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Sunday, 25 January 2015

She has 11 children already now pregnant for the 12th , husband runs away !

She has 11 children already now pregnant for the 12th , husband runs away !

Cheryl Prudham, 32, has vowed never to take back serial cheat Robert, who she claims cheated during all six times she was pregnant by him

Steve BainbridgeMum of eleven Cheryl Prudham
Going it alone: Cheryl Prudham is pregnant with child number 12 but WON'T take her cheating husband back
Baby machine Cheryl Prudham has vowed never to take back her ­serial cheat husband, saying he cruelly walked out as she expects her 12th child.
The 32-year-old would rather struggle as a single mum on welfare than endure more heartbreak with Robert, who has ­fathered six of her brood.
She claims he has been leaving her for other women, then crawling back, throughout their five years together.
Cheryl, whose ever-expanding family costs taxpayers £30,000 a year to keep, said: “He’s been unfaithful more than ten times. Things went wrong quite early on. Two weeks before we got ­married he was cheating.
“At that time I was eight months pregnant with our first son, Leon, and I felt I had no choice but to get on with it. It was a mistake but I was naive and just hoped it was a one-off.
“I was desperate to have a stable family life and give the kids a home with a mum and a dad – something I’d never had but always craved.”
Cheryl sparked outrage this month when she revealed she was pregnant again, ­conceiving just five weeks after she gave birth to twins last October.
Cuddling her three-year-old son Lenny, her eyes filled with tears as she recalled the first time Robert was ­unfaithful. She already had six children by two different men when she met him in the summer of 2009.
Two months after their first date she was pregnant and he moved from Manchester to live with her in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Cheryl told the Sunday People : “I’m estranged from my family and didn’t really have any friends. Then Robert came along.
“He seemed unfazed. I had six kids and my world soon revolved around him.
“We were over the moon when I became pregnant.
“I had terribly low self-esteem and I suppose I was grateful that he was ­willing to take us on. Before I knew it we were getting married.
“But a few weeks before we ­exchanged vows, Robert walked out on me, claiming he needed space.”
“He started referring to a girlfriend in his Facebook status updates.
Mum of eleven Cheryl Prudham
Scan: Cheryl Prudham is pregnant with child number twelve
“I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. It completely destroyed me. I was in bits. It was the worst I’d ever felt in my life.”
That was in March, 2010. In April he was back and the couple married that May, the same month Leon, now four, was born. Cheryl said: “When he came back, begging forgiveness, I took him back immediately.
“He was full of remorse and swore he’d made a mistake and would never cheat on me again. Stupidly I believed him.”
But her happiness was short-lived. Six months after their wedding, Robert left, again saying he needed space.
She said: “He change his Facebook status to ‘In a relationship with’ and there was a girl I’d never heard of.
“I think she was an old school friend from Manchester. Rob went for three weeks before he came crawling back, again begging forgiveness.
“I was heartbroken but I took him back. I wanted our relationship to work for the sake of our son. I soon became pregnant again.”
In March 2011 Robert walked out again, two days before Cheryl’s ­birthday.
She recalled: “I was seven months’ pregnant with Lenny and I had no idea how I was going to cope. I hit rock bottom.” Robert was back in time for Lenny’s birth in May.
SWNSCheryl Prudham with her husband Robert and one of the children
Together then: Cheryl Prudham with Robert and one of the children
But Cheryl claimed: “From then it followed the same pattern. Every six months he’d become distant.
“I’d confront him, he’d say he didn’t want me, then walk out and start ­seeing someone else.
“I’d spend night after night wondering whose bed he was in. I felt so worthless that by the time he begged to come back, I actually felt grateful.
“He couldn’t control himself – he even chatted up a neighbour’s ­daughter. Two years ago a furious woman told me Robert was sleeping with her 17-year-old girl.
“I was so ashamed. But I took him back. It makes me feel a complete mug but I was desperate.
“I was relying on friends to look after the kids so I could hold down my job as a carer. It was tough.”
She said: “A few weeks before the twins were born last year he walked out again. I challenged him but he laughed in my face. He never denies sleeping with women . He just says it’s none of my business.
“I ended up having the twins by emergency caesarean operation, with him hundreds of miles away. I called him from the ambulance to say the twins were coming and I was scared. He said, ‘What do you want me to do about it?’”
Yet again Cheryl took Robert, 29, back. She said: “We agreed, no more children. Last October he had a vasectomy, But days later I found I was pregnant again. It must have happened a week before he had the snip.
“It was unlucky because, despite all the children, we rarely have sex. After five loads of washing a day and all the other things with a huge family, I can’t be bothered.
“I was shocked about the pregnancy at first and planned an abortion. I had the appointment but couldn’t go through with it.” Cheryl soon saw tell-tale changes in Robert’s behaviour and last week she confronted him. She said: “I knew he was up to no good again. I could spot the signs. He walked out, smirking, and hasn’t been back since.
“But I know what he’s been up to. I found a load of incriminating messages on his Facebook account. He was ­talking to some girl, arranging getting together, slagging me off. He agreed to have unprotected sex and talked about them having a baby, even though they’d never met.
“This time something snapped and I realised I deserve better. She’s ­welcome to him. He makes me sick.”
Cheryl, who now lives in Gravesend, Kent, insists she has no wish to ­freeload on the State and claims a disturbed childhood drove her to have multiple children herself.
She became pregnant with her first child George, now 15, when she was 17 and living in a hostel.
Son Jack, now 13, followed by the same boyfriend. She went on to date a butcher and by him had daughters Caitlin, nine, Maisie, eight, Millie, seven and Madison, six.
Sons Leon and Lenny by Robert made Cheryl a mum of eight before she turned 30. Then came daughter Lainey, two, and twins Lexy-Rose and Lacey-May, now aged five months.
The pair were pictured soaking up the sunshine in Spain last year. But she denies having it easy.
She is on anti-depressants and said: “It’s hard work. But being a mum is the only thing I feel good at.”
When asked about Cheryl’s claims, Robert called her a “liar”, then admitted he had cheated while the couple were “on a break” from each other.
He said: “She’s been with people behind my back. I’m not allowed to see the kids, I haven’t a clue why. It’s over. We split up because she is pregnant with someone else’s baby.”
Cheryl said: “He knows I haven’t cheated. How would I have the time? And added: “I’ll do a DNA test.”

Five years of betrayal

August 2009 Already a mother of six, Cheryl gets together with Robert.
Sept 2009 Is pregnant with Leon.
March 2010 Robert first walks out.
April 2010 Robert comes back.
May 2010 Marries Robert and gives birth to Leon (child no 7).
Late 2010 Robert leaves briefly.
March 2011 Robert walks out.
April 2011 Robert returns.
May 2011 Lenny born.
January 2013 Lainey born.
June 2013 Robert leaves again.
August 2013 Robert returns.
July 2014 Robert walked out again.
August 2014 Twins Lexy-Rose and Lacey-May born.
Mid-October 2014 Robert has a vasectomy.
Late October 2014 Cheryl discovers she is four weeks pregnant.
January 2015 Robert walks out