moment we came public to show the video of the event,they shamefully kept quiet only for their claim today that our members and ex-militants are parading security uniforms to cause mayhem.
“Nigeria belongs to all of us,we are not part of those who have hijacked the democratic process to satisfy their selfish and greedy interest,and are yet to come to terms with the fact that Nigerians are wiser now.
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