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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Senator Kola Folarin ,Oyo State , Nigeria PDP's Governorship candidate must hear this

     By Wale Ojo lanre
If not because I love this man in this picture , Senator  Teslim Kola Folarin , the PDP candidate for the Governorship seat of Oyo state I would have not ventured into revealing what the expected voters are saying about him .
And I have tried all I could do to reach  and inform him about the comments of the masses concerning some of his billboards and posters which he meant to use in  wooing ,  arresting and cultivating  the attention and interest of the voters towards him ..
However it is very sad that I cannot get through to him and nobody is willing to give me his contact details .
I also have to do this because the eyes see not itself but with another thing and as one of the friends of TKF , I have no option than to use this medium in conveying this message .
I am not happy with the reactions of people to some of the billboards which are supposed to warm the voters towards  TKF's.
These posters  and bill boards seem to be wreaking havoc in the public percetion of his personality and  doing great disservice to his campaign efforts  .
I know those around him will never tell him this  because may be some of them brought the brand company or designer .
People are using his  postures on the bill boards to judge his intellect and capacity to work
They believe that the way you dress , your picture pose , your gait and look as presented to the public largely tell who you are and what you can do .
They are saying that some of his poses on the billboards portray him as a  cold ,dull witted person ,  who is cunny , sly and bereft of enthusiasm .
They are saying that he looks like someone campaigning to become the Olubadan rather than a promising  vibrant Governor to be .
They are daily casting and hurling abuses on the designer or the brand manger who convinced TKF to pose like that and use them as posters
They are saying that if posters could determine who wins an election that they are in doubt whether TKF could have it
They are using these posters and billboard to judge and compare him to other candidates .
They are saying that he cannot be an action governor  but like baba no regret who is only going there to' jollificate ' , rock owambe and dull the state affair
They talk , talk and talk and condemn the posters ......

Hope someone will tell Senator TKF