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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Solam: A non-alcohol hotel debuts in Ibadan

Solam: A non-alcohol hotel debuts in Ibadan
 18.Feb.2015  DISQUS_COMMENTS   Wale Ojo-Lanre
Nigerian Tribune 

Hospitality industry in Nigeria is not only growing despite the stifling economic situation, but also witnessing the emergence of brand concept to cater for distinct buyers and consumers.
In Ibadan, Oyo State, at the end of Aalafin Avenue, Oluyole Estate Extension, a hotel christened Solam Executive Suites has reared its head telling all that “No alcohol is sold here.”
One may think that such a hotel will be one of the-run-off-the-mill with low standard, poor public relations, just created to satisfy the yearnings of the religious minded fellows who just want a place to hide their heads or sleep for the night maintaining their ascetic way of life.
But none of this is a portion of Solam Suites. Apart from the fact that you cannot buy or get to buy any alcoholic drinks on its bar, the hotel is set on an internationally high standard acceptable benchmark of excellence.
One of the noticeable features of this non- alcohol hotel is the spacious parking lot with exceptional double-layered security control gate manned by courteous security men who warmly direct clients to a lot and watch keenly over your car.
“The reception manned by enthusiastic staff who take pride in smiling at you whether you are good looking or not   is cute, stylish and regales in comfort to offer our dear customers or our clients prompt service without wasting their time as they have no business staying long at the reception . Also, to let them have a taste of what we fitted in the rooms within minutes,” says Kola Shodimu, Business Manager of the hotel.
“Each of the 20 bedrooms is set in perfect decor of luxury and splendour striving earnestly to ensure the utmost pleasure for the guests who want and desire an ambience of bliss in a non- alcoholic polluted environment.
The fixtures and fittings are not only of the best quality but adopted to be environmentally stable ranging from the therapeutic beddings, atmospheric duvet, side lamps, bulb, the fridge, plasma TV, reading table, comfortable chair while the conveniences are designed and equipped to be real conveniences where customers can feel free to read and think .
“We know we are catering for discerning customers who desire the best of the best atmosphere, an unpolluted and serene environment, hence everything you see here or fitted showcases quality, standard and excellence,” Shodimu said.
The restaurant is fitted to lure customers’’ throats to menu as the chef who has intercontinental experience and exposure   is ever ready to serve the food fresh and fast within minutes of order.
“We realise that having a very beautiful and highly polished hotel like ours is good and desirable,
We know that we have the best hardware which is the building, the security, the concept of non-alcohol, but also realise that if we failed to get the best chef around seasoned enough to cook mouth-watering and something to remember food we shall be wasting our time.
“Hence, we have one of the best chefs around who is skilled in local and intercontinental cuisine. You see a man who loath alcohol will love good food. Hence, anyone who sleeps here is assured of good food produced by a clean chef under a most hygienic environment.”
Solam is not about non-alcoholic drinks alone, as it offers its clients unlimited access to Wi-Fi “We don’t see this amenity I mean Wi-Fi or internet as a privilege or favour to our customers.
“We see it as a right for them. It is a hotel with availability of generators as a value added facility. A hotel must be able to provide efficient power supply, that is why we have four generators here for the hotel alone,” revealed Shodimu.
Solam is a total hotel which does not only take care of the accommodation, feeding and leisure demands of customers and clients, but has ventured in providing support services to enhance the business and social factors of desired members of the public .
It has within the premises of Solam Executive Suites an Event Centre purposely constructed to sit over 1000 guests in Cinema format and 700 in party styles. Clients need not worry about musical equipment, as this event centre is all-inclusive with LCD TV transmission while the event lasts. This event centre is blessed with air conditioning, equipped with audio-visual equipment with complimentary band super fast and wireless and internet connection.
According to Shodimu, “Solam is one out of all hotels in Ibadan which sets out to offer that unique services delivery by upward mobile and thoroughly trained staff to satisfy the yearning of customers in the most conducive atmosphere devoid of alcohol and lewdness. It is a hotel carved for the best of minds.”