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Monday, 4 August 2014

See the fish that smoke cigarette !

Fish smokes a cigarette

Puffer Fish: The creature was made to smoke a cigarette 
Fish lovers have reacted angrily to the 30-second video clip, which shows the creature on a plank of wood puffing on a lit cigarette wedged in its mouth

Shocking video footage has emerged of a fish being forced to smoke a CIGARETTE. The footage has been uploaded to viral site LiveLeak and YouTube and has drawn stinging criticism for its cruelty. It shows the fish - thought to be tropical and not one found in British waters - posed upright on a plank of wood on a boat with the lit cigarette wedged into its mouth. Someone can be seen pointing at the fish as the cigarette burns for about 30 seconds before falling from the fish's mouth.

One web user said: "I wanted to love this video of a fish smoking a cigarette, but I couldn't."It seemed cruel. And inhumane. Like shouldn't this fish be in the water, not smoking a cigarette?"Another added: "That's horrible. Let's see if these guys can breathe water, only fair!"It is not known who filmed the footage or where the incident occurred, but it has been roundly condemned.

 One poster said: "Just looking at the fish's obviously scared eyes makes me feel very sad. Poor thing, that must have felt horrible. Animal cruelty is not funny."