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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Are South West Governors sleeping ?

Where are the South West Governors ?
The governors of the South South and Northern state are busy offering scholarships and sponsoring their citizen in various choice disciplines within and  outside this country .
But in the South West because it is termed educationally advantaged , it seems that the Governors of these states have been complacent .
This is a serious malaise
I hope a once educationally advantaged zone will not become educationally disadvantaged soon
South West Governors , wake up
This is healthy competition .
Wake up !
Where are the South West Governors ?
See kano state first female Pilot
Kwankwaso is working : He sponsored 100 Kano indigenes to train as pilot at Mid-East Aviation Academy, Jordan, and out of them Kano now has the first female commercial pilot from the state. Fatima Abba Gwadabe you have done Kano and indeed Kwankwasiyya proud.