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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The shameful act of Desmond Elliot (Harlot )- By Wale Ojo lanre

The senselessness of Desmond Elliot (Harlot )
By Wale Ojo lanre
I saw this pictures and I wept for Nigeria and Nigerians
I wept because of our gullibility and lack of precision judgemental acumen .
I wept also because I know these two characters will be eventually elected not because of their personal distinguishing character but because of the people and party they belong to .
we are a bunch of people who always scramble to make decision base on euphoria of the moment without proper evaluation of the outcome and consequences
This has led to the appointment and election of idiots and people of disrepute to posts of national responsibility where they messed and with grave consequence to the nation
Nigeria is as this because we have continually place the fate of this country in the hands of idiots and irresponsible personalities .
We are people who cherish vain gloriousness and praise criminals and fraudster to high heavens
We also fail to emphasise on past records and not concern with proper characterization of those we are putting in position of authority
This is why failed personalities will continued to dominate the politics and position while men and women of virtue will be relegated to the background
I was surprised when eminent Nigerians queued and fought like hell for the Late MKO Abiola .
Eminent Professors , international men of integrity were raising their voices and running at making a personality of Late MKO Abiola who had a legend of atrocities against Nigeria at his neck
But not minding his vulnerable past , they voted for him en mass only few of us were out of the scene .
If Abiola could be so well accepted why not Bola Ahmed Tinubu ?
And why not one Onanefe Ibori who was found of being sent to jail for stealing in Abuja ?
Why not elements like Ayodele Fayose who is having many unresolved cases in the court being cleared by SSS , INEC recording moonslide victory against an incumbent governor then ?
Why not a Gbajambiamila who has criminal and fraudulent case in US and now one of our light bearers at the Senate ?
And why not one Buruji kasahamu ,a confirmed drug baron banned in USA and in near by Cotonu ?
Just because our past doe not matter again in determining our future advancement
And why not this irresponsible Desmond Elliot ( harlot) who has nothing to offer Lagosian than being a choreographed actor and nothing else ? .
And sorry , he has displayed what he will offer - booze , champagne and act to his name harlotry
In a sane clime , this singular picture has characterised the kind of a person he is and enough for his rejection at the poll
But my people ,,,,,,,,
and i wept !