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Monday, 26 January 2015

No Ijaw man will vote for Jonathan - Tam David West !

Jonathan is a disaster   - Tam David West !
A kinsman of President Goodluck Jonathan , ProfessorTam David West has described  Dr Goodluck  as  an unmitigated disaster and a shame to the ijaw ethnic group
"Jonathan is a shame to the ijaw nation first and foremost and a disaster to Nigeria . A lot was expected from him by Nigerians who stood by him when he was to be side tracked only to get properly sited

in the saddle exposing his emptiness at governance and dullness at administration .  He has no moral latitude to seek for re-election . No ijaw man will vote for him because he is a disgrace to our nation and Nigerians should not dare to vote for him "
 Professor Tam - David West pointed this out in an exclusive interview with Alarink-agbaye at Lagos Airport Hotel , Ikeja yesterday ,
He revealed that " The ijaw nation is not happy with the abysmal performance of Jonathan which has spoilt the chance of other ijaw candidate at  becoming the President of this nation again "
He said that "We have seeing enough of Jonathan . What else is he going to offer after spending two years as Vice - President and 6 full years as President . He has not been able to make tangible and effective changes in all these years "
Professor Tam David West  pointed out that   " Instead of him to honourably step aside and bow out gracefully , he has being wiping up dry  emotion and eliciting the support of the dregs of the society particularly the fraudulent dirty  so called Niger Delta militants to   push threat on Nigeria and the South West "
He revealed that "He is desperate to stay in the saddle at all cost . But he will pushed out by the votes of Nigerians . He knows he has lost the election but some unpatriotic , greedy and fraudulent elements are goading him on , He will be ashamed in the end ,
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