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Saturday, 16 August 2014

what hijab got to do with John Lewis ? Read this

John Lewis ,for the first time ever in the business of fashion will display and sell hijab in his stores at  9 and 6 pounds respectfully .
John Lewis has won the contract to supply uniforms to the Islamia Girls’ School in north-west London, which was established in 1983 by Yusuf Islam – known as the singer Cat Stevens until his conversion to Islam in 1977. 
It is selling a white hijab for £9, alongside a teal blazer carrying the school badge, which costs £65, a long ankle-length grey skirt at £40, and other items.
John Lewis will also be supplying the hijab as part of the uniform for Belvedere Academy in Liverpool, which is a non-denominational girls’ school with pupils  from a wide range of religious backgrounds.

John Lewis has offered to create room for the muslim students and parent have acees to buy their school uniform at his departmental store