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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Why Sally Mbanefo must go “Imagine Sally Mbanefo constructing one of the best stand for Nigeria in South Africa at the cost of 2 .5 million naira which her predecessor used 25 million naira to build !

Many sins of   Sally Mbanefo, DG , NTDC  !
I will not join the multitude in deliberately committing evil neither will  I be part of the minority which  shy  away from speaking the truth , the whole truth nothing but the truth .
Hence , this article which I am writing with the fear  of God and commitment to the ethical dictate of the pen profession .
Mrs Sally Mbanefo has been a subject of vitriolic media attack right from the very first day her name was announced by the federal government as a replacement for  Otunba Olusegun Runsewe .
Not that Mrs Mbanefo is not competent , nay , going through her resume and investigating her precedent at working posts , she is not only fit but an asset to the nation rather it was the manner and   ridiculous way which Otunba Runsewe ‘s appointment was terminated  while on active assignment of the Federal Government in far away Dubai  .
This writer was in fact an arrow head of people  who led a heavy voice of criticism against the act of the Federal Government not because of the personality of Sally Mbanefo ,  but the undignified manner with which Otunba Olusegun Runsewe and another Yoruba man who was the Director of Nigerian Broadcasting Commission , NBC , were   removed before the end of their tenure . As for Otunba Runsewe , he had almost 8 months more into the end of his 2nd term tenure of 4 years each , having spent 7 years and 4 months out  of  8 years .  
Making the announcement a painful one then was the fact that Otunba Runsewe had led  a large delegation of NTDC staff including ,drivers , office assistants  and some of the tourism writers including the writer  and journalists to attend the Arabian Travel Market  , taking place in Dubai where some of the investors  who visited Nigerian stand raised the fear of assignment instability of Nigerian’s  tourism administrator .
And we have not left the market when the fears of the investors were  not only confirmed  but that the man who had allayed their fear was removed with ignominy on the second day by the Federal Government !
And the man that was removed is not only an accomplished journalist /  publisher but a wonderful personality  who is not only a philanthropist  to journalist and journalism but   gave his best according to his own vision by  creation of huge  awareness about tourism in term of publicity .
Definitely , only a fool will expect someone like Otunba Runsewe with his looming image which was even larger than tourism himself to be removed without rumbles .
Even , if there were no natural rumbles ,  as human too , one does not expect Otunba Runsewe  or his followers not to be throwing stones .
Particularly with the background of personality  discord  between the former occupier’ of the  Ministry  of Tourism , Adetokunbo Kayode who had made futile effort of getting rid of Otunba Runsewe  and the brazen enmity between the present occupier Chief Edem Duke who finally succeeded in removing him and appoint a " supposedly stooge " in person of Sally
So the first sin of Sally Mbanefo is the fact that the Federal Government was unkind enough by appointing her to replace a huge personality who spend over 7 years  as a DG and  whose fame , good deeds and large heartedness have cultivated to him large troop of followers , admirers , loyalists and praise singers who enjoyed tremendous patronage and support and  survival from him within the NTDC as a corporation and within the  travel tourism journalists  some of us who so much depended on his largesse to live, buy car , build houses ,  junket over the world  and social support  on  etc , etc .
Expectedly  this group of people will not be happy and will forever curse the day Otunba Runsewe was removed and unless the person who is stepping into the post is ready to carry on with business as usual and wear the  behavioural garb of Otunba Runsewe’s  , there is no way things will be smooth for the occupier .
To many of the journalists and Otunba’s  admirers . Sally was the fellow who pushed Otunba Runsewe out as if she has the authority to appoint herself and as if Sally has taken the life of out of Otunba’s  world , hence they  have to pull this lady down at cost with frivolous and wicked accusations and allegation of fraud which are figment of imagination. .
And thus lies the second sins of Sally Mbanefo who came brandishing a new concept and approach to tourism , believing that Nigeria must first of all develop domestic tourism by promoting the local festivals and developing them instead of expending  the fund of the corporation gallivanting all over the world marketing what is not on ground .
She announced that there would be a sharp drop in Nigeria attendance at international fairs and tourism exhibitions which have not substantially added any value to Nigeria tourism growth because the local tourism products are not on ground and there has not been any conscious efforts at developing the domestic tourisms by her predecessor  other than on the pages of newspapers  .
To her ,  tourism business should be conducted as serious business not only on the pages of newspaper or by employing  highfalutin sloganeering   but strictly for its economic impact  behaving as if she is in a private sector where every step must lead to profitable result  .
 Of course , this did not go down well with staff who  usually benefits from such trips via estacode ,  and the travel journalists who are always sponsored by NTDC to such events .
Compounding the case was the drastic short fall in the nation’s revenue and  the dwindling allocation to Ministry , Departments and Parastatals  which reduced the scope and activities of the Corporation .
The third sin of Sally lies in the fact , since her appointed , she has been able to block some of the holes where the NTDC funds were siphoned and wasted particularly the tradition of  attending fairs and markets with large number of staff and in most cases with  those who are not relevant in the scheme of international marketing .
She was quoted “ I believe our international engagement or fair attendance should not only be dictated by need , achievable goal ,   purposeful , with a mission and  vision. It should be dominated by members of the private sector with a sizeable and function members of staff .Trade fairs and exhibitions are not for the sake of paparazzi or personal aggrandizement but to further the growth of domestic tourism “
Thus she incurred  the wrath and antagonism of a sizeable number of those who should have benefited from what she called unproductive travels and more particularly some of these journalists who have not been opportune to travel out of this country since Otunba Runsewe left .
Another sin of Sally was her “extreme prudence “ particularly when it comes to building Nigerian stand at international fair and event
“Imagine Sally Mbanefo constructing one of the best stand for Nigeria in South Africa at the cost of 2 .5 million naira which her predecessor used 25 million naira to build ! “
Definitely , such a stingy fellow is not supposed to be the DG of NTDC
Another sin of Sally is her failure to honour and pay  shadow contractors who were verbally awarded contract without proper contract procedure of offer , availability , consideration and acceptance .
Also , Sally has sinned against some of these journalists who alleged her of being stingy  “she does not operate like Runsewe  “forgetting and not susceptible to blackmail . Thus these set are ready to be used by whoever wants a pound off  Sally’s flesh  .
Another sin of Sally is the fact she has remained unperturbed despite all the attempted to stain her reputation and someone is of the fear that she is writing her name better in the  tourism book of Nigeria .
They could not understand why she has to travel and visit tourism sites in  25 states of the Federation and visiting  traditional rulers  spreading domestic tourism and encouraging stakeholders and promoters of culture and tourism .
They could not see why she  is identifying  with traditional rulers , the custodian of cultures in the six geo- political zone of the country an act they could not do or ever envisaged she could achieved within the first 12 months as DG, NTDC.
They are not happy that she has been able to secure a cultural exchange training programme for NTDC staff in Gambia which was the first time of  such a scheme in 7 years .
These and other reasons have led to the renew fabrication of falsehood of wasting several millions while the fact is that the Lady inherited a bag of several millions of debt left by her predecessor.