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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Who disgraced Gov Ajimobi at Buhari's Ibadan Presidential campaign rally ? by Wale ojo lanre

Who disgraced Ajimobi at Buhari's  Ibadan Presidential  rally ?
Honestly speaking , the Ibadan APC Presidential Rally was successful , colorful and royally
I watched it live as it was being streamed into the space  albeit poorly by the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State , BCOS ,  which must be battling with old and obsolete equipment  just to do honour to the visiting General of the masses .
Apart from the multitude of crowd which some people remarked  as the largest ever since the campaign period ,  Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola ,  the Governor of the state of Osun injected vibrancy into the the event and brought back the memory of how campaigns were conducted and  held in those days of UPN , NPN , NPP and GNPP  .
He stoked and ignited the atmosphere  with his songs , theatrics and dance which  spread sparks and zealousness in the  crowd
Things seemed to be well with the campaign until when the Governor of Oyo , Senator Abiola  Ajimobi   was called upon to speak .
Governor Ajimobi who has been displaying some " swaga"  and side shows whenever the musician sang his praise or  being referred to by a speaker got the microphone , flashed his white set of teeth blessed with an enticing gap and tried to move the crowd with his speech  in his own style .
Some few minutes into his speech , the mood of his wife who has been so enthusiastic and even publicly dashed the Governor a beautiful kiss  on the podium changed   as her facial expression turned sour!
And lo and behold  ! the microphone was switched off the hand of  Governor  Ajimobi and the crowd was prevented from listening to the sweet stories  from the Governor of the people
To many , this was not only a disgrace but an insult on the integrity of the   Governor who did everything  humanly possible to ensure the  success of the day .
The fact is that majority of the people came to listen to the sweet voice of Governor Ajimobi and cheer him up but somehow Governor Ajimobi's speech was aborted and he was never allowed to speak to the people again !
And  there was no apology , there has been none but our Governor was disgraced just like that at a ceremony he organised and largely financed with our state fund !