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Friday, 27 March 2015

Oga Bello speaks on voting !

I don’t allow distractions at polling booths —Oga Bello

Oga Bello
How are you preparing for the coming elections?
I am preparing to vote like many other Nigerians. On Saturday, I will go to the nearby polling station and obey all the rules and regulations. But I am surely prepared to exercise my franchise.
When was the first time you ever voted?
The first time I voted? I know I have been voting since I became eligible to do so, and since democracy returned to Nigeria.
Don’t you get distracted by your fans whenever you are at polling booths?
No. Not really. I just go for the business of the day because people also know that you must obey the rules. I don’t allow distractions.
Is there a memorable voting day you like to remember?
Well, I don’t have issues during voting. For instance, I don’t have problems with accreditation. So, there has been no particularly memorable day.
What advice do you have for Nigerians concerning Saturday election and the one on April 11?
From top to down, everyone should exercise restraint and obey the rules. There should be no sentiments about anyone or anything because our vote is our power.