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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Gani Adam's OPU lubricates Nigeria /Cyprus cultural –tourism engagement

OPU inauguration lubricates  Nigeria /Cyprus cultural –tourism engagement
 18.Feb.2015  DISQUS_COMMENTS   Wale Ojo-Lanre
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Otunba Gani Adams presenting an Award to Mayor of Famagusta ,Cyprus
 The vision of Otunba Gani Adams which propelled him to convene and embark on inaugurating  the Oodua Progressive Union, OPU, as an  association  concerned with the revitalisation, resuscitation, promotion , veneration  and enhancing the pristine socio –cultural –tourism heritage of the Yoruba race among the Diaspora has  started yielding good fruit not for the  association   but  Nigeria in particular .
This scenario played itself out on Wednesday 3 February, 2015 when  Otunba Adams led a delegation of members of OPU in paying a courtesy visit to the   Mayor of Famagusta Mr Ismail Arter, in North Cyprus in his office.
Otunba Adams who was in North Cyprus with a delegate of members of OPU which include Zaki of Arigidi-Akoko, Oba Yisa Olanipekun, The Olu of Igbore, HRM Oba Adeogun Ogunbona, Chief Executive officer, Intl. School of Aviation,  Captain Olatokunboh Adesina, Prince Segun Akanni  to inaugurate the first student wing of OPU in Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus  
Otunba Adams and his entourage who  were heralded to the office of the Mayor with warm  and enthusiastic reception commended Mr Arter for opening his door  wide to receive the Nigerian delegation to his office and territory
“I must confess that I am highly impressed by the reception showered on us in your office right from the gate by your officials who welcomed us with enthusiasm and warmth “
Otunba Adams disclosed that ‘We felt that it will be inappropriate for us to visit this lovely Island of bliss, inaugurate Oodua Progressive Union without paying a courtesy visit to  the Mayor,  particularly to one mayor who has been described as a lover of Nigerian students in North Cyprus.”
He pointed out that “It will also be a sign of ingratitude for me as a Yoruba man and promoter of the culture to visit this country , launch OPU for the students here and refuse to visit a Mayor who is not only in love with Nigeria as a country , in love with Nigerian students here but has gone a step further  by inaugurating a scholarship scheme for the Nigerian students.”
Otunba Adams  pointed out that “We are in this country to inaugurate a student’s wing of OPU in Cyprus , the first ever , The essence is to promote and sustain the cultural values and norms of the Yoruba race among our students who study abroad. It is a known fact that a culture die fast or rather goes into extinction  as fast as possible if the young people are not in tune with its tenets , hence we found it necessary and urgent to save our culture from being pushed into the sea of forgetfulness.”
Otunba Adams who revealed that “The Yoruba culture is one of the best in the world with clear and distinct values description which norms and mores  regulate the behavioural pattern of the race, ensure conformity with societal rules and regulation and strive to produce  responsible citizenry for a better community relationship . “
He called the attention of the Mayor to two specific areas where Cyprus and Nigeria could reap and engage in  mutually beneficial enterprise and relationship
“I have noticed that North Cyprus is a heaven of tourism and agriculture.  There are a lot of engagements which the two countries can gain from if these two sectors are looked into and it will go a long way to  fasten  the relationship between Nigeria and Cyprus’
In his response , Mr Arter lauded Otunba Adams for his activities so far as a leader of Oodua People’s Congress, OPC  and Oodua Progressive Union.
“We are most pleased to welcome you and your delegate to our Municipality, Otunba Gani Adams,  the National coordinator  Oodua People’s Congress and convener Oodua Progressive Union. We are happy to inform you that we are very close with Nigerian students here and we see them as an integral part of the municipality.”
Mr Arter commended Otunba Adams for being  the first Nigerian to visit him in office with a powerful delegate discussing area of  cooperation and engagement.
“I must tell you that I highly appreciate your visit to my office and I must let you know that you and your entourage are the first set of Nigerian delegate I am receiving in this country since I assumed office and to thank you for your observation on areas of cooperation between Nigeria and Cyprus. It gladdens my heart that you are talking of agriculture which we have the expertise  and technical knowhow and tourism which is one of the revenue bases of the country .  ”
Mr Arter said  ”Otunba Adams your coming to Cyprus and visit  to my office has  opened a new vista in our relationship with Nigerians and Nigeria.  It has again rekindled our interest and passion  about Nigeria . We appreciate your efforts and commend your altruistic cultural – tourism promotion of your race and your   strides to add value to the image of your country. Although Nigerian students have cut short the long distance between Nigeria and Cyprus,  but your step and acts   now have expanded the border of this relationship which we are not only going to improve upon but enhance “
He assured the Yoruba delegates that “It is my love for Nigerian students because of their sense of responsibility that I inaugurated a shorlarhip scheme which you made reference to and which will be executed promptly now that you have intervened. Otunba Adams , it is my duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Nigerians in this country”
Mr Arter revealed that his municipality was ready  to share knowledge, expertise and  technical knowhow with any Nigerian or state governments wishing to relate with Cyprus on tourism and agriculture.”
“I  am glad at this visit, I am happy to meet the two traditional rulers from Ondo and Ogun states. I am also happy meeting a Nigerian who has aviation school in many countries. There are a lot for Nigerians to explore here and we are ready to assist and facilitate investment opportunities in a symbiotic situation relationship. I am hoping to see you again.”
Otunba Adams presented a copy of his  biography and written documents on vision of OPU and its activities to Mr Arter  and  also   formally introduced  the Eastern Mediterranean University EMU, OPU Coordinator, Mr Segun George whose executive council was inaugurated the previous day to   who the Mayor  confessed “Segun is a good ambassador of Nigeria in Cyprus. He  is a responsible student”
Meanwhile, Otunba Adams  has cautioned the Yoruba in EMU  North Cyprus to see themselves as the light of the race.
Otunba Adams made this  call in his speech titled “You are the light of Nigeria ‘  at the inauguration  of the OPU Eastern Mediterranean University. North Cyprus which was held at Tourism Hall, on Tuesday 3 February, 2015.
He captured the essence of the inauguration “My theme for this short address is “You are the light of Yoruba Race “With this theme, I will borrow a verse from the Holy Bible where Jesus Christ charged the Apostles saying “You are the light of the world. A city set on hill cannot be hidden. Let your light shine among the world so that they can glorify your father in heaven.”
He posited “ We decided to congregate here and inaugurate this chapter not only because we have a bunch of Yoruba students who are eager to be part of the Yoruba cultural revolution and Risorgimento but largely due to the testimony of your behaviour, good character, exhibition of positive values  and conduct made by  Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen and Vice Rector for Promotion Professor Hasan Amca, when a delegate headed by the Zaki of Arigidi visited this campus  in December 2014.
“Had it been the report was negative, we  would  not  have been  here, but just because you have allowed the virtues   of  Oduduwa,  the champion of good conduct to shine and  radiate in you, we have  no option  than to make a second journey within a space of 60 days to seal this testimony of you all  being  worthy ambassadors of Yoruba race and Nigeria as a country in a foreign land.”
Otunba Adams revealed “Let it be known that this is the first time that OPU is being inaugurated on a university campus anywhere in the world. It is thus tasking the moral sensibility and sense of reasonability of the members to always live above board, show advanced mutually attestable behavioural pattern worth of emulation and blaze forth in academic pursuit.  You have thus set an enviable   precedent in the history of  OPU which you must build upon , intensify on and strive always not to fall below the benchmark of these pristine values which won for you the rare recognition as members of a noble race among all other races on this campus.”
He pointed out to the students  “Your inauguration today has heaped upon you the enormous task of self examination, self respect, self caution because you are no longer individuals from different homes, but a crop of light bearers of the most respected and noble Yoruba race who are automatic ambassadors of Nigeria our beloved country.”
Otunba while showing gratitude to the authority and Management of Eastern Mediterranean University, said “not only for providing this wonderful, lovely and academically conducive five star hotel environment for learning,  but for its magnanimity and show of understanding of cultural diversity and utilising same to forge international cooperation, intercontinental networking and   minting  of  a rare  crop of global students who have gone  through the furnace of academic, intercontinental relations and socio- cultural virtues.”
He charged  the new members of OPU to “stand up, sharpen your intellectual plate, wake up your cultural intuition, refresh your moral value, reeve your patriotic passion, tune up your behavioural pattern, exhibit to the world that you  are the  true sons and daughters of Oduduwa  and tell them that through your virtues that we are from a race with enviable and memorable  past, wonderful present and glorious future.”
In his speech, the coordinator, OPU,  EMU, Mr Segun Okoya George assured “Our chapter will not only be the shining light for others, but we shall earnestly strive to make Otunba Adams, all OPU members and Yoruba race proud and add value of purpose and credibility to Nigeria”
Getting best of the inauguration,  Otunba Adams led the Nigerian delegates and OPU members from  Sweden led by the coordinator,  Victor Mobolaji Adewale, and two others Sikiru Erinfolami and Abass Owade to  a meeting  with the management of EMU led by  Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Sözen and Vice Rector for Promotion Prof. Amca  where the management agreed to support OPU and assist the association in specific interest which will lubricate the aims and objectives of the association.