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Friday, 27 February 2015

What the hell with Biodun Olujimi ? Exposing Biodun Olujimi (1)

What the hell with Biodun Olujimi ?
Exposing   Biodun Olujimi  (1)
Like I promised last year , I will sequentially expose  Aunty Biodun Olujimi , the daughter of the Late Photo journalist , Baba Ariyo of Oke Padre fame in Ibadan . I know Aunty Biodun very well . She was the commissioner for Works under Ex - Governor Segun Oni's tenure in Ekiti state , while I was the Chief Press Secretary , CPS . Also when we left government through a black market judgement and the PDP as a party was docile then , I stayed with her in her own apartment in  Abuja for almost a year. So I know her very well for we were under the same roof
I must say here  that whatever I am going to reveal or expose about this Lady is the truth , the whole truth nothing but the truth .
If not because Mother Mary , the Virgin mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ has forbidden us from swearing , I would have swore to authenticate all what I will be revealing about this Lady who is one of  the PDP Senatorial candidate in Ekiti State
  To also authenticate whatever I will be revealing about her past is the fact that Aunty Biodun and I belong to a  'CULT' . Yes . The sacred CULT of Mary  the Virgin mother of our Lord Jesus Christ , the founder of the Catholic Church which member I am by birth and will be till Jesus  comes .  I have no shame in letting this out .
So there is no way that I will concoct lies and fabricate falsehoods  against .
Though some people might see me as a betrayer or what the Yoruba say ODALE , but I hold nobody any apology for this because my loyalty is more to  the people of Nigeria and Ekiti state  who I owe the onerous duty a duty to reveal all I know about this lady .
And I will also mention here some of the names of those who can also testify or authenticate whatever  I will be revealing .
Bunmi Ojo who is a Federal Commissioner with Federal Character Commission , Dr Femi Thomas who is heading a Federal Health Scheme , one brother Pero , Soji Akinbayo , a Senior Police Officer , Steve Oje something , a SSS , the Olomuo of Omuo , the people of Kota and Omuo Obadore , Rt Hon Femi Bamisile  , Egbon Obayemi , Ojo okorobo , a driver  .
Aunty Biodun Olujimi should not be judged either by her look or her apparel for all these give fake interpretation rather , she should be viewed through the interpretative prism of people like me   who stayed under the same roof with her for a whole year .
Thus I was baffled  when someone who has little knowledge about her coming up to declare Aunty Biodun Olujimi as  " more than a boss "  he event went  further to declare her as " "A mother indeed ".....
But is Biodun Olujimi more than a boss or indeed a mother ? I think this descriptive or adjective is  totally ......
Kindly excuse me for a moment ......
To be continued next week,