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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Meet the lady who is shaped like a mermaid!

I’m shaped like a mermaid —Miss K

Karina Theresa
My name is Karina Theresa but I prefer to be called Miss K. It’s my stage name and it’s easier to pronounce. My mother is a Spaniard and my father is from the Caribbean. I was born in France but I live in the United Kingdom.
I fell in love with music at a young age. My style of music is R ‘n’ B, influenced by the hip hop sounds of America and Caribbean beats of the West Indies.
Being a model allows me think outside the box, push boundaries, and enables me come up with creative concepts. I love modelling because it is just as tasking as it is rewarding. Whether it is runway modelling or a fashion photoshoot, I get excited. I’m proud to have won my most recent title, from the International Achievers Awards where I was voted Miss Curves 2014.
Current projects
I plan to release my first single. It’s a song for charity that will echo the love I have for Africa and Africans. The single is titled Stand up for Afrika. Lovers of the world music, Afrobeat, hip hop and funky beats will appreciate it.
My personality
I am like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to be able to decode my personality. A lot of people take wild guesses that often don’t correspond with who I am.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God just like any other person. He granted me these curves and I am not going to let it waste. I believe in empowering women and girls. I want them to believe in their abilities and take control of their lives. Beauty does not lie in being curvaceous and it will only take you where your character can keep you. You need to be confident to get on in life. I tell people they can look good in anything, if they really want to. I want to succeed in life and achieve great things. I am a confident woman and I like to step out of my comfort zone because it encourages me to try new things.
I was the first Afro-Caribbean personality to feature in an MTN campaign. I featured prominently on their billboard adverts in 2009. I considered that to be a giant stride in my career. The experience boosted my confidence because such opportunities are rare.
For me, it has never been about money but achieving something new and interesting.
For now, I am not seeing anybody. I am in a relationship with myself. I work hard, focus on my creative visions and projects so I can succeed.
Would I like to be in a relationship? Yes, if the right man comes my way
Marriage is a sacred institution. You have to careful and have a discerning mind before attempting marriage. If it’s not properly considered, it can have disastrous effects on the coupled. One day, Mr. Right will walk me down the aisle and I will have children. I know I will have a big wedding.
There were rumours that I had some form of cosmetic surgery done on my body. The rumours were brought about by some pictures I took. My body is real. I have never visited a plastic surgeon but I am not against it. I can’t tell what would happen when I turn 50. I might decide to have some work done on my body. God has been good to me and shaped me like a real mermaid. I have the right curves at the right places.
Beauty regimen
I love to swim because it helps keep my curves in shape. I drink water all day and I love my beauty sleep.
Charity work is one of the foremost commitments that I feel I have towards humanity. Making impact in other people’s lives is very important, whether by the donation of goods and or by offering my time for doing anything in kind. To help develop mankind is the most important thing to me, more than money. Money is essential to better any community development, but I believe that sometimes having a physical input in helping means more than anything in the world to some people.