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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Desmond Elliot speaks on alcohol controversy ! click

Desmond has this to say
" I don't even drink alcohol, not even at all, at least this is very easy to confirm, my colleagues in the movie industry can attest to this, those bottles of champagne were presented to us as gifts by the CDA Chairman that community while we were on the campaign procession and because of the fact that, I am the popular face among the politicians, they were handed to me and in the spirit of the campaign, I just brandished it, and later handed it to guys, Desmond stated.
So it's surprising to see that the gesture of goodwill and acceptance which is meant to be seen as a honour have been given a different name by detractors but that notwithstanding, I've taken note of this and will be more careful henceforth of what not to be involved in, he quipped on a final note"