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Thursday, 12 February 2015

On Femi Mimiko I stand !

On Femi Mimiko I stand !
I am not saying Professor Jega should be removed , suspended , or forced to resign or embark on terminal leave . I am solidly standing on the premise that Prof Jega must be allowed to complete his term as specified by the charter of his appointment as INEC chairman not about the emotional persuation of people and if the space of INEC Chairman is vacant now and anytime , I will gladly and unequivocally support the appointment of Professor Olufemi Mimiko as being rumoured .
I was taken aback by the reactions of some fellows particularly from the Yoruba race who were posting illogical and puerile sentiments when the news about the purported appointment of Professor Femi Mimiko circled the air .
Some of these reactions were brutishly , cheap , ill conceived , devilish , useless , unthinkable while some were out of pure hatred for academic achievements , family accomplishments and blindness to success .
Some people whose sense of thinking cannot separate Femi Mimiko , the erudite , sound , solid and distinguished Professor and former Vice - Chancellor , Adekunle Ajasin university , Akungba , a pride of Ondo state and one of the live embers of Yoruba race ,and an asset to Nigeria from Segun Mimiko , a wonderful , rare accomplished politician and one of the best Governors that Nigeria ever have .
People with proper brain and whose thinking faculties have not been tampered with would think twice before madly condemning the news but rather rejoice that President Jonathan has done well by not only filling that post with a man of merit , integrity but a personality who has a robust credential and testimonies of performance .
The illogical thinking of these people is predicated on , first , that Prof Femi Mimiko is a brother to Gov Segun Mimiko and because of this he , Prof must be denied of whatever he may be entitled to !
That because of the biological accident of being conveyed by the same vessel to earth with Segun , Femi must perpetually lived under the shadow of his brother !
That because he is without his making bears the name Mimiko , he , Prof must be deprived of whatever God almighty has destined for him to achieve in life !
And just because he , Prof , decided to study Political Science and his brother read Medicine and just because his brother is a governor , he must buried his knowledge and subsume same under his brothers' . !
And just because he is fortunate to be Governor's brother , it should be a misfortune to Ondo state and Yoruba land in clocking desirable post !
How many of those who posted those thrashes on the internet will pray to God that the fortune of his bother should be a calamity and source of misfortune to them ?
How many of these dark thinkers will pray to God to bless them with morons as siblings ?
What is the offence of President Jonathan if he decided to appoint one of Yoruba first eleven to a deserving post of responsibility which his not only eminently but which God has equipped him with all the capabilities and capacities to function well and served the nation .
Any sensible and visionary fellow will support the appointment of Professor Olufemi Mimiko , an erudite scholar and teacher , an accomplished former Vice - Chancellor , A level headed , responsible , intelligent administrator , an affectionate family man , a competent , great , distinct Ondo person , a unique and cerebral Yoruba and a worthy Nigerian who has never tainted his integrity as the Chairman of INEC whenever the post is declared vacant
And for President Jonathan , he must not hesitate or drag his foot in appointing this young and dynamic Professor if he is ever being considered for such .
he must realised that this was the way he was attacked which forced him to appoint people whose loyalty lie with some godfather rather than Nigeria to sensitive posts
He must not make the mistake this time around
President Jonathan must not allow anyone to bamboozle or stampede him to reject or abandon a wise decision just because of the melancholic interest of the vicious cabal who wanted things to always go by their selfish and personal aggrandizement course He must not allow the accident of birth to deprive Professor Olufemi Mimiko this deserved post .
And for me , Wale Ojo lanre , omo Eye oluru , Usi - Ekiti , on Professor Femi Mimiko I stand .
No apology to any fool !