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Monday, 11 August 2014

Clueless President ?

This President is not clueless: Osun election !
@ all . I love this nation and i never pray for its downfall . Let the truth be told , President Goodluck Jonathan deserves commendation for being a rare statesman by deploring security agents to ensure a free and fair election which prevented Osun State from being plunged into an unimaginable chaos and violence . Yes. sentiment apart , if the President had not done that we all would be sympathizing with them in Osun state or with Nigeria . The fact is that the two major parties , the APC and PDP were rigging ready and also battle ready . The two major opponents , Ogbeni and Otunba were not mere men but eminent men of war and fury who would have rigged and committed blue electoral murder .. Nigeria cannot afford another waste of lives and properties . We are still battling with BOKO HARAM unending and only a stupid President will allow another chaotic malady to strike the nation again . And thank God President Ebele Jonathan is not . He is not clueless in this case . He is displayed and exhibited a golden characteristic of a good leader . I salute his courage and respect his decision . I have no apology for this . this is my view and I love it. .