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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Actor Muna Obiekwe good night !

muna-obiekwe1Tribute to a brave Actor. Oh, Muna, Muna Why? The more I hear about your death, the more I question this life, I ask Muna Obiekwe why? why would you leave us so soon. Oh, My God, Just got off the phone with someone who were with you during your last few days. Its a sad confirmation that you are really gone.
Gosh its so sad, I never really had a chance to thank you for having my back. I am just remembering the incident while we were shooting in Lagos, how somebody became violently sick, and collapsed on set. Panic set in among us all, We could have lost that person, but you Muna was so brave that you lifted him out and gave him CPR.
You stayed there until he came around. I remember shooting the accident scene, how you wanted the accident scene to be real that the car actually knocked you down.
I remember crying and shouting fearing that you were hurt, instead you were angry that i messed up a good shot. Muna during that period I wanted to give up many times.You talked me out of it, In your little way, you gave me strength. What went wrong? My heart goes to your wife ,and your children. Farewell dear. Sleep well Muna. May God accept your soul.