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Friday, 6 February 2015

My view on the Audio of the Secret Meeting Of How Fayose, Obanikoro, Army General rigged Ekiti election "by wale Ojo lanre

"By Wale Ojo lanre
Honestly speaking , Ekiti Election was not rigged . But it was not devoid of Executive intimidation and malpractices which this video succinctly sealed , signed and confirmed . I cried out a day to the election when things were going tough,  when the military and security agencies were hunting APC members which is why  this meeting of friends in crime held . I am sure even if the dramatis personae have not done this Fayose would have won the election convincingly because my people were razzmatazz in believing in Bra Ayo . I as an Ekiti man is not taken in by any fa├žade explanation of whoever about " voice morphing or tampering ." It was part of the whole gamut of strategies including stomach infrastructure devices employed to lure the people to vote for Bra Ayo Fayose then  which I am sure they are regretting their action now .  Bra Ayo can do anything to achieve his aim as attested to  by his shameful action of him leading a pack of hoodlums and thugs  to sack a court in session and beat a judge to a pulp . 
I am surprise at his futile attempt at distancing himself from this just "little action ' of a meeting which the decision was brazenly carried out .