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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Help ! Ekiti state to be cut off from Western Nigeria

Ekiti state will be cut off Nigeria If urgent necessary repair is not carried out on a portion of road along Itawure - Erio Ekiti Federal Road ,Ekiti State will be cut off from the rest of the nation . There is a dangerous bend along Erio - Itawure Federal Road which has been a danger zone where many lives have been lost and several vehicles damaged . Alarinkagbaye has several cried aloud for this road to be guarded and other necessary road furniture to be installed but nobody has showed any sign of care and the bend continues to consume lives and damage vehicles . The bend has added another dimension to its devilsh act as erosion has joined it to wreak more havoc on the road . Erosion has eating up half of the road now and nothing is being done . If care is not taken urgently , erosion will eat all the road and Ekiti will be cut off from the rest Nigeria