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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sexy ,sexy ,sexy life in Las Vegas !


Those who do not enjoy “the chase,” Las Vegas’ sex tourism does offer sex tourists a risqué alternative to bars/clubbing. I have found that Spearmint Rhino isn’t the one that is getting mentioned in review sites (such as Yelp) as places to go for sex tourists visiting Sin City. Vegas is home to world-famous swingers clubs (like Power Exchange, Red Rooster and The Green Door) and bathhouses (Entourage). At these high-risk venues, skipping pleasantries and anonymous sex is part of the allure. But, I strongly recommend to at least get a name.
Part of my research was a visit to a testing facility for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), where I met a woman, who had a significant story to tell. She was at least over the age of 50 and admitted to having been a patron of The Green Door. She had just tested positive for an STD, which she claimed she contracted from a younger man at famous swingers club. Acting on her “Cougar impulses,” she said she trusted the younger guy. “I should have known that he was too good to be true,” she said regrettably.
Consequently, she was now faced with a situation that was “not worth the trouble” because not only is she is married; her STD could have been prevented. “Protect and don’t infect” may not sound familiar to those who don’t have any sexually transmittable disease, but I have heard it uttered several times during the course of my research. It is basic common sense to use protection during sex, let alone in high-risk situations in destinations as sexually charged Vegas. In Sin City, the very mouth you might be kissing may belong to someone who has a urine fetish (sexually turned on by drinking a partner’s urine). But, that’s another story.
In my investigation, I have found that, if prompted to choose, most people chose sex over gambling and drinking alcohol. The probability that a Vegas tourist will pick sex over gambling and/or drinking is as predictable as it is expected. Sex in Sin City is guaranteed fun unlike gambling and clubbing, which can both have unpredictable endings. In Vegas, the supply and demand for sex is predictably high at any given time everyday. As one person puts it: “You can never have too much fun.” By fun, he really meant sex.
Tourists seeking to have a fling (or flings) with someone they meet in Sin City and not someone they are travelling with him or her is another type of a Vegas sex tourist. This sex tourist is open-minded enough and is willing to push limits to live up to the sex in Sin City hype. Sex workers “Monica” and “Selena,” both transsexuals, claim that they both have had heterosexual men clients who fit this type of a Vegas sex tourist. I call them the “trysexuals.”
These clients come from different walks of life – some are married or have a girlfriend, some in the military, bartenders, VIP club hosts, bodybuilders, athletes, young and old, to name just a few. This finding is corroborated by ads on websites like Craigslist and Backpage which offer yet, another shocking truth: the demand for transsexuals and transgendered sex partners is very high in Las Vegas.
What gives? As “Selena” puts it, many tourists come to Vegas to live out sexual fantasies that they would not otherwise act up on in their hometown. These Vegas sex tourists “enjoy being with a transgendered or a transsexual “woman” because they have “the sexual drive of a man but look like women.” Clearly, this is good enough reason for many Vegas sex tourists to come to Sin City.
Next up in the series: To really break it down, I have found that there are only two types of sex in Sin City to be had. There are indeed many “options,” but those options fall under two categories. What are they? Find out in the next installment to my Sex in Sin City series.
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