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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

See the face of a man who nearly raped a girl inside a plane toilet on air !

Sex attacker who trapped woman in plane toilet was only stopped when crew took door off hinges' Oct 15, 2014 19:32 By Brian Hancill A man barged into the loo after a Japanese passenger and 'tried to have sex' with her, a court heard Michael Tanouye is alleged to have launched a frenzied sex attack during a Japanese Airlines flight A man who sexually assaulted a female plane passenger only stopped his frenzied assault when flight crew tore the jet's toilet door off its hinges, a court has been told. Authorities say Hawaii-born Michael Tanouye, 29, had been loitering near the lavatory on a Japanese Airlines flight from Honolulu to Osaka. When a Japanese woman went in to use it he barged in after her and slammed the door shut. Court papers claim he then pulled down her pants and his and embarked on a terrifying sex attack. The unnamed victim, who was on her way home after a four-day holiday in Hawaii, says he ripped off her clothing and tried to have sex with her. After she pushed an emergency button the woman's mother, as well as flight crew and other passengers, all tried to help. But with the attacker’s body blocking the door they had to unscrew the hinges and remove it entirely before the ordeal ended and he was forcibly subdued by three passengers. The plane, two hours into its flight, was sent back to Honolulu where Tanouye was arrested by the FBI. His mother, who was also on board, said her son was being treated for depression. He was heard shouting incomprehensibly shortly before the attack. Tanouye has appeared briefly in court charged with aggravated sexual assault on board an aircraft and interfering with flight crew. If convicted he faces a maximum penalty of life in jail for the attack. A new hearing has been set for next week.